My outfit for exploring Petra, Jordan

What Clothes To Wear In Jordan: The Ultimate Travel Packing Guide

Wondering what clothes to wear in Jordan? It’s definitely somewhere you should consider both the culture and the practicalities of your trip.

To give you a helping hand, here’s my guide to what you might want to think about packing for your trip to Jordan.

I already mentioned in my recent blog about visiting Petra, that I had SO many questions before my trip. Although I’d travelled to Turkey and Morocco before, I knew that culturally Jordan was quite different to both.

Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan

While it’s a lot more relaxed than many of its neighbours (in Iran and Saudi Arabia, women generally cover up or wear hijabs), there’s certainly an ‘etiquette’ when it comes to clothing. I’m all for having your own style and not feeling like you have to fit in, but I think it’s important to be respectful.

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View of The Treasury from the top of the Al-Khubtha Trail in Petra, Jordan

Top Tips For Visiting Petra, Jordan: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Thinking of visiting Petra, Jordan? From how to get there, to ticket prices and the best time to visit, this guide will help you plan your trip to Petra. 

From what to wear and what to see, to how to get there and how much it costs, find out all the answers in this ultimate travel guide to Petra.

I visited the ancient ruins of Petra last month, and before I left the UK I found myself in a Google frenzy.

I was searching all sorts of things…

What should women to wear in Jordan?

How hot is it in Petra?

Do I need to cover my head?

Can I buy food once I’m inside Petra?

Is there water for sale?

How to get to Petra?

How much is the Petra entry fee?

How long does it take to tour the site?

Is it safe to travel to Petra in Jordan?

So many questions! Surprisingly I couldn’t find a Jordan travel blog with all the answers!

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The Monastery in Petra, Jordan

A Tour Of Petra, Jordan

From visiting the Treasury to checking out the Monastery and finding the most beautiful viewpoints here’s what to expect on a Petra tour in Jordan.

Last month I spent a week in Jordan. I was visiting for a wedding but managed to squeeze in a few days of sightseeing. There was one place on my dream list… Petra. It’s one of those incredible places I’d seen in films and photos and couldn’t believe how stunning it looked.

Which Petra Tour Company To Choose?

We booked our tour of Petra with Abraham Tours – a company whose group tours generally leave from Israel, but they also consider special Jordan pickups too. We were collected from Amman and driven to the ancient roman city of Jerash to kick off two amazing action-packed days of historical wanderlust!

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