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There Are So Many Reasons To Visit Costa Rica

From impressive landscapes and incredible adventure activities, to the vast array of wildlife, there are so many reasons to visit Costa Rica. 

There’s nowhere quite like Costa Rica. It’s wild, raw and rugged. It’s adventurous. It’s beautiful. Plus, the people are kind natured and relaxed. I’ve always found Costa Ricans to be warm and helpful. With nature all around and a peaceful nation to explore, Costa Rica is the perfect place for an exciting adventure.

Enjoying the exciting landscapes in Costa Rica
I loved exploring the beautiful landscapes in Costa Rica

I was really excited to be asked by Wanderlust Magazine to be part of the Costa Rica Sanctuary – am online hub dedicated to the country. It also gave me an excuse to look back at my old photos, blogs and videos! I’ve visited the country twice now – once as a backpacker, then again on a trip with the tourist board. Between those two trips I’ve experienced a lot.

Hacienda Orosi, Costa Rica
Hacienda Orosi, Costa Rica

I’ve flown along the country’s longest zip line, tried white water rafting for the first time, been woken up by howler monkeys in the rainforest, explored Caribbean beaches and epic volcanoes, and truly got to grips with the country’s favourite phrase ‘pura vida’!  

I’d love you to have a read of the blog I produced for the Costa Rica Sanctuary. I poured my heart and soul into this one. No doubt once you read it, you’ll understand exactly why I think it is such a special country.

I also produced a video featuring some of my top reasons for visiting Costa Rica. I hope you enjoy watching it. There are some funny memories in it – wait until you see my encounter with a frog!

If you’re debating whether to plan a trip, there are a few key reasons to visit Costa Rica! 

Reasons To Visit Costa Rica

1. Wildlife

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. There are more species of plants, insects, birds, sea creatures and animals than most other countries put together. For a small country, that’s quite some accolade!

Spot sloths hanging lazily from tree branches, watch whales in the Pacific, wake up to the sounds of monkeys and macaws, and watch as lurid green frogs hop along the rainforest floor.

Sloth at Lapa Rios, Costa Rica (Photo: Lapa Rios)
The wildlife is one of the main reasons to visit Costa Rica

2. Adventures

With such epic scenery, this is a country made for adventure. I loved zip lining through the trees in Monteverde and exploring the misty cloud forests. On my last trip I gave white water rafting a go, racing down the Orosi River – another unforgettable experience! 

Friends of mine have learned to surf on the chilled beaches of the Pacific, while others have SCUBA dived in the Caribbean, seeing so many incredible sea creatures including sea turtles, sharks and dolphins.

White Water Rafting in Orosi, Costa Rica
Adventure activities are a huge reason to visit Costa Rica

3. Landscapes

Costa Rica is home to untouched beaches, huge volcanoes, and vast areas of rainforest and protected countryside. I’ve taken thousands of photos on my visits. The landscapes had me reaching for my camera over and over again!

I still remember entering into Arenal Volcano National Park and seeing the huge looming top of Arenal Volcano. It was just breath-taking.

As well as the beauty of areas like Corcovado National Park, I’ve loved visiting the country’s waterfalls. La Fortuna waterfall is a popular stop on most itineraries, as there is so much to do in that region of Costa Rica. However, a little closer to the capital San Jose is Cataratas Del Toro – the country’s largest waterfall… and what a beauty it is!

Catarata Del Toro, Costa Rica
Catarata Del Toro – one of my favourite waterfalls in Costa Rica

If you’re interested in finding out more about the best beach towns in Costa Rica, my guide has lots of information!

4. Pura Vida

While Costa Ricans use the phrase ‘pura vida’ as a catch all for hello, goodbye, how are you and life’s good… there’s more to it. Pura vida is a way of life. It’s about living a happy and content life. Believe me when I say it, after a few days in Costa Rica, you’ll understand exactly what it means!

Some ideas of what to wear in Costa Rica
Hiking in Costa Rica – so many incredible places to explore

So how about you? Do you fancy a trip to Costa Rica? Don’t forget to explore the Costa Rica Sanctuary, which is packed full of inspiration and travel tips. 

This content was produced in collaboration with Wanderlust Magazine and Visit Costa Rica UK. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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