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Unique Things To Do In Queensland

Known for its stunning beaches and wildlife, Queensland in Australia is paradise on earth, and packed full of unique things to do. 

Queensland is somewhere that’s been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. It just looks incredible! I mean, those beaches, the underwater life, relaxed days in the sunshine – it looks like one of the dreamiest places on the planet!

Australia’s 2nd largest state, Queensland is actually seven times the size of Great Britain. So, don’t think this is somewhere you can tick off in a few days. If you want to really explore, give yourself a good amount of time to get around, and mix up beach time with cultural and food spots too.

Flight Centre challenged me to find some truly unique things to do, for my dream trip to the region… so here goes. And while there are a few magical beach adventures, there’s plenty more to this part of Oz too.

Climb To The Top Of The Q1 Building

Ready for one of the ultimate views over the Gold Coast? 270m up, SkyPoint Climb in Surfer’s Paradise is Australia’s highest external building climb. London’s Shard is only 30m higher, which really puts it into perspective for me! I can only imagine that incredible sense of achievement once you reach the top. They also offer twilight and night climbs to see the region lit up by twinkly lights! Not feeling so brave, take the lift to the 77th floor to the SkyPoint Observation Deck.

SkyPoint Climb, Q1 Building
SkyPoint Climb, Q1 Building

Take A Dip In Champagne Pools

What a unique swimming spot! Located on Fraser Island, these natural rock pools get their name from the way the waves crash on the volcanic rock, creating frothy bubbles. As many of the beaches aren’t patrolled in the region, and there are dangers including strong currents and sharks, it’s a great safe place for a swim too.


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Visit Undara Volcanic National Park

Located in North Queensland, Undara is famous for its lava tubes. I don’t think of Australia is a volcanic island, so this really surprised me. Undara is actually home to some of the longest and largest lava tubes on the planet, which were created almost 200,000 years ago! The arched lava tubes are seriously impressive, and depending on how active you want to be, you can take tours through them, hike to viewpoints, or enjoy a relaxing sunset tour watching the microbats emerge! The ultimate experience? Staying overnight in one of Undara Experience’s antique train carriages!


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Ride The Skyrail Cableway         

Forget driving, in the town of Kuranda you can soar through the air on the Skyrail Cableway. Close to Cairns, the cable car takes you along a 7.5km route over tropical rainforest. For the best views, book onto a glass floor gondola!

Wake Up With Wallabies And Kangaroos  

Up in beautiful Cape Hillsborough, where the rainforest meets the ocean, there’s a chance to see kangaroos and wallabies at sunrise and sunset. If they congregate on the beach, it’s one of the most magical Aussie experiences!

Kangaroos And Wallabies On The Beach, Cape Hillsborough (Photo:
Kangaroos And Wallabies On The Beach, Cape Hillsborough (Photo:

Go Sandboarding on Moreton Island

Thrillseekers will love this activity! After climbing the world’s tallest coastal sand dune, get on your sandboard and fly down the dunes at speeds of up to 60kmh. There are a few day tours that will take you on a 4×4 trip through the desert before heading sand boarding, then snorkelling or kayaking around the famous shipwrecks just off the shore.


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Try For a Hole In One On Lake Fred Tritton

While many people visit Richmond’s Lake Fred Tritton for swimming, fishing, water skiing and kayaking, it’s home to a unique golf course too. Yep, this course has only got one hole! It’s out in the lake, 134 metres from the tee! I read there’s a festival there which offers a big cash prize for a hole in one… worth a try?


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Swim With Minke Whales

The swimming and diving in the Great Barrier Reef is a huge reason to visit. Every June and July, cute minke whales visit too. You can dive or snorkel with the incredible mammals, and there’s a chance to see them up really close. One tour company claims to have seen a pod of 28 whales on one expedition, so this really is an incredible opportunity!

This post was sponsored by Flight Centre who offer plenty of holidays to Queensland. As always, all opinions are my own, and YES Queensland is well and truly on my bucket list! 

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