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The Best Time to Visit Cape Verde

From the beautiful, sunny weather of the summer season to the lush, rainy days of autumn, find out the best time to visit Cape Verde.

Are you starting to plan a holiday and considering Cape Verde? You’ve come to the right place to find out all about when to visit, and a few special events that make each season unique.

Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) is an island state located in the Atlantic Ocean about 500 km from the west coast of Africa. Many people haven’t heard of the Cape Verde islands and to be honest, that’s such a shame! 

cape verde weather
Cape Verde’s weather varies throughout the year

Cape Verde is filled with a captivating mix of pristine beaches, mountains and sleepy fishing villages. It has a tropical feel, and is somewhere you’ll want to take endless photos of! From adventurous Boa Vista to the untouched beauty of Santo Antão, you are sure to fall in love with Cape Verde, its warm culture and friendly people.

The seasons are all quite different, so if you’re wondering when is the best time to visit, these travel tips will help you plan a wonderful holiday!

best month to visit Cape Verde
Find out the best month to visit Cape Verde

The Best Time To Visit Cape Verde

Spring in Cape Verde (Dry Season: February – April)

The weather in Cape Verde during the spring is dry and warm. The climate is mild and predictable during this time with average daily temperatures of 26°C (78°F) and very little rain. Days in the spring are much longer than in the summer or winter months with an average of 7 hours of sunshine each day. 

Spring is the perfect time to book a seaside holiday in Cape Verde thanks to its warm and mild weather. Just remember that prices are higher during this time as it is peak tourist season!

cape verde seasons
There are four seasons in Cape Verde

Special events in spring in Cape Verde

  • Cape Verde Carnival (February)
  • Labour Day (May)

Summer in Cape Verde (Dry Season: May – July)

Summers in Cape Verde are hot and dry. The days are short with an average of 5 hours of sunshine each day. It rarely rains during this time and you can expect average temperatures of 24°C to 27°C (75° to 80°F). While rainfall does pick up by August, it’s still a rare sight during a Cape Verde summer. 

Summer is the perfect time for beach holidays and water sports since you generally won’t have to worry about the wind or rainfall that occur in the autumn and winter months. 

Cape Verde weather
Summer is the best time to visit Cape Verde for weather

The best month to visit Cape Verde in summer is June or July. Just be sure to book your hotel or resort ahead of time as accommodation fills up quickly during the dry season. 

Special events in summer in Cape Verde

  • Children’s Day (June)
  • The Festival of Sao Joao (June)
  • The Festival of Santa Isabel (July)
  • Independence Day (July)

Autumn in Cape Verde (Rainy Season: August – October) 

As summer comes to an end, Cape Verde starts its rainy season. During this time, the islands experience a tropical climate including plenty of humid heat, wind and rain. Average temperatures in autumn range from 28 to 30°C (82° to 84°F). 

The weather in Cape Verde during rainy season is unpredictable, but don’t let that put you off visiting! During this time, you can expect a mix of sunny and overcast days. Rainfall throughout the day tends to be light, warm and short – like a short, tropical downpour!

best time to visit Cape Verde
Autumn can be a good time time to visit Cape Verde too

I’d recommend travelling to Cape Verde in autumn if you don’t mind heat and humidity. Just plan out some fun activities for rainy days! This is also a good time for budget-conscious travellers as prices tend to be much lower. 

Special events in autumn in Cape Verde

  • Assumption Day (August)
  • Our Lady of Grace Day (August) 
  • Sal Music Festival (September)

Winter in Cape Verde (November – January)

Cape Verde’s weather during the winter season is warm and dry with little rain. 

The best month to visit Cape Verde in winter is in December. The rainy season has finally come to an end leaving the entire island green and full of life. You can expect an average daily temperature between 21°C and 26°C (82° to 84°F) so you’ll still be able to enjoy plenty of beach days.

best time to visit Cape Verde
Winter is the best time to visit Cape Verde to see the island’s lush landscapes

Just remember that the wind picks up during winter, so it might limit the chances to swim if the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are rough. 

Special events in winter in Cape Verde

  • All Saint’s Day (November) 
  • São Nicolau Hiking Festival (November)
  • Democracy Day (January)
  • Hero’s Day (January)

Is Cape Verde worth visiting?

Absolutely! Cape Verde has a unique culture, friendly people, and warm and sunny weather year-round. It’s a lovely place to plan a relaxing holiday filled with sun, relaxation and a bit of adventure!

I hope this guide helps you plan your trip! For more tips on great places to visit, don’t miss my post all about the best hidden gems in Europe. It’s one of my most popular blogs and is filled with beautiful spots you may not have considered!

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