Swimming With Turtles In Akumal, Mexico


Akumal, Mexico is home to a beautiful beach and an incredible place to snorkel with turtles.

After a month in Playa Del Carmen I’d been looking forward to setting off on an adventure which would take me from Mexico, all the way through Central America to Panama over the course of 44 days. I joined a group tour run by Intrepid, so we had the benefit of a local guide to take the stress out of travel and the notoriously dangerous border crossings.

Travelling To Akumal

From Playa we travelled an hour south to Tulum – home of the famous Mayan ruins perched on the edge of the cliff, with a backdrop of the Caribbean Sea. It’s a spectacular spot, but one I’ve visited a few times before! With a bit of local knowledge from my month living nearby, I suggested a few of us took the Collectivo (public hop-on hop-off mini bus) and travelled to Akumal. The paradise beach town is almost equidistant between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, and a single fare is just $30 MXN.
Wanderlust Chloe Akumal Beach

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REVIEW: Hotel Live Aqua LAT20, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Hotel Live Aqua LAT20 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is stylish, contemporary and luxurious.

*Please note, when I visited this hotel was named Hotel Cacao. For ease of reading I have changed the hotel name throughout this post to its new name.*

Hotel Live Aqua LAT20 is the new kid on the block. Stylish, contemporary and luxurious. The majority of the high end hotels in this area are all-inclusive beach resorts, but what if you want the freedom to eat out at a different restaurant every night and be in the centre of the action? This is the perfect place to stay. 
Wanderlust Chloe Hotel Cacao Tommy Hilfiger Art

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REVIEW: Grand Velas, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Grand Velas Hotel in the Riviera Maya is one of the most stunning, luxurious places to stay in the region.

I’ve lost track of how many people have recommended Grand Velas to me. I’m often weary of things with a lot of hype… Harry Potter – never liked it, Disneyland – not really my thing. Often expectations are not met!

When I visited Grand Velas it was straight after my stay at Grand Residences – currently the number one place to stay in the area. So how would Grand Velas shape up?

Wanderlust Chloe Grand Velas Entrance

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