A Day Trip From Split To Krka National Park, Croatia

Day trip from Split to Krka National Park

Natural beauty, stunning waterfalls, and you can swim there too – Find out all you need to know about travelling from Split to Krka National Park in Croatia.

Here I was with a BIG dilemma. I only had one day free in Croatia, and couldn’t decide whether to book a tour from Split to Krka National Park or Plitvice Lakes? They both looked like incredible places – but I only had time for one…

In the end, I went for the Split to Krka tour. I’ll admit it was partly because the journey time was shorter! The tour would take me to see the famous waterfalls, the amazing panoramic view of Visovac Monastery, and then stop in the city of Šibenik to see the UNESCO Cathedral. Plus, it included a lunch of some delicious, local Dalmatian food.

Day Trip From Split To Krka National Park 

Leaving Split at around 8am, it takes a few hours to drive to the entrance to Krka National Park. However, with a chatty tour guide outlining the history of Croatia, and telling anecdotes about everything from wine production to his wife being a beautician, the time flew by!

The views from the window of the coach were mind-blowing. Towns of red-roofed houses perched above the Adriatic Sea. Early morning swimmers taking a refreshing dip, while luxury yachts manoeuvred the coastline.


Journey from Split to Krka National Park
Journey from Split to Krka National Park

As we reached the national park we saw huge sweeping canyons, topped with thick green forests. At the bottom was mysteriously calm water. As we followed the River Krka, the water changed from a dark shade of blue to a vivid green. I’d never seen anything like it.

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REVIEW: Divota Apartment Hotel, Split, Croatia

Divota Apartment Hotel Split

Time to check out Divota Apartment Hotel in Split.

As I got off the bus in Split, I was met by a handful of people flashing signs and pictures, trying to entice new tourists to their budget accommodations. There was something charming about seeing this old fashioned marketing technique still working. I, however, had somewhere to be…

On my first night in the city, I checked into Divota Apartment Hotel. I wandered through the characterful Veli Varoš neighbourhood – a labyrinth of tiny cobble stone streets once home to farm labourers. Just 5 minutes from Diocletian’s Palace and the promenade, but out of the tourist hustle and bustle, it seemed like the perfect location.

Wanderlust Chloe Split2 Wanderlust Chloe Divota Apartment Hotel Split 19

After checking in, I was shown to my apartment. The area felt very ‘local’ – people were going about their daily business walking dogs, going to and from work, carrying shopping and hanging out their washing. Traditional green wooden shutters hung off the old stone houses. I couldn’t stop taking photos!

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