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21 Top Foodie Spots You Have To Eat At In Edmonton, Canada

From meat-based eateries and vegan cafes, to craft beer halls and trendy brunch spots, these are the best restaurants in Edmonton, Canada.

I’ve just returned from my first trip to Canada! I spent just under a week in Edmonton, Alberta. It’s the province that you might know is home to Banff and Jasper National Parks, but I was there with a whole other motive. I had six days and I fully intended to eat my way around the city. Tough challenge huh?

Views of Edmonton
Views of Edmonton

From Chinese bao and Mexican tacos, to top Ukrainian fare and epic brunches, Edmonton is a real foodie city with a restaurant to fit every craving. There are some great restaurants for meat-lovers, but the vegan and vegetarian scene is growing in popularity too.

There are also some incredible fine-dining restaurants in Edmonton, ideal for special occasions or date nights!

Delicious tacos
There are some great Mexican restaurants in Edmonton

So in no particular order, here are the best restaurants in Edmonton, as well as a few top dishes to order when you visit!

Oh and if you’re new to the city, be sure to read my ultimate guide to visiting Edmonton before you visit!

21 Best Restaurants In Edmonton

Ampersand 27

This is one seriously cool restaurant, and it’s massive! I loved the different lights hanging around the main restaurant area, and while I visited at lunchtime, I could imagine it being especially pretty at night.

Lunch at Ampersand 27, Edmonton
We had the best lunch in Edmonton at Ampersand 27

The lunch menu was an intriguing mix of international flavours. The restaurant describes their food as a mishmash of familiar and faraway flavours made with traditional and trendsetting ingredients. From pork belly steamed buns to truffle-topped pizzas and sandwiches, it was certainly hard to choose what to have!

I went for the lifestyle bowl, which I’d describe as ‘quite possibly the healthiest thing I’ve ever eaten’… but don’t let that put you off, it was damn tasty too! It featured spiralised vegetables, quinoa, avocado, rice noodles and was topped with an oozing fried egg and a tangy lemongrass dressing. The Indian inspired buttered eggplant with paneer and chickpeas was another winner. 

Best for: Chic atmosphere and creative menu

Little Brick Cafe

This local spot is part café and part general store selling a fun collection of gifts. Brunch is their main event, and it’s as photogenic as it gets with perfectly poached eggs sitting on thick cut bacon and covered in apple cider hollandaise. There was an intense #eggporn moment too!

Brunch at Little Brick, Edmonton
Looking for a great brunch in Edmonton? We loved Little Brick
Little Brick, Edmonton
Minimalist decor at Little Brick, Edmonton

I really liked the vibe – it had that community spirit you don’t find in many places (perhaps because it was in a residential area rather than a commercial one) and I saw lots of posters for events, including backyard BBQs with live music, food and drinks.

Best for: Instagrammable brunches


One of the coolest restaurants in Edmonton, Baijiu was one of my favourite dining spots in the city. The modern Asian restaurant serves up a baos, tempura, spring rolls, fried noodles, grilled fish, sizzling steaks and more. It’s located in the Mercer building, moments from Rogers Place – the city’s new arena and home to the Edmonton Oilers.

Dinner at Baijiu Restaurant, Edmonton
Asian dinner at Baijiu Restaurant, Edmonton
Devilled tea eggs at Baijiu Restaurant, Edmonton
What to eat in Edmonton? Well, definitely try these devilled tea eggs at Baijiu

We ordered several dishes to share including the pork baos, beef noodles, tempura asparagus and chicken gyozas. All of it was totally delicious, and when the chef suggested we try the devilled tea eggs too, we couldn’t resist! The flavours were all wonderful, with a particular nod to the moreish sauce the gyozas were in (tangy, rich and flavourful) and the yummy chunky noodles.

Pork baos at Baijiu Restaurant, Edmonton
I loved these pork baos at Baijiu Restaurant, Edmonton
Baijiu Restaurant, Edmonton
Baiju is one of the coolest restaurants in Edmonton

All that love for a restaurant, and I’ve not got to the cocktails yet! Baiju is also a cocktail bar. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the jetlag kicking in, I’d have worked my way down the drinks menu too.

Best for: Asian food that tastes as good as it looks!


With a no reservations policy and long shared tables, MEAT could have been plucked from Shoreditch or Brooklyn, and this restaurant in the cool area just off Whyte Avenue is about as hipster as the city gets. It’s all about BBQ’ed meat, and these guys really know what they’re doing!

Dinner at MEAT, Edmonton
If you’re looking for the best Whyte Ave Restaurants, this is a great option
Dinner at MEAT, Edmonton
MEAT is a great place for dinner in Edmonton

The ribs were so tasty, the smoked chicken was full of flavour and we even tried some brisket and pancetta. The sides were great too, with Brussels sprouts, an indulgent mac and cheese, tasty baked beans and garlic fries.

Pecan pie at MEAT, Edmonton
Pecan pie at MEAT Restaurant on Whyte Ave Edmonton
MEAT, Edmonton
MEAT is ideal if you’re looking for trendy restaurants in Edmonton

Oh and if you visit, don’t forget to sample some of their tasty homemade sauces which include BBQ, cherry and bourbon. I also have it on authority that this is the best spot for pecan pie around… ok I admit it, the authority is me!

Best for: satisfying your inner carnivore

El Cortez Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar

El Cortez is another top foodie haunt, just off Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona. It’s super trendy, with a gothic dimly lit restaurant area, green illuminated bar, murals and collages all over the walls, and screens showing retro movies.

Tacos at El Cortez, Edmonton
The best tacos in Edmonton are at El Cortez Restaurant
Cook bar at El Cortez, Edmonton
El Cortez is one of the trendiest and best Whyte Ave restaurants

The menu was a feast of delicious Mexican flavours (one of my fave cuisines!) and while sipping on tasty cocktails we ordered two lots of tacos. The steak, pickled veg and BBQ Aioli were super tasty, but my favourites were the grilled fish and crispy shrimp tacos which were topped with habanero aioli and a tasty coconut tropical salsa.

As the evening draws on, this is a lively spot with a dancefloor and DJs.

Best for:  Nights that start with tacos and end with tequila.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

While this isn’t an obvious ‘restaurant’ to visit as such, if you’re interested in a cultural experience, then definitely head out of Edmonton to the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. It’s like walking through history and charts the movement of Ukrainians as they settled in the region, established homes, businesses and found their place in society.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
I’d recommend visiting the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

I found it fascinating to hear that so many Ukrainians moved to Canada between 1890-1930, and obviously, they brought their eastern European cuisine with them.

Ukrainian brunch on the Edmonton Food Tour
Ukrainian food is popular in Edmonton

Along with making some pyrohies (Ukrainian dumplings) in an old-style kitchen, we sampled a selection of traditional dishes with a modern take at their café. The menu included potato cakes, borscht (beetroot soup), kielbasa (sausage) and a cardamom spiced fried dough dessert. 

Best for: Interesting food where you can taste the culture.

Culina Café at The Muttart

The Muttart Conservatory was one of my favourite spots in Edmonton. The four glass pyramids act as greenhouses, containing incredible plants from different climates across the planet.

Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton
Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton
Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton
Muttart Conservatory is home to one of the most unique restaurants in Edmonton

We combined our visit with a trip to Culina Café. The brunch menu looked great with eggs benedict and French toast catching my eye. However, I was craving something lighter so opted for the large house salad which contained tasty crunchy vegetables, chick peas, grains, cranberries and delicious salty feta.

Best for:  A light bite in unique surroundings.

Salad time at Culina Muttart, Edmonton
Salad time at Culina Muttart, Edmonton

Block 1912 Cafe and Bakery 

My favourite coffee shop I stumbled across on my trip, Block 1912 serves great coffee in a really cool environment. It’s a huge space with funky chains of lights hanging down (actually, we were passing in a taxi and I spotted the lights out of the window and immediately wanted to check it out!) and a cosy alcove filled with books.

Block 1912, Edmonton
Block 1912 is one of the best cafes in Edmonton
Block 1912, Edmonton
Block 1912 is also a great place for a casual lunch in Edmonton

It’s great for so many situations too – when you’re looking for a digital nomad space to rock up with your Macbook, a dessert spot with the girls or a coffee date.

 Best for:  Digital nomad weekdays and sundae-filled Sundays.

Pho Boy

After a bit of research into ramen and pho joints in the city, we took a chance on Pho Boy – and it paid off! It’s yet another super cool member of Whyte Avenue’s popular food scene. With huge murals on the walls, a retro arcade machine and cool threads of lights hanging from the ceiling, it’s got a fun vibe, perfect for a meal with a group of friends.

Tasty bowl of pho
You can’t beat a tasty bowl of pho, especially in Edmonton in winter!

Pho Boy’s Vietnamese street food is packed full of flavour and considering we visited around 6pm on a Sunday, it was full! Their pho was totally delicious with a really intense beef broth. It was served with a tray of extra ingredients we could add according to taste (chilli, beansprouts, fresh herbs, lime). We also ordered a portion of legend rolls – the restaurant’s speciality crispy spring rolls that were totally moreish!

Dragon pho at Pho Boy, Edmonton
I loved the dragon pho at Pho Boy, Edmonton
Dragon pho at Pho Boy, Edmonton
Dragon pho at Pho Boy, Edmonton

Best for: Satisfying slurping and flavoursome phos.

Blue Plate Diner

This retro diner in Edmonton’s trendy Warehouse district was a great find. I loved the quirky décor with vintage lights, chequerboard tiles and work by local artists on the walls.

Visiting for brunch, I tucked into the Blue Plate Breakfast – their signature ‘full works’ which included roasted new potatoes, eggs, toast, and freshly made sausages. Very tasty and most importantly, the coffee was good and strong! The lunch and dinner menus looked inviting too, with plenty of international dishes including spring rolls, gnocchi and even an English shepherd’s pie – certainly not something I see everyday when I’m travelling!

Blue Plate Diner, Edmonton
Blue Plate Diner is a classic brunch spot in Edmonton
Breakfast at Blue Plate Diner, Edmonton
Breakfast at Blue Plate Diner, Edmonton

If you’re into your craft beer, they do a deal of $5 craft beers from 3-7 everyday.

Best for: Hangover breakfasts and happy hour

Edmonton Food Tour

Last but not least, one of the best ways to get to know Edmonton’s food scene is by booking onto a food tour. This was one of the highlights of my time in the city. Starting off at Kitchen By Brad, we enjoyed a huge brunch of (mainly) Ukrainian delicacies. We then took a trip through the huge Saturday market on 104th Street.

Pierogies in Edmonton
Pierogies in Edmonton

We sampled gyozas, meat pies and salted caramel, spoke to jam producers and fishermen, and ended the morning with a spot of wine tasting. The guide was really knowledgeable and it was a chance to really understand why food is the heartbeat of the city.

BOOK NOW: Click here to book an Edmonton Food Tour

Best for: Eating your way around the city (and learning where to go back to!)

Exploring 104 Street Market on the Edmonton Food Tour
Exploring 104 Street Market
Cooking at the Edmonton Food Tour
If you’re wondering where to eat in Edmonton, a food tour is a great way to find out
Ukrainian brunch on the Edmonton Food Tour
Ukrainian brunch on the Edmonton Food Tour

More Top Restaurants In Edmonton


Just reading the menu of Bündok will have you salivating! I love small plates restaurants, as they mean you get to try lots more dishes. Dishes here are creative and filled with delicious ingredients. How do you fancy burrata with peaches and jalapenos, fried chicken skins with honey mustard, and corn and dashi pork sausage with tahini? Mmm – I told you you’d be hungry!

Bundok Edmonton
Looking for trendy restaurants in Edmonton? Bundok is a great option.


There are a growing number of highly-rated vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Edmonton. One of the best is Padmanadi, where you can sit down and enjoy tasty Asian dishes, without meat. From vegetarian curries and teriyaki ‘chicken’, to Indonesian roti and chilli tofu, this place is popular for a reason!


This cosy neighbourhood restaurant is another place which is great for those who love to share dishes. With tasty treats such as the smashed cucumber salad, Bay scallop ceviche and the legendary beef tartare, you’ll want to order a number of plates. Biera also has its own microbrewery on site, so be sure to try the local brew with your dinner.

Biera Edmonton
Biera is one of the best places for dinner in Edmonton

Craft Beer Market Edmonton

If you love beer, this is the place for you! With over 100 beers on tap, this trendy restaurant in Edmonton is a great place for a casual drink or a big dinner with friends. There’s a broad menu featuring poke bowls, tacos and poutine. I’d recommend one of the ‘signatures’ such as the steak, Korean fried chicken or the mac & cheese. What could be better with a beer?!

YEG Burger

Sometimes all that we want is a burger, and that’s just fine! If you’re in that mood, head to the best burger restaurant in Edmonton: YEG Burger. You’ll find plenty of classic burgers on the menu, as well as some fun variations such as the grilled cheese sandwich burger and the cheese burger poutine!

YEG burger Edmonton
The best burgers in Edmonton are at YEG Burger

Tzin Wine & Tapas

If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant in Edmonton for a date, this cute wine bar is one of my top recommendations. It’s small inside, with a lovely intimate feel. Enjoy working your way through the wine list with your other half, as you snack on elegant plates of tapas.

Sabor Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants in Edmonton if you’re craving some European flavours. Start your meal with some boards filled with tasty charcuterie and cheese, before diving into a grilled octopus, Portguese salt cod or paella. It’ll feel like a little holiday from the city!

La Ronde

Did you know there’s a revolving restaurant in Edmonton? Tucked away on the 24th floor of Chateau Lacombe Hotel, it could be considered a hidden gem restaurant in Edmonton, as you wouldn’t know it was there without going inside! As well as incredible city views, the food is great here too! Expect a fine dining experience, white table cloths and top service. It’s one of the most popular Edmonton restaurants for a special occasion.

Le Ronde Edmonton
Le Ronde is one of the most unique restaurants in Edmonton


This top restaurant in Edmonton has the motto ‘eat off the beaten path’! What you’ll find on the menu is an eclectic mix of ingredients and dishes, sourced from ‘fields, forests, mountains and oceans’. Basically, it’s farm-to-table in style and a meat-lovers haven! Dishes include paprika pork belly, beef tartare, bison, and even a dish known as ‘questionable bits’. Would you dare order it?!

The Moth Cafe

There’s a strong vegan and vegetarian restaurant scene in Edmonton. The Moth Cafe is a vegan cafe with a pretty dining room filled with plants (appropriate for somewhere plant-based!) Dishes on the menu here include pad thai, purple yam risotto, coconut lime laksa and the not chicken burger. It’s a lovely community space too, where you’ll often see workshops, poetry nights and more!

The Moth Cafe Edmonton
The Moth Cafe is one of the best vegan restaurants in Edmonton

Find out more about Edmonton’s food scene here. Thanks to Edmonton Tourism for inviting me to #ExploreEdmonton. As always, opinions are my own.

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