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Afternoon Tea At Sandy Lane, Barbados

What’s it really like to go for afternoon tea at Sandy Lane in Barbados?

This guest post was written by Sarah Connolly

Some hotels are known globally, be it for the guests they host, a long standing reputation as a leading hotel, impeccable service, the destination of a high profile wedding, or just as somewhere people aspire to go to. I’m thinking of places like The Ritz, George V, Beverly Wilshire, or in my case Sandy Lane.

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The word luxury is thrown around a lot and used far too often when it comes to hotels. Luxury to one person may not be luxury to another but having been to Sandy Lane I am 100% confident that this hotel wholeheartedly deserves to be deemed a luxury property, and that all those who have stepped through its doors would agree.

I was in Barbados for a week staying at a nearby hotel and booked to have afternoon tea at Sandy Lane. From the gated entrance to the long and winding driveway, everything plays a role in creating a really exclusive and beautiful setting. On arrival we were led to the lower level of Bajan Blue; an alfresco restaurant looking out to the beach, scattered with the famous pink sun loungers and even more famous guests.

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There are four types of afternoon tea available at Sandy Lane – Royal, Classic, Light, and A La Carte. We went for the classic option.

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The afternoon tea comprises of the usual suspects joined on the table by beautiful rose patterned china. Although there are no Bajan twists to the afternoon tea we enjoyed a traditional take on it in 35 degree heat under clear blue skies. Everything is very calm and relaxed at Sandy Lane, and sitting eating perfect portions of butter cookies and chocolate dipped strawberries while looking at the ocean put me in a very calm, relaxed and happy state.

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I didn’t have the chance to have a look around much of the hotel but if the afternoon tea experience is anything to go by I can only imagine the L word applies to every conceivable inch of the property. The areas I did see are breathtaking and pristine, and luxury at its absolute finest. Even the gates and the fountain en route to the hotel scream success and beauty.

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Next time you’re in Barbados or if you have plans to go, make sure to include Sandy Lane in your itinerary to experience an old school, genuine type of hospitality. Whether it be for dinner, afternoon tea or an overnight stay you won’t leave feeling disappointed or underwhelmed by this premier Caribbean resort.

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