12 Amazing Plane Views That Will Make You Want To Book A Flight

Biplane ride over St Pete Beach, Florida

Forget the aisle seat, you’ll definitely be glued to the window when you check out these amazing plane views!

Window seat or aisle? You’ve guessed it. I’m ALWAYS a window seat girl. I mean what’s the point in travelling the world, and not seeing where you’re going? While I love curling up and watching a good movie, for me, the best in-flight entertainment is happening just beyond that window pane. 

I often get goose bumps the first moment I spot the destination I’m travelling to – don’t you? Plus, when you book the window seat you know you’ll be able to cocoon yourself into a wonderfully comfy position, and have the edge of the plane to lean on. I honestly think it’s the comfiest seat on the plane.

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