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“Girl Quits Job To Travel And Lives Happily Ever After”

Getting personal about 2016, and news on upcoming adventures to France, Cyprus and Indonesia!

After months of travels, I’ve finally had a chance to catch up on life, friends, family… oh and London. Home sweet home! All things I’ve missed a lot so far in 2016.

Primrose Hill View
Reflecting on 2016 back in London (Photo: @backpackermacca)

Isn’t it funny how adrenaline can carry you through for months and it’s only when you STOP, that you really take stock of what’s been going on? It’s now two years since I quit full time employment, hit the road, started this little blog, and the wanderlust took over.

I’d love to say it’s ALL been amazing but that’d be a total cliché. “Girl quits job to travel and lives happily ever after”. Hmmm, not exactly, but this unconventional lifestyle has brought some massive highs, and a fair few lows. It’s brought 5-star hotel stays and meals in Michelin starred restaurants (yes I know – poor me!), followed by weeks living on cup-a-soups in order to pay rent (hmm – that was never the plan). It’s brought romance and new friendships. It’s also caused me to miss important events for friends and family. It’s taken a lot of self-motivation and hard work. I’m SO grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, but occasionally… it’s complicated.

Enjoying the view in Yosemite National Park
Enjoying the view in Yosemite National Park

A few months ago I was on the trip of a lifetime to a destination friends could only dream of visiting. Instead of loving every minute I found myself cooped up in a hotel room in tears Skyping my mum. It was the loneliest I’d ever felt. My motivation had hit rock bottom and I wondered whether by pursuing this lifestyle I’d made a terrible mistake. I wasn’t happy in my life before, so I changed it. But was it the right decision?

Orient Beach Saint Martin

But then there were my trips to St Kitts and California. Both were group tours with people I didn’t know. I felt butterflies at the airport before travelling, unsure of how I’d fit in to the group. Thankfully I returned with a tonne of great memories and a bunch of new friends. Experiences like these take me straight back to my backpacking trip through Central America – the trip which set me off on this crazy, unpredictable journey.

iTrekHere group in Beverly Hills
#iTrekHere group in Beverly Hills

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain friendships when you’re away so much. With limited wi-fi on the road, it’s rare I reveal everything I’m writing right now via quick WhatsApps and Facebook messages. Friends and family might know where I am, but they don’t necessarily ask how I am. Perhaps they see the glossy beach photos and assume my life must be amazing… just because I’m not stuck at a desk, in a classroom, or back in the rainy UK. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t.

So I felt like it was time to get personal and take stock. The glossy beach shots are just one part of my story. This is the story that’s much harder to tell. Rather than wallow, I’m writing this to celebrate the highs AND the lows. After all, how would you appreciate the good times if you didn’t have the bad times?

Cartwheeling in Halkidiki, Greece
Photos like this are only part of the story…

So far this year I’ve been on 31 flights and visited 13 countries. I’ve tucked into around 20 airline meals, watched 12 films in the sky, 4 episodes of New Girl, 3 episodes of Sex and the City, 2 episodes of Friends, and popped 4 mini bottles of wine in my bag for consumption at a later date! I’ve lost count of the number of beds I’ve slept in and how many times I’ve asked if somewhere has wi-fi. I’ve made new friends in the blogging world, and helped a few nervous travellers feel comfortable enough with the idea of solo travel to take the plunge. Oh and I impulsively booked a month away with someone I barely knew. Needless to say, that bit turned out very well.

Saying Adios to the Atacama Desert, Chile
Sometimes impulsive decisions are the best decisions…!

So I’ve taken stock, found my mojo, and I’m feeling REALLY excited about some upcoming trips. Next week I’ve got some real downtime. I’m heading to the South of France for a friend’s wedding.

Then in September, a blog trip I’m really exited about. I’m returning to Cyprus AND I’m taking one of my best friends! What better way to truly catch up than kidnap her and take her on one of my adventures?! From my trip last year, I know Cyprus is a gorgeous destination. I’m particularly excited about this trip as I’ll be exploring the ‘real’ Cyprus away from the tourist spots. I’ll even be heading up to the raw and rugged Troodos Mountains. Oh and bingeing on halloumi – it would be rude not to!

Infinity Pool Aphrodite Hills - Cyprus
My visit to Cyprus last year…

And then Indonesia beckons. I’ve said for over a year that I want to make it out to Asia. I’ve still never been and this trip looks set to be the adventure of a lifetime.

But, then what? Well I’ll probably be back on the cup-a-soups taking stock of the year as a whole! Perhaps you can join me for one and we can reminisce together?

Thanks for reading…

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Girl Quits Job To Travel And Lives Happily Ever After

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18 thoughts on ““Girl Quits Job To Travel And Lives Happily Ever After””

  1. Was in Cyprus in the Spring. We drove into the “north” and visited the Turkish Harbour town Kyrenia on the north coast. Nicosia was great too what with its barricades splitting the city in two. You can show your passport on the Cypriot side and walk into the Turkish half through “no-mans land”. We ran out of time to do that though 🙁 Next time 🙂

  2. I love this post Chloe!! You’re so right – travel in general is all about the highs AND the lows. Much as I’d love things to be awesome all the time, you wouldn’t notice they were awesome unless bad things happened sometimes too!!

    Can’t wait to go hit Indonesia with you – it’s gonna be epic 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Emily! I know, it really is a crazy adventure both mentally, physically… and emotionally. Hardly ever express these kind of thoughts on here, but for some reason, it felt like the right moment! Let’s make Indonesia a trip full of HIGHS! 🙂 xx

  3. Can’t wait to read about your Indonesia trip, Chloe, I really like Cyprus too, there’s a great restaurant in Paphos called 7 St George if you get a chance to visit

  4. Hey Chloe. I too enjoyed the Greek side more .. as after all – it was 100% Greek until some “guests” arrived 😉 Amusingly on the Greek side they sell ‘Cyprus Delight’ sweets and not ‘Turklish Delight’ That was quite telling lol

  5. It’s so refreshing to hear a travel blogger admit that sometimes it’s a bit crap. Just like everything in life there are highs and lows, and those of us who have done long-term travel probably know all too well about the long-distance skype calls crying to your mum back home! 🙂
    Hope we get to hang out again soon when you’re back in the UK!x

    • Thanks Liz – it’s so nice to hear from you and I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. It’s soooo easy to see the Instagram pics and not know the real story! It’s strange being SO honest but I think it just goes to show there are highs and lows in every career choice – even the ones that look super exciting! Love to catch up soon – hope we can find a time 🙂 xx

  6. Love this post! We’ve been on the road for nearly a year now and you’re so right to remind people to celebrate the highs and the lows! Travelling can be really tough at times but its always great to think about what you’ve overcome & it makes the highs even better! Happy travelling!

    • Ahh that’s so nice to hear from you guys. It’s hard when you think it’s supposed to feel amazing all the time. Reality just isn’t like that but there are so many highs along the way! Hope you enjoy your travels x


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