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Best Travel Instagrams of 2016

It’s time to look back at another year of totally epic adventures and reveal my top travel Instagrams of 2016.

So it’s been another crazy year of travels. While I felt 2015 was pretty busy, it was nothing compared to 2016! I’ve clocked up 47 flights, visited 16 countries and lost count of how many beds I’ve slept in. I packed and unpacked every few weeks, swapping ski jackets for bikinis and hiking boots for flip flops. It’s been a year of impulsive decisions, romance, new friendships and unforgettable experiences.

You know what? I’ve bloody loved it.

So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own adventures, or just fancy checking out some awesome places around the world, here’s a snapshot of 2016 through my eyes…

El Valle De La Luna, Chile

Chile was one if my first adventures of 2016, and it was Atacama’s lagoons, lunar valley and geysers that became one of my all-time travel highlights. It’s not difficult to see how the lunar valley gets its name…

Lagoon Near El Tatio Geysers, Chile

After a magical sunrise at El Tatio Geysers, it was amazing to stop at this spot on the return journey. But this wasn’t the only beautiful lagoon I saw while in the Atacama region of Chile. Find out about my trip to see Atacama’s Altiplanic Lagoons.

Maho Beach, St Martin

I headed to St Martin in the Caribbean in March for the debut of SXM Festival – a new boutique dance music festival. After seeing the photos before my trip, I just had to go and see the planes coming in to land over Maho Beach. It’s an impressive sight, especially when you feel the power of the jet engines just above your head.

The money shot of St Martin! Spent the last hour getting my plane spotter geek on at Maho Beach next to the airport! ?✈️??

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Disfrutar Restaurant, Barcelona

After enjoying a 27 course lunch at Disfrutar in 2015 (a restaurant by the head chefs from former best restaurant in the world El Bulli), I swiftly declared it was the best meal I’d ever eaten. I was so excited to have the opportunity to visit this year for more magical, multi-sensory, creative food. Oh and guess what? It’s still my favourite restaurant in the world.

St Kitts

One of my favourite trips this year was to St Kitts in the Caribbean. Unlike St Martin, St Kitts was a lot less developed. I found it beautifully raw and rugged, plus with zip-lining, jungle treks and great snorkelling, it really appealed to my adventurous side!

Helsinki, Finland

A flight in a private 4-seater Cessna turned out to be the unexpected highlight of my trip in Helsinki. Taking to the skies, it was absolutely incredible to see the city from above, particularly how many beautiful islands are within a stone’s throw of the centre.

Yosemite National Park, California

For awe-inspiring landscapes, Yosemite was one of my top destinations this year! We hiked, visited incredible waterfalls, checked out some of the biggest trees on the planet and even saw a bear… talk about unforgettable!

Krka National Park, Croatia

After visiting Krka in 2015, I was over the moon to return this summer while filming a project for Lonely Planet. It really is the most stunning place and this time, I even took a dip in the waterfalls!

Sveti Jure, Croatia

One of “the world’s most dangerous roads.” That was what we travelled along to reach this stunning view point of Sveti Jure in Croatia. I think the terrifying route of hairpin bends on the mountain’s edge was just about worth it!

After driving along one of the world’s most dangerous roads in Croatia, we ended up here with this incredible view in Makarska… ?☀️??

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Big Sur, California

This summer’s  #iTrekHere road trip with Trek America was totally epic! Check out the video if you haven’t already. This view of  McWay Falls was one of the best of the trip!

Provence, France

After so many back to back blog trips, it was lovely to slow the pace down and enjoy a friend’s wedding in France. Obviously, that didn’t mean the photos stopped completely…!

Spent the afternoon exploring one of the best wine regions in the world – Châteauneuf-Du-Pape! So beautiful ❤️??? (? by @backpackermacca)

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Camden, London

Home sweet home! I love wandering down the canal and around the market in Camden. Each time I’m home it looks slightly different to the last. It’s particularly spectacular in the middle of summer when the sun is shining…

Borobudur, Indonesia

Sunrise is always such a wonderful time… it feels secret and special as not everyone is awake yet. This morning at Borobudur was so incredible – I couldn’t wait to share my video of the experience. I just hope I’ve done it justice!

Piaynemo, Indonesia

One of the highlights of my time in Indonesia was Raja Ampat – one of the most remote places on the planet. For me, the most beautiful view was from this place – Piaynemo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a bright, colourful landscape…

You think you’ve seen it all… until you reach Piaynemo! #WonderfulIndonesia #TripOfWonders (? by @backpackermacca)

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The underwater life is completely mind-blowing in Raja Ampat, and I was amazed to capture such a clear image of  a majestic lionfish. Isn’t it beautiful?

Mount Batur, Indonesia

As sunrises go, this is one I truly earned! The hike up Bali’s Mount Batur took all my strength, but when I reached the summit and saw the first golden rays of the day, I knew it had all been worth it.

Lofou, Cyprus

My time in Cyprus REALLY surprised me. Having only visited beaches and resorts before I was amazed to explore mountains, stunning ancient villages and more. It was a really enriching experience.

Ronda, Spain

Ronda might just be the most magical place in Spain! There’s something about the incredible way the town is perched on the edge of that deep gorge…

Was so happy to return to one of my absolute fave places in Spain! Welcome to Ronda with its magnificent bridge built into the gorge. #InCostaDelSol

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Nuremberg, Germany

When I had the chance to head to Germany to check out one of the most famous Christmas markets in the country, I assumed it would be a trip based around gluhwein and gingerbread. However, my time in Nuremberg was about a lot more than that! In particular, I was surprised by how stunning the old city was. Just look at those reflections…

The Shard, London

After a long time away, it felt great to be home as I stood peering out of the windows of London’s tallest building.

Oxford Street, London

With Christmas just around the corner, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to check out the twinkling lights on London’s most famous shopping street. It just so happened that the day I picked was the night of the big switch on… meaning the road was closed to traffic. I felt so lucky to be able to stand right in the middle like this! 

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Where did you snap your favourite travel pics this year? Let  me know in the comments below! 

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Top Travel Instagrams Of 2016

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