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The Ultimate James Bond London Itinerary

Dreamed of living like James Bond in London? It’s time to channel your inner 007 with this James Bond London itinerary.

James Bond and London share an inseparable bond! It’s one that transcends the pages of Ian Fleming’s novels and the frames of the silver screen. The iconic MI6 agent’s connection to the British capital is deeply rooted in the character’s origin and the city’s historical significance. London is pretty much the beating heart of the British intelligence apparatus, and Bond, with his license to kill, becomes its suave and sophisticated face.

You can’t look at the city’s landmarks without thinking of 007 himself. From the grandeur of Buckingham Palace to the gritty charm of the River Thames, they’ve all been the backdrops for Bond’s daring escapades.

Afternoon tea river cruise London
This James Bond London itinerary shows you the best sights

I love the way London’s regal elegance and its covert underbelly mirrors Bond’s own ways. Yes, he’s a refined gentleman, but he loves darkness and danger too! He might wear a suit, but he’s always prepared for a high-stake mission or a stylish pursuit!

From the secret corridors of MI6 headquarters to the glamour of exclusive casinos, James Bond navigates London with an air of mystery and charisma. London has been the backdrop for some of 007’s most epic action sequences featuring cars, helicopters and speedboats.

When Spectre was released back in 2015 it felt that while Daniel Craig was back on the big screen, his co-star, London, was just as much the star!

When you’re MI6’s most important asset, this flashy lifestyle comes at a high price, but thankfully for the rest of us, it’s possible to enjoy it without the threat of assassination. If you’re thirsty for luxury and adrenaline,  here’s how to live the James Bond lifestyle in London.

The Ultimate James Bond London Itinerary

Stay at a James Bond Hotel

London is abundant with luxury hotels, but only a few are genuine Bond locations. Check into the Langham Hotel on Regent Street, which doubled as St. Petersburg’s Grand Hotel in GoldenEye.

Or, even more iconic, Bond took a dip in the rooftop swimming pool at Canary Wharf’s Four Seasons Hotel in the opening scene of Skyfall. You may not have realised as it doubled as Shanghai! Oh, and there was also a rather memorable shower scene filmed in room 712… but let’s move on!

Dress Like James Bond

Ever seen 007 looking scruffy? No chance! To get his signature suave look, head to London’s most famous street for high-end tailors: Saville Row in Mayfair. Whether you fancy a tux, Oxford shirt or a casual daytime suit, you’ll find the highest quality and best fitting menswear in the country. Perfect whether you’re heading for dinner, drinks or hopping on board a private jet!

For ladies looking for that Bond Girl glamour, take a trip to Selfridges or Harrods. With large ranges of designer womenswear, you’re bound to find something chic and sophisticated to bag yourself your very own Daniel Craig.

Soft cashmere might not sound like the priority of an all-action hero, but if you really want to emulate the Spectre poster, head to N.Peal in Mayfair and pick up a turtle neck jumper (as worn by Daniel Craig). The mix of cashmere and silk makes them lightweight and perfect for action.

Tower of London
Channelling my inner Bond girl at the Tower of London

Get Fit Like James Bond

To get as fit as James Bond you’ll need to perfect a mix of refined strength and tactical agility. Channeling 007’s fitness routine will involve a mix of intense cardio, martial arts, and precision training. From brisk sprints along iconic cityscapes to mastering sleek hand-to-hand combat, a 007 workout is a fusion of sophistication and lethal athleticism.

You could kick off your training with a run around London’s most famous sights. You’ll spot famous filming locations as you go… just don’t start jumping from buildings or chasing baddies!

Alternatively, British Military Fitness promises to get wannabe James Bonds and Bond Girls in shape with their themed workouts. Exercises are puntastic, with names including The Man with the Golden Guns and For Your Thighs Only!

Travel Like James Bond

Travelling like James Bond mixes opulence and adventure. Have you ever wanted to catch a private helicopter, zoom down the River Thames on a speedboat or slink into a chauffeur-driven Aston Martin? Now is your chance in this James Bond itinerary!

Looking for a swanky ride to feel a million dollars? How about booking a tour of London in a classic car. It might not be an Aston Martin, but there are some pretty cool vehicles to choose from, perfect for racing around the city.

Or, how about taking to the skies for a London helicopter tour? You’ll get a real adrenaline rush as you see the city’s streets from above. Keep your eyes peeled for Bond villains while you’re up there!

I absolutely loved this experience! I’ve written all about my time taking a tour of London from a helicopter here.

Views along the river Thames from helicopter tour of London
Views along the river Thames on our helicopter ride in London

Back on the ground, it’s time to hop on a super-fast speedboat on the Thames to speed off down the river. These RIB boats hurtle you along, you’ll barely have a moment to process what you’re seeing! It’s a really great adrenaline fix.

With a hair-raising trip down the Thames a key part of Spectre, you’ll feel like the real deal! Then it’s time for a luxury dinner and martinis to round off your day. For an iconic spot for this, you could board historic ship, the Hispaniola.

Bond Speedboat London
You’ll get your 007 adrenaline fix on this speedboat tour

Eat Like James Bond In London

If you want to dine like James Bond in London you’re going to need some dishes that ooze sophistication and international flair.

Begin your day with a sumptuous breakfast at Dukes Hotel, where Bond famously enjoyed his shaken-not-stirred martinis.

Enjoying the views on the Afternoon Tea cruise
Exploring London is a great way to learn about 007

For lunch, venture to Rules, London’s oldest restaurant, favoured by Bond for its classic British fare. Indulge in a lavish dinner at Scott’s, an upscale seafood establishment in Mayfair, which also has strong 007 connections.

All three of these offer exquisite dishes and discreet charm – just what you’d expect for your James Bond London experience.

Drink Like James Bond In London

I had to include a few martinis on your James Bond London itinerary! You’ll obviously want your martini shaken, not stirred, so head to the bar at Dukes Hotel in Mayfair.

Bond martini
You’ll want your martini shaken, not stirred

Often frequented by Bond author Ian Fleming, it’s known as the inspiration for the classic line. Paying homage to Fleming is the special Fleming 89 Martini. The author famously wore Floris’s 89 Eau de Cologne, so the team at Dukes have worked key aromas into a classic martini.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this James Bond London itinerary! There are so many fun Bond-themed activities you can do in the city, what will you choose? Have a great time, whatever you get up to!

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