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Upcoming Adventures And How I’m Feeling

Hello itchy feet. Is it time for another adventure…?

It’s a while since I wrote something personal. I never know if anyone’s interested in the real stuff! You probably just want to click on a blog about Hawaii, find out why it’s awesome, and then go make a cuppa… No?

Just occasionally though, I feel like it’s therapeutic to share, plus it gives a bit of context to the adventures I write about! I’ve written a few really personal posts before. In Girl Quits Life To Travel And Lives Happily Ever After I revealed a little about the dark side of travelling for a living. The lonely times, the misunderstandings, the fears.

In Frequent Travellers And Wow Moments I lifted the lid on trying to keep up the momentum and excitement and not fall into blasé habits of ‘been there, done that’.

So first things first… what’s been going on? Well I kicked off the year with an incredible video project in Hawaii. Video production company Travelspective invited me to be in front of the camera for a feature they’re making for tour company GoBe. It’ll be a while before the video is ready but trust me, this one is worth the wait!

So many waterfalls to explore in Hawaii
So many waterfalls (so little time) in Hawaii

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Frequent Travellers And Wow Moments: The Lowdown!

When we see surprising, wondrous, beautiful places around the globe day in day out, are we ultimately harder to impress?

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because, well, I’m not! I travel for work and I travel for passion. I set up this blog to share my adventures with the hope that one day it would inspire others, all while allowing me to see more of the world.

Somehow a lot of hard work later, da dah! It worked. On Friday I returned from 12 days in Hawaii and right now I’m on board a flight to New York.

It made me think though…. now my travel dreams have seemingly merged with my day job, is it possible to maintain a level of excitement about travelling to new places?Chloe - Split Croatia

After several paradise beaches blew my mind last year, would seeing another one have the same effect? St Kitts was stunning, as was Cyprus and California. Then there was Indonesia. I imagined the Caribbean would be the peak of my ‘beach wow moments’ but Indonesia totally blew me away. Continue reading Frequent Travellers And Wow Moments: The Lowdown!

“Girl Quits Job To Travel And Lives Happily Ever After”

Getting personal about 2016, and news on upcoming adventures to France, Cyprus and Indonesia!

After months of travels, I’ve finally had a chance to catch up on life, friends, family… oh and London. Home sweet home! All things I’ve missed a lot so far in 2016.

Primrose Hill View
Reflecting on 2016 back in London (Photo: @backpackermacca)

Isn’t it funny how adrenaline can carry you through for months and it’s only when you STOP, that you really take stock of what’s been going on? It’s now two years since I quit full time employment, hit the road, started this little blog, and the wanderlust took over. Continue reading “Girl Quits Job To Travel And Lives Happily Ever After”