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Top 10 Long Term Travel Essentials… What To Pack

Time to reveal a few of my packing essentials for long term travel.

It’s almost a year since I jetted off to Mexico to start this trip – an epic three and a half month adventure which I can genuinely say, changed my life. Goodbye stressful job, hola Caribbean! See… look how happy I was?!
I packed a giant case (which was subsequently nicknamed ‘The Beast’) and explored ancient Mayan sites in Guatemala , one of the best coral reefs in the world in Belize, and threw myself down a volcano in Nicaragua!

While I packed reasonably well (everything but the kitchen sink), if I was about to set off on a big adventure again, here are my top 10 must-packs!

1. Go Travel Zip Cubes

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials 02Packing cubes have changed the way I pack! Easy to cram lots into, simple to locate in my case, and a great way to organise items. I tend to use the larger one for underwear and socks, and the smaller one for chargers, cables and any other easily-lost electricals. There are plenty to choose from, and Vicki has a fab guide to the best packing cubes around right now. 

2. Juice Bank Charger

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials 08I took a heavy duty portable charger away with me last year, and it barely left my side! I’d definitely recommend packing one, particularly for those long bus journeys when you want to play on your phone or listen to music. This one is nicely compact, but still holds plenty of charge.

3. Lifesystems Expedition 50 Plus Insect Repellent 

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials 05It’s official: mosquitoes love me! They’re not just attracted to me, there’s more to it. They can’t bare to leave my side! If you’re heading somewhere warm, be sure to stock up on a good brand of repellent like this one.

4. Yellowstone Waterproof Pouches 

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials 03I was in awe of my friends’s GoPros on my last few trips. If only I’d invested in some of these waterproof pouches! I can’t wait to try them out underwater soon. Not only do they protect your valuables and gadgets from water, they’ll also protect them from dirt, sand and snow. Bonus!

5. Design Go Quiet Zone Ear Plugs 

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials 07If you’re staying in shared accommodation and hostels, you never know who your ‘roomies’ are going to be. I used these on my last trip and they are awesome. They have two different ends to them – one to block out snoring and low frequencies, and another to block out loud music and high frequencies. They’re comfortable to wear – plus the posh case is a nice touch!

6. Silverpoint Blue Firefly LED Torch

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials 04There were several times during my trip through Central America that this torch would have come in handy! Finding my way back to my accommodation in the pitch black in a beach town in Panama (mind the toads…), late night drinking by the sea in Belize, and what about all that creeping around in hostels trying to open my locker and find my toothbrush? Next time this super powerful little torch is coming with me!

7. Care Plus Basic First Aid Kit

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials 10Probably not something you’d think about packing, but if you’re travelling for a while you’ll definitely need a few plasters, some scissors and some antiseptic, so it makes sense to take them in this cute mini kit.

8. Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Bra Stash

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials 09Pre-travels I was actually given a money belt. I packed it, and during my trip it emerged a few times, then was swiftly hidden back at the bottom of my case again. I used it once, and only once, in a rather dangerous town in Belize. It was uncomfortable, not to mention unfashionable! Alf Stewart eat your heart out! This cute little pouch tucks away comfortably in your bra, ready to be whipped out to make a purchase.

9. Design Go Bean Pillow

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials 01

Hello uncomfortable bus journeys, plane rides and hostel beds! Even back in the UK this super comfy pillow has worked a treat.

10. Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials 06For those days when showering isn’t an option… Batiste is my saving grace. For a long term traveller, you will grow to love this product, and its yummy summery tropical scent! Sometimes I use it when I’m not travelling, just to feel like I’m on a summer holiday.

Wanderlust Chloe Travel Essentials Set 1
What are your long term travel essentials? Is there one thing you can’t travel without? I’d love to hear your tips! Leave me a comment below.

All the products mentioned above are available from All opinions are my own (as always)!

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