19 Best Hidden Gems In Europe

Comano region of Trentino

The best hidden gems in Europe include stunning mountain towns in Italy, overlooked islands in Croatia, the ultimate detox spot in Sweden and some surprising places to hit the slopes.

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Unique Places In Vienna – A Fun Vienna Itinerary

Praterturm, Vienna

Say ‘hallo’ to the summer city that took me by surprise. Hear what made this trip extra special, and a few of my favourite places to visit in Vienna! 

I’ve just spent a few days exploring Vienna in Austria. Before my trip, it wasn’t a city I’d associated with summer breaks. It’s so easy to package Austria into this neat little box of skiing, mountains and Christmas markets, with a touch of ‘the hills are alive’! Rather like my previous adventures in Austria (which took me to Graz, Innsbruck and Salzburg) – it’s a country that keeps surprising me. 

I visited the city for the Vienna Tourist Board’s intriguing campaign: #UnratingVienna. They’re on a mission to remind travellers that there’s more to travel than ratings and must-sees. The plan for my trip? Well.. there wasn’t one! It was time for me to discover the city on my own. I wouldn’t be checking Trip Advisor to find the best restaurants or racing around the city trying to tick off the top 10 attractions like the Schönbrunn Palace and the Natural History Museum. I’d be exploring with an open mind and seeing what I found naturally.

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Instagram-Worthy Views In Salzburg, Austria

Amazing views of Salzburg from Kapuzinerberg Mountain

Grab your camera and let’s go in search of the best views in Salzburg!

Brimming with history and amazing architecture, Salzburg is one of Austria’s most impressive cities. But for those who don’t want to spend hours in museums or cathedrals, what is there to see in Salzburg? And where should you go for the best views of Salzburg?

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