How To Become a House Sitter (And Travel The World On A Budget)

Perfect beach scene in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

House sitting offers you free accommodation in amazing locations around the world. Plus, you get the bonus of looking after some cute pets along the way! Find out how to become a house sitter and where to find dog and cat sitting jobs too. 

The thing about us travel bloggers is we’re never in one place for long. But with that lifestyle comes the problem of where to live.

Playing with Enzo at our first house sitting assignment
Playing with Enzo at our first house sitting assignment

Last year, I spent several months living in London, a month in South America and jetted off on 47 flights to 16 different countries. In between trips I spent a week or two at home. Yes my family home. I knew it was temporary but it still took some getting used to! Goodbye London life, independence and quick drinks with friends after work. But then again, how often was I even in the country to do that these days anyway?

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Ubud, Bali – The Ultimate Ubud Travel Guide

Tegalalang Rice Terraces, near Ubud, Bali (Photo: Macca Sherifi)

Ubud is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Bali, Indonesia. From incredible waterfalls and rice terraces, to volcano hikes, yoga classes and massages, find out the top things to do, places to visit, eat, drink, and of course, a few of my special tips for travelling around the region in my Ubud blog! 

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18 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Sicily

The island of Stromboli in Sicily

From incredible scenery, volcanoes and sapphire blue water, to delicious cuisine and cute towns, there are plenty of reasons to visit Sicily!

I always thought Sicily sounded SO glamorous. I envisaged stylish Italians hanging around on beautiful yachts, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a fork loaded with the best Italian cuisine in the other!

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