6 Places To Visit In Prince Edward Island When The Time Is Right

West Point Lighthouse

Looking for somewhere that oozes natural beauty, culture and a great food scene? It’s time to reveal some of the amazing places to visit in Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province.

Anyone else feeling a little bit giddy at the prospect of travelling again in 2021? News of vaccination programmes have started to create that little ounce of hope that something close to normality could be back later this year. I’ve got my fingers well and truly crossed.

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The Best Foods To Eat In Montreal In 2022 (And The Best Montreal Restaurants To Eat Them At)

Fairmount Bagel at Crew Collective, Montreal

From bagels fresh from the oven, to warming pho and poutine with a twist, find out the best foods to eat in Montreal, and the restaurants to add to your hit list.

Oh look – I’ve been eating my way around another destination. It’s become quite the habit of mine! It’s all in the name of research though, so I can pass on some top tips to you guys, and encourage you to go on your own culinary adventures.

Colourful houses in The Plateau neighbourhood

When it comes to food, Montreal has a reputation for being one of the best cities in Canada. There’s the fabulous mix of French and Canadian cuisine, plus plenty of multicultural dynamics, with Vietnamese, Mexican and Middle Eastern restaurants all making their mark.

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Things To Do In Montreal In Winter

Walking by the clock tower in Montreal

From skating in the old port to relaxing on a spa boat and exploring the city through its cuisine, these are the best things to do in Montreal in winter.

Earlier this year we spent a magical few days in Montreal, Canada. It’s a city I’ve always been intrigued by, with its fascinating French Canadian mix. I knew it was arty, cultural, pretty, and had the best foodie reputation in Canada. Needless to say – I couldn’t wait to get on the plane!

Then I realised we’d be there in peak winter. Not just any winter, this was a Canadian winter. I feared the temperatures might prevent us from really getting to know the city. I’d seen -16 on the forecast, a temperature that I could only imagine enjoying if I was curled up indoors under several blankets.

But no!

It turns out, there’s absolutely loads to do in Montreal in winter, and it’s not all outdoors (so don’t panic about the cold!) Oh and even when you do venture out, it’s really not as painful as those temperatures sound, provided you’re wearing the right clothes.

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