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Top Travel Instagrams of 2017

It’s time to look back at another year of totally epic adventures and reveal my top travel Instagrams of 2017.

So it’s been another crazy year of travels. While I felt 2016 was pretty busy, 2017 has taken me transatlantic several times. I’ve actually clocked up exactly the same number of flights and visited the same number of countries as 2016… (47 flights, 16 countries) but it’s taken me much further afield. It was another year of packing and unpacking. One week I was in a ski jacket and goggles in Zermatt, Switzerland, the next I was in shorts and a t-shirt trekking through lava fields in Hawaii. It’s been a year of working hard, and experiencing more and more that this amazing planet has to offer. Another year of unforgettable experiences, new friendships, challenges and stories. If you haven’t read it yet, check out my Blogging Appraisal of 2017. It’s got all the gossip on how I think the year went…

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own adventures, or just fancy checking out some awesome places around the world, it’s time for a snapshot of 2017 through my eyes.


What a dream trip to head off on at the start of the year! I visited Hawaii with the team from Travelspective, fronting a video for them. We adventured through lava fields, checked out the incredible beaches and even went stargazing. As moments go, this was pretty special!

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New York

Another incredible moment at the start of the year. We arrived in the city with beautiful sunshine and highs of 16. The next day the whole city was under a blanket of white. The news reported it as SNOWMAGEDDON! I don’t think it could look more magical!

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Zermatt, Switzerland

Mountain views in winter are pretty special, but add the famous peak of the Matterhorn in and it’s even better! I really enjoyed this trip to the Swiss Alps over Valentine’s Day. And while you might assume I was there skiing, I actually showed that you don’t have to be into skiing to enjoy a wintry mountain break.

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Petra, Jordan 

Genuinely one of my top travel experiences so far! Petra is just as beautiful, historic and photogenic as I’d hoped. I’m so happy to have made it there this year, and I know it’s somewhere I’ll return in the future.

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New Orleans

I visited New Orleans on a shoot with Lonely Planet. We were there to explore it’s famous food scene, from crayfish in the swamps to beignets at Cafe Du Monde. One of my favourite things about the city? The jazz soundtrack that you could hear as you wandered around.

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Cadiz, Spain

I spent three days in Cadiz, totally on my own. It was one of my favourite solo trips of the year. I just fell in love with the city! It’s so stunning, there’s plenty to see and do and it felt special to explore somewhere on my own time, and without hundreds of other Brits! While it’s not undiscovered, it’s a lot quieter than Madrid and Barcelona, and another place I’m excited to return to.

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And here’s another favourite from Cadiz. I walked absolutely miles, but the streets were so pretty, I just seemed to keep on walking!

Rovinj, Croatia

This was one of my most special trips of 2017, because it was a real holiday! Macca and I chose to do a road trip through Croatia, stopping in cute towns and finding places to eat along the way. We even had a full beach day. It was so lovely to switch off, relax and enjoy a new place (without the stresses of taking photos or making a video!)

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The Lake District, England

One thing I’ve really learned since I started travel blogging, is that you don’t need to get on a plane to go on an adventure. There are plenty of amazing places to visit right here in England. Visiting the Lake District for the first time was very special. It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a long time. The scenery is spectacular and the area is renowned for great restaurants – I loved it!

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Berlin, Germany

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to visit Berlin! It’s an incredible city and somewhere I knew 100% I would love. I did. It was fun, vibrant, gritty, exciting and as cool as I’d expected.

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Sicily, Italy

Sailing around Sicily’s Aeolian Islands with one of my best friends in September was a great adventure! The scenery really is stunning! We spent days at sea, sailing and swimming, and afternoons and evenings on dry land, hiking volcanoes, eating at pizzerias and enjoying the glamorous Sicilian life.

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Dubai was everything I expected it to be… and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing! It’s the first place in a while that has given me very mixed feelings. It’s artificial but in some ways, that’s what makes it incredible. The architecture is insane. The hotels are bigger and glitzier than anywhere I’ve been. And yet, it felt like there was very little heart or soul. But if you’re visiting for a beach holiday and want great places to eat, it works. I’m glad I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and as for reaching the top of the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) – that’s a view I’ll never forget!

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I’d assumed we’d spend most of our time in Mauritius on the beach, so my biggest surprise was our little adventure to the lush jungles in the south. There we found beautiful waterfalls and the magical Earth Of 7 Colours.

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Nice, France

Often my trips are planned down to the millisecond, which is why I think I loved Nice so much! I travelled there with who go ahead and book your flights and hotel, and only reveal where you’re travelling once you get to the airport! The adrenaline pumped so much, it was such an exciting experience! Nice was a great choice too – full of sunshine, great food and we even squeezed in an afternoon adventure to Monaco!

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Miami, Florida

Without doubt, my most colourful trip of 2017! I absolutely adored Miami. I actually rocked up with relatively low expectations, thinking it might be very touristy and hard to find things that really appealed to me. But – I was blown away by the city! So colourful, vibrant and a great energy. I loved the distinct regions from Wynwood to Little Havana, Miami Design District to South Beach. It’s somewhere I’ll definitely return to!

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And Wynwood was one of my favourite areas. Covered in murals, graffiti and street art, it had a wonderful creative buzz!

Paris, France

As for ‘special’ trips, this one is definitely up there! Macca and I took the Eurostar to Paris for 48 hours to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. It was so romantic, and we barely stopped eating from start to finish! Definitely the sign of a great trip!

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This was my final big trip of the year. The Caribbean is somewhere I adore, and I was so devastated watching the hurricanes destroy so much over the last few months. I love how different each of the islands are, and Barbados certainly had its own vibe. From rum tasting at Mount Gay, to seeing Rihanna in the flesh, spotting turtles and visiting some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, it was a great trip to finish the year with!

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The Cotswolds, England

This really was the final trip of 2017. To celebrate my birthday we headed to the beautiful Cotswolds for a few days, and wow were we lucky to see it in the snow. It looked like the ultimate Christmas card!

So that’s a wrap 2017. So many highlights, incredible travel experiences, and what a lot of blogs and photos too! I can’t wait to share my adventures in 2018 with you, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram >>> @wanderlustchloe.

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Top Travel Instagrams Of 2017

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