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Motivation, disillusionment, and getting sh*t done.

Hello. Are you listening? It’s time to get something off my chest.

Probably just like you, I have a to do list. It’s bright yellow, resembles a post-it note, and sits on my desktop. I add to it. I cross things out. Sometimes I sneakily add things to it I’ve already done just to feel like I’ve achieved more. Guilty. Shh, don’t judge!

After months of it seeming like a never-ending, unachievable list of humungous projects, campaigns and reports, I hit the end. The deadlines were reached, everything submitted… hurrah? Hmmm or not. Rather than popping corks and raising a toast to a successful few months (which, when I think back, it has definitely been with a dream gig for Lonely Planet in New Orleans, video projects in Hawaii, adventures in Spain and Austria ) I freaked out. Yes, yes, yes there will always be things to do. SEO I should study to improve blog post rankings (yawn – that’s one thing I’ll never get around to), Pinterest graphics to make, and blogs I’ve never got beyond a catchy-ish title.

Freelancers fear quiet. Quiet is scary. Quiet is an unknown future. And August is notoriously quiet in the travel blogging world. Why? Most people take holidays around now so a) places are booked up, b) travel prices are high and c) destinations don’t need to increase tourism as they’re busy enough!

It’s funny because I have trips to Berlin, Sicily, Mauritius, the Caribbean and Florida coming up. I’m about to show the world why England is amazing with my Visit England Ambassadorship! WOW what a dream role that is.

If it’s about to be anything but quiet, why am I not savouring this mini silence? 

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So what do you do when you run out of things to do? Either a self-starter instinct kicks in, or you have a mini-meltdown.

Usually, being a positive, glass half full kinda girl I choose the former, but this time I went for the latter.

I felt disillusioned by Instagram after it seemed to turn its back on content creators like me, who loved posting inspirational travel pics, only to see followers disappearing and likes limping to an all-time low.

I felt disillusioned by my self-made videos after being fed inspirational, big-budget viral vids on Facebook, feeling like I’d never come close without years of training and a tonne of new tech kit.

I felt disillusioned that I was struggling to scramble together enough money to rent a decent flat in London, while others were living in a rose gold world, decorating their designer flats, complete with an endless supply of Jo Malone candle.

I felt disillusioned by far–flung travel after too many back-to-back long-haul trips across the Atlantic led me to the point of exhaustion.

I felt disillusioned by my body after endless Instagram photos of girls in pretty dresses and bikinis, while I attempted to rid myself of my muffin top… while reaching for a muffin.

I felt disillusioned by my wardrobe, realising I was still wearing dresses from 10 years ago.

I felt disillusioned by my relationship, worrying I’d chosen a career that took me away from someone I cared about, more than it allowed me to be with him.

Taking in the incredible view of sunrise from Mount Batur, Bali
Taking in the incredible view of sunrise from Mount Batur, Bali

But, this isn’t a pity blog. It’s a get sh*t sorted and get on blog. I’m usually a positive bean but everyone has off days. And it’s good to share right?

And reassuringly it’s not just me… a heap of my travel blogging pals have talked about similar struggles recently.

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Instagram-Worthy Views In Salzburg, Austria

Amazing views of Salzburg from Kapuzinerberg Mountain

Grab your camera and let’s go in search of the best views in Salzburg!

Brimming with history and amazing architecture, Salzburg is one of Austria’s most impressive cities. But for those who don’t want to spend hours in museums or cathedrals, what is there to see in Salzburg? And where should you go for the best views of Salzburg?

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Travel The USA Without Leaving Home

Enjoying the view in Yosemite National Park

Find out how you can tour the USA’s most iconic national parks without leaving home… AND win a 3 week trip with Trek America including flights!

One of my top trips of last year was my adventure in California with Trek America. It was a mix of things that made it special. The incredible coastal views along the California highway, the epic landscapes of Yosemite National Park, the vibrant food and culture…oh and the small matter of an awesome bunch of travel buddies! We hiked. We camped. We bonded over log fires. Incredible moments I’ll never forget.

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iTrekHere group in Hollywood
#iTrekHere group in Hollywood

For me, Yosemite was the highlight of our California Callin’ road trip. We spent a few days there, hiking to waterfalls, camping under the stars, checking out the gigantic sequoia trees and the final bucket list came when we spotted a bear crossing the road!

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Travel State Of Mind

So many waterfalls to explore in Hawaii

Is there such a thing as a travel state of mind? Do you feel happier when you travel? Are you more adventurous? Confident? And if so… do you prefer your traveller self?

It’s now two and a half years since I left full-time employment. Wow, that went fast! Since then I’ve spent my life jet setting, as I worked hard to turn my passion for travel into a full-time job. From hiking volcanoes in Indonesia and sailing around Croatia, to eating my way around Barcelona and exploring Chile’s Atacama Desert… it’s been one serious adventure!

Photographing the lagoons near El Tatio, Chile
Photographing the lagoons near El Tatio Atacama, Chile (Photo: @BackpackerMacca)

Piaynemo, Raja Ampat
Piaynemo, Raja Ampat

I’ve written before about how this travel blog came about and why I love travelling… I even blogged a few weeks ago about how I try to keep travel fresh and exciting when it’s such a regular part of my life. This blog is just part of my unconventional career, as I’m often busy working on travel content for the likes of Metro, Lonely Planet and Skyscanner.

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