Travel After Coronavirus – What’s Next?

Comano region of Trentino

My predictions on the future of travel after the coronavirus pandemic.

I logged in and looked at my blog’s analytics, feeling a mix of panic and fear as I came face to face with the reality of what was happening. Coronavirus wasn’t just devastating for people’s health, it was killing businesses, crushing ambitions and destroying dreams.

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A Few Changes To Wanderlust Chloe

travel blogging

A natural progression and ticking off a few dreams…

It’s been a little while since I wrote a personal update on this blog, but I know a few people like knowing what goes on behind the scenes! I definitely do with my blog pals.

In January next year I’ll be celebrating five years of travel blogging. FIVE YEARS! Something which began as a little passion project has developed into my life, my career and my first business (unless you count my entrepreneurial skills as a teenager when I used to wash cars!)

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11 Useful Google Analytics Tips For Bloggers

Google Analytics Tips For Bloggers

Stats don’t have to be overwhelming! These useful Google Analytics tips for bloggers will help you find all the info you need.

I remember when I first started using Google Analytics. It seemed like a minefield, packed full of information that I’d NEVER need to use. After all my blog was a hobby – did it matter if anyone was actually reading it, staying on it or clicking elsewhere?

Flash forward a few years and not only is my blog my business, I also use Google Analytics more than ever. Anyone else anxiously watch the ‘real time’ users fluctuate up and down?! Or find it weird to see someone find their way to a post from 4 years ago? Oh just me then!

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