The Perfect 24 Hours in Havana, Cuba – Your One Day Havana Itinerary

Vintage cars and colourful buildings on the Malecon, Havana

From visiting Plaza Vieja to sipping on a mojito at La Bodeguita Del Medio, and enjoying the vintage cars and colourful buildings, here’s how to spend the perfect 24 hours in Havana, Cuba.

“You have to go to Cuba NOW before it’s too late!”

They were the words that rung out as I waited outside Havana airport in the pouring rain, unable to find a taxi, after spending two hours in the immigration queue.

This better be worth it,” I thought.

Colourful streets in Havana, Cuba
Colourful streets in Havana, Cuba

I don’t know how many people had suggested Cuba when I was planning my travels last year. There was a lot of talk about the country going through a period of change. Many said that the old charm was gradually disappearing. As I returned to the UK after my trip, I was met by the news of developments in the relationship between United States and Cuba. It seemed my timing was just right.

Vintage cars in Havana
Vintage cars in Havana

When I visited Havana, first impressions were of a strange but beautiful city. Over the next 4 days, it really grew on me. So, if you’re planning a trip, (and remember “you have to go now before it’s too late”) here is my guide to the perfect 24 hours in Havana, Cuba – a crazy, magical city on the brink of so much change. 



10am: After breakfast, take a walk along the Malecon – the esplanade along the seafront. The views of the city are beautiful, particularly when combined with an endless stream of vintage cars passing by the ramshackle multi-coloured buildings along the water.

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3 Amazing Ways To Meet Solo Travellers When You’re Away

Enjoying the views in Split, Croatia

Wondering how to meet solo travellers when you’re away? You’ll never get lonely with my tried and tested ways to meet people while exploring the world!

I’m a huge fan of jetting off on holiday with my best friends, but there are certain times when the travel experience is heightened by travelling solo. When you only have yourself to think about, you can create a trip that’s totally suited to you.

Plus, without anyone to hide behind, you tend to make more friends, take a leap out of your comfort zone, and relish the adventure! Hey, I never would have gone volcano boarding in Nicaragua or hang-glided in Rio if I had some of my scaredy-cat friends there to chicken out with!

Volcano Boarding Nicaragua
Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Enjoying the view in Yosemite National Park
Enjoying the view in Yosemite National Park, USA

It’s fair to say solo travel has a bit of a stigma. Not only is it a daunting prospect for the one doing it… it’s also the kind of thing your mum will have a big opinion about! Will you be safe? What crazy things are you planning to do? And after days of fun… what happens when you get lonely?

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REVIEW: Barcelo Solymar, Cuba – AKA ‘Fawlty Towers’

Barcelo Varadero Beach

My stay at the Barcelo Solymar in Varadero, Cuba was a real ‘Fawlty Towers’ experience. Find out why in my review of the hotel, restaurants and facilities.

“The best resort in Varadero, Cuba”… Unfortunately wasn’t where I stayed last week. Instead, I booked into the budget equivalent of Fawlty Towers. With a Trip Advisor rating of 3.5 out if 5 I wasn’t expecting pure luxury. Reviewers had complained about the food, service and state of accommodation. Needless to say, my expectations were relatively low, particularly when paying £50 a night for my own room and all-inclusive board. It was one of the only affordable options after spending months travelling around Central America.

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