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Ready to travel around Honduras with me?

Travel in Honduras

Find out about travelling in Honduras, including Copan’s hot springs, Roatan’s paradise beaches and safety.

After an amazing week in Guatemala, it was time to cross the border into Honduras. The plan? To visit Copan and Roatan Island.

Copan is a small town made famous by the Mayan ruins nearby. While there we visited the Luna Jaguar Agua Caliente (hot springs).  After an hour travelling on the back of a truck down bumpy, unfinished roads, we were all extremely happy to get off and take a dip!

What a beautiful place! Once across a rickety bridge, several different pools, each of different temperatures stretched out before us. They were all shimmering with crystal clear water. The hottest was around 90 degrees – too hot for us to handle… but there were a couple that were just perfect. It was like stepping into a perfectly warm bath. We spent a few hours there, drinking homemade cocktails, and rounded off the evening with a tasty Honduran BBQ.

Wanderlust Chloe Copan Hot Springs
Wanderlust Chloe Honduras Barbecue

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Adios Amigos…

Tomorrow I leave the UK to head off on a solo travel adventure of a lifetime to Central America… but how am I feeling?

So this is it… Tomorrow I leave the UK for 3 months on a solo travel adventure of a lifetime to Central America! I’ve had a countdown running on my phone – it’s 87 days since I made the decision to do this, 29 since I left my job… and now the ticker is down to 1 for my departure. Continue reading Adios Amigos…