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How To Get From Tallinn To Riga – Flights, Bus, Car And Tours

Want to compare travel options to get from Tallinn to Riga? Find out the best routes by car, bus and plane, plus some handy tips for your journey.

So you’re looking at how to get from Estonia to Latvia, but are wondering about the best routes, how long it takes and costs? Well, I’ve got you covered! First things first, when you look at the locations of the cities of Tallinn and Riga you’ll see they’re almost in a vertical line from one another. The problem? They’re pretty far apart! Over 300 km to be exact.

Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia

So what are your options? You could travel by car, bus or fly. There are routes by train but they’re complicated, indirect and take a LONG time. I’d cross that option off your list straight away. There are pros and cons of each mode of transport, but hopefully after reading this post you’ll have everything you need to decide how to travel.

Taking The Tallinn To Riga Bus

The simplest route between the two cities is to catch the bus. It’s more of a coach (oooh fancy!) so expect comfortable seats and good views out of the windows. While I’d love to tell you exactly which one to book, there isn’t really a winner for the award of ‘best bus from Tallinn to Riga’! Last time I checked, they all took roughly the same length of time, were similar prices and were, well, pretty much the same! Which brings me on to…

How long does the bus from Tallinn to Riga take?

The bus from Tallinn to Riga takes 4 hr 25 mins and is really direct, with only one stop half way. I’d recommend booking via Omio, a platform which I love to use as it’s really simple and lets you compare times and ticket prices. Most of the tickets listed are mobile friendly e-tickets too, so it takes a lot of the stress away when you’re travelling in countries where you don’t speak the language. 

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How much is the bus from Tallinn to Riga?

Prices for the bus from Tallinn to Riga vary depending on the time of day you want to travel, how busy it is and how far in advance you book. If you can book several days ahead of your travel date, then you’ll get a much better rate.

The cheapest option I found (when booking a few days in advance) was 11 EUR. Prices were around 23 EUR for on the day or next day tickets.

Useful to know…

From Riga bus station you can hop on a connection with Vilnius, Warsaw, Berlin and other destinations across Europe. 

Also, you might find it helpful to look at ways to learn Latvian before you travel. A few words can get you a long way!

Riga old town
Riga old town

Where is Tallinn Bus Station?

The coaches from Tallinn to Riga leave from the coach station, which is towards the southeast of the city. If you want to mark it on your map before your trip, the address is: Bussijaam, 10144 Tallinn, Estonia.

Where is Riga Coach Station? 

Meanwhile the bus from Tallinn arrives at Riga International Bus Station. If you want to mark it on your map before your trip, the address is: Prāgas iela 1, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia

Which coach company should I book with?

Lux Express and Ecolines both have coaches running from Tallinn to Riga. The cheapest prices I could find were with Lux Express, but I noticed Ecolines run promotions from time to time, with tickets as cheap as 5 EUR, so definitely keep an eye out and search for your specific dates to see what options are available. 

Lux Express coach from Tallinn to Riga
Lux Express coach from Tallinn to Riga
Ecolines coach from Tallinn to Riga
Ecolines coach from Tallinn to Riga

Flying from Tallinn to Riga

Officially, the fastest way to get from Tallinn to Riga is by plane, but if you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, I wouldn’t recommend it. The flight takes just 50 minutes with AirBaltic, but it’s considerably more expensive than the bus. When I checked, I found flights one way flights for around 77 EUR, or 113 EUR return.

Also, once you factor in the journey to and from the airports, plus arriving a reasonable amount of time before your flight, you might find that the bus is actually the quickest route after all.


Driving from Tallinn to Riga

If you have a car, then driving is the simplest option by far. Assuming there are no major delays, it takes around 4 hr 10 mins to go from one city to the other.

The route is REALLY simple too! Just follow the A2 or E67 (the European road which links so many countries in that region). It’s well signed and the motorway is in good condition. Also, as Latvia and Estonia are part of the Schengen Agreement, there’s no border control.

You could consider driving from Tallinn to Riga

Any rules I should know before driving from Tallinn to Riga?

It’s worth checking the different rules and regulations for Estonia and Latvia before getting behind the wheel. Like most of Europe, they drive on the right in both countries. Here’s a quick summary of a few other key driving rules:

Estonia & Latvia Driving Rules:

– Max driving speed outside cities is usually 90 km, or 50 km within cities and residential areas.

– You must always have dipped headlights

– You must have winter tyres from 1st December 1 to 1st March

Pretty Estonian countryside
Pretty Estonian countryside

Can I book a private transfer from Tallinn to Riga?

Yes – but it’ll set you back a bit! There are private transfers like this one, which pick up and drop off wherever you want. They can be good value if you’re in a group, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re travelling on your own.

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Estonian countryside
Estonian countryside

What should I do if there’s an emergency while I’m travelling in Estonia to Latvia?

Did you know you can dial 112 from anywhere in Europe? You’ll be connected to an emergency operator who can connect you to whichever emergency service you need, and they should be able to speak English to help you.

Day trips from Tallinn to Riga

If you’re short on time but would love to squeeze in a visit, you could book a day trip from Tallinn to Riga. There’s a sightseeing tour bus which is popular with tourists. The trip takes around 12 hours in total.

Most tours stop off at various places on the route, including the pretty towns of Viljandi and Cesis. However, this means that while you’ve booked a Tallinn to Riga tour, you might not spend as much time in the city of Riga as you’d like.

However, for a reasonable price you’ll be well taken care of, learn lots and see a handful of sights you hadn’t thought about visiting before.

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Riga old town at night
Riga old town at night

I hope this post helps you to plan your trip from Tallinn to Riga. I loved my time in both cities, so I’m sure you will too!

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