An Ode To Being A Travel Blogger In 2019

Taking a photo in Hawaii

Being a travel blogger isn’t all floppy hats, epic landscapes and cocktails on the beach…

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about blogging, and yet they’re some of the posts I enjoy the most. It’s a chance to give you a little behind the scenes glimpse of how I think and how I work.

Sometimes it’s a chance to have a laugh, a rant or a cry!

I’ve been blogging over four years now. It’s nothing compared to some of my best blogger who have been going 7 years or more. Yet, in that short time, lots of things have changed.

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From Travel Blog To Business: Tips, How I Earn A Living, And How Much Are We Talking?

Enjoying being out on the water in Antigua

Time to chart the evolution of Wanderlust Chloe the travel blog, to Wanderlust Chloe the business. And yep, I’ll be diving into a few of the all-important numbers, and giving you a few tips too!

It’s fair to say this blog has evolved over the last few years. For better, for worse, it’s gone from a lovely little passion project to errr, a full-time job. While I’ve never sat down and laid out any kind of business plan, I wanted to share a little of how I’ve transformed my travel blog into a business.

If you search for info on topics like this, you’ll find posts with titles like ‘make money travelling’ which, years ago, I would have thought were scams or get rich quick schemes! Surely you can’t enjoy one of life’s biggest perks (travelling) AND earn a decent living?

It turns out, you can.

There are other posts with steps on how to become a blogger, but very few reveal any of the numbers.  I know it’s a bit of a taboo, but I’ve often thought that a little more transparency in this industry would be beneficial. 

First up, a bit of background on how I ended up where I am today, then it’s onto some number crunching and tips!

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Top Travel Instagrams Of 2018

Kawazu Seven Falls, Izu Peninsula, Japan

It’s time to look back at another year of totally epic adventures and reveal my top travel Instagrams of 2018.

A few weeks ago I published my blogging appraisal of 2018. It was a chance to reflect on the highs and lows of another year of exciting travels. I love doing what I do, and while it’s not without challenges at times, I still find it rewarding, interesting and can’t imagine doing anything else! 

This year has been another year of serious jet setting. From the Rockies in Canada to the skyscrapers of Dubai, I’ve experienced different cultures, seen a heap of breath-taking sights, and tried plenty of weird and wonderful foods along the way.

It’s been a year of facing fears, including white water rafting a few weeks ago in Costa Rica and ice climbing in Canada. It’s been another year of unforgettable experiences, new friendships, challenges and stories.

But if you’re looking for inspiration for your next travels, or just fancy checking out some awesome places around the world, it’s time for a snapshot of 2018 through my eyes, in my top travel Instagrams of 2018.

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My Blogging Appraisal Of 2018

Enjoying views from Split's Bell Tower

Some exciting highlights, a few lows, and a quick look ahead to 2019. This is my blogging appraisal of 2018.

Last year around this time I wrote my first ever blogging appraisal. It’s always a reflective time of year, yet as I am self-employed, I don’t get to work through my career progression, talk about the highs and lows, the things I’ve achieved and the things that need to be improved. So, as I enjoyed writing one last year, and you guys chose to read it (thank you!!) I thought we could do it again. Let’s grab a coffee, no make mine a glass of wine, and see how it goes?

Enjoying the tapas bars in Barcelona
Enjoying the tapas bars in Barcelona

2018 has been another busy year. Last year I said I was planning to slow down a bit, and while I’d say I did… I still kept up a pretty speedy pace at times!

In numbers 2018 looks like this: 15 different countries visited including three brand new ones (Singapore, Malaysia and Japan) and 42 flights. To put that into perspective, that works out as one flight every eight days. Don’t worry I’m still committed to planting trees in our aptly named Blogger Grove.

85+ blogs written and published, thousands of photos snapped, edited and uploaded. This one was one of my fave from the year.

It was the year of semi-settling as my boyfriend and I moved into a lovely little flat in West London, and celebrated our three year anniversary. Read more about a few of this year’s biggest decisions here: The Future And Buying Pot Plants

The year of returning to a country that holds some super special memories from the start of this blog, and the year of finally travelling to a destination that has been at the top of my bucket list for a very long time!

And the year of continuing to do what I love… well most of the time anyway!

So, let’s start this appraisal with a few highs…

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12 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Travel Blog

Travel Blogging

Unless you’ve done some serious research on how to start a travel blog, you’re likely to make a few mistakes and learn as you go! Time for me to share a few things I wish I’d known about starting a travel blog. 

It’s been a while since I wrote something really personal on here! Over the past few months I’ve been distracted by travels to Italy, Croatia and the UAE, and with those trips came deadlines, clients, video edits and all that goes into the ‘worky’ side of things.

But wait, this is MY corner of the internet, and I love that I can share whatever I fancy right here.

I was thinking the other day, as I read back yet another clunky blog post from the early days of Wanderlust Chloe, that I’ve come a long way. I don’t mean this in a ‘pat on the back give her a gold star’ kind of way. I just mean, wow I’ve learned SO much in this crazy process of starting a travel blog.

Travel Blogging

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