Travel The USA Without Leaving Home

Enjoying the view in Yosemite National Park

Find out how you can tour the USA’s most iconic national parks without leaving home… AND win a 3 week trip with Trek America including flights!

One of my top trips of last year was my adventure in California with Trek America. It was a mix of things that made it special. The incredible coastal views along the California highway, the epic landscapes of Yosemite National Park, the vibrant food and culture…oh and the small matter of an awesome bunch of travel buddies! We hiked. We camped. We bonded over log fires. Incredible moments I’ll never forget.

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iTrekHere group in Hollywood
#iTrekHere group in Hollywood

For me, Yosemite was the highlight of our California Callin’ road trip. We spent a few days there, hiking to waterfalls, camping under the stars, checking out the gigantic sequoia trees and the final bucket list came when we spotted a bear crossing the road!

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A Tour Of Petra, Jordan

The Monastery in Petra, Jordan

From visiting the Treasury to checking out the Monastery and finding the most beautiful viewpoints here’s what to expect on a Petra tour in Jordan.

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Top Travel Experiences Of 2016

Top Travel Experiences Of 2016

I’ve already revealed a few of my highlights from 2016, so now it’s time to hand over to some of the top travel bloggers on the planet.

So when you travel for a living, is it harder to impress you? What makes a trip truly special? Is it all about luxury? Or do you want to return home after several adventures with a crazy story or two?  Highlights for this bunch of bloggers range from icebergs in Greenland to paradise beaches in the Maldives, and even a few dragons! If you haven’t planned your travels for 2017, this should give you some serious inspiration.

Emily from Emily Luxton Travels

It’s really hard to choose my favourite, but I think it has to be Indonesia! I was there for six weeks and fell head over heels for this incredible country. I loved everything; people, the food, and the stunning landscapes – not to mention the epic animal encounters I had, including swimming with manta rays and getting up close to some wild komodo dragons!

Read more about Emily’s travels in Indonesia.

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3 Amazing Ways To Meet Solo Travellers When You’re Away

Enjoying the views in Split, Croatia

Wondering how to meet solo travellers when you’re away? You’ll never get lonely with my tried and tested ways to meet people while exploring the world!

I’m a huge fan of jetting off on holiday with my best friends, but there are certain times when the travel experience is heightened by travelling solo. When you only have yourself to think about, you can create a trip that’s totally suited to you.

Plus, without anyone to hide behind, you tend to make more friends, take a leap out of your comfort zone, and relish the adventure! Hey, I never would have gone volcano boarding in Nicaragua or hang-glided in Rio if I had some of my scaredy-cat friends there to chicken out with!

Volcano Boarding Nicaragua
Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Enjoying the view in Yosemite National Park
Enjoying the view in Yosemite National Park, USA

It’s fair to say solo travel has a bit of a stigma. Not only is it a daunting prospect for the one doing it… it’s also the kind of thing your mum will have a big opinion about! Will you be safe? What crazy things are you planning to do? And after days of fun… what happens when you get lonely?

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