Sweden’s Incredible Hipster Foodie Scene

Joel Lindblad at Skedvi Bakery, Sweden

Hipster or not, here’s why you should visit Sweden for a unique, food experience.

Hipsters. It doesn’t seem to matter where I travel, I always seem to come across some. From tiny bars hidden down cobble streets in Barcelona and Caribbean hipsters drinking beer out of cans in St Kitts, to the trendsetter students in the Kallio neighbourhood of Helsinki, they appear to conform to a style, while having a few unique quirks according to the country. After reading Meet The Original Hipsters, it got me thinking about a few recent encounters with Scandi-hipsters.

Made In Kallio Helsinki
Made In Kallio, Helsinki

You know who I mean right? They’re the ones with the checked shirts, thick-rimmed glasses, heavy boots, signature beard (optional for girls!) and an air of ‘not trying’ (when actually they are).

 Typical hipster: beard – tick, checked shirt – tick, thick rimmed glasses – tick

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REVIEW: Ekstedt Restaurant, Stockholm, Sweden

Oysters Flambadou at Ekstedt Restaurant, Stockholm

Fire, quality ingredients and a hipster air of cool… Niklas Ekstedt’s restaurant Ekstedt in Stockholm is Michelin starred cooking at its most creative. Find out all about dining there in this detailed Ekstedt review. 

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VIDEO: Scandi-Baltic Adventure with Busabout

Trakai Castle, Lithuania

In July 2015, I went on an amazing Scandi-Baltic Adventure with Busabout. Over 8 days I visited Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Finland and Estonia, checking out the sights, sampling the local delicacies, and enjoying the nightlife!

Visiting Stockholm, Sweden – Viking Tours And More

Tallinn History

Find out more about visiting Stockholm in Sweden.

When I heard we were taking an overnight ferry from Riga to Stockholm for stop 3 of our Busabout adventure, I pictured something similar to the Dover to Calais ferry. What we boarded was a huge cruise ship filled with shops, bars, restaurants, a spa and entertainment. While the cabins were small, it was an entertaining evening, and the time flew by!

Check out Part 2 of the video of my Scandi-Baltic Adventure now, and scroll down to read all about my time in Stockholm.

Stockholm is one of my favourite cities. I’ve got to know it reasonably well over the last few years as my sister lives there. During this trip I was keen to revisit a few tourist areas, but also explore some new hidden gems.

Busabout Scandi Baltic Adventure Part 2 04 One of my favourite activities was the Viking Walk. Buda The Ballbreaker led us through the streets of Gamla Stan (Stockholm’s old town) telling us everything from the Viking origins of the city, political setup and the royal family (including their scandalous relationships with ex-Big Brother contestants and personal trainers!) to Schnapps, Smorgasbords and Swedish santa – Tomte. Whilst exploring the beautiful old town, we donned Viking helmets and scared off other tourists!
Busabout Scandi Baltic Adventure Part 2 09

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