Travel Gift Guides » 25+ Travel Gifts For Kids, That They’ll Love (Babies to Teens)

25+ Travel Gifts For Kids, That They’ll Love (Babies to Teens)

Looking for fun travel gifts for kids? Whether your little ones dream of travelling the world, or you want some compact games and activities that will be easy to pack on your next adventure, here is the ultimate list of travel gifts for kids.

When I was little I remember being obsessed with maps and transport. My brain hadn’t quite understood how big and diverse our planet is, yet I loved learning about different countries and cultures.

I enjoyed tales of mummies and pyramids in Egypt, lapped up Greek history as I learned about mythology, and loved finding out about animals from around the world.

gifts wrapped

After being given a cuddly panda as a birthday present at the age of three, I grew up with a dream of seeing the creatures in the wild one day – something I’m still hoping to tick off my bucket list! It’s amazing how much of an impact one present can have.

So whether you’re looking for gifts to inspire kids to travel, books and travel games for toddlers, or some gadgets to keep teenagers busy while you enjoying some downtime, this list of travel gift ideas for kids is guaranteed to help you find the perfect present!

The Ultimate Travel Gifts For Kids

Digital Camera for Kids

My 7-year-old niece adores taking photos on her little digital camera. I think it’s a brilliant present for kids. It gives them the chance to capture moments that they find special, and make their own memories.

digital camera for kids
A kids digital camera is a great idea for children who travel a lot

This camera comes at a reasonable price, takes good quality photos and even shoots video. It’s really easy to use and comes in a range of colours too. There are slightly higher spec versions which would make a great present for older kids too. 

As a nice touch, you could print out your kids favourite photos from your holiday, and then they could add them to a scrapbook or frame them. 

Scooter Suitcase For Kids

How cool is this funky little kids suitcase… or scootcase as perhaps we should nickname it! Your kids can pack their belongings inside, then scoot along in the airport, It’s a great way to encourage them to take care of their own items, and to take the strain off parents carrying everything too.

scooter suitcase
A scooter suitcase is a fun way to explore the airport

Travel Journal

This cute journal allows your little ones to document their travels in a memorable way. They can stick in photos, mementos from their trips and embellish with writing, stickers and more. It’s a great way for them to remember their adventures around the world, and a lovely keepsake to look back at when they grow up.

travel journal
Perhaps your little ones can start penning their own travel journal

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Deluxe Scratch Off World Map With Flags

What a unique travel gift! One of my best friends gave me a scratch off world map last year for Christmas and it’s fab. After each trip I can’t wait to get home, grab a coin and scratch off where I’ve been. The only dilemma – whether to scratch off a whole country or just the region you’ve been to.

scratch off travel map
A scratch off travel map is a great way to teach kids about geography

It’s one of the best travel gifts for kids as they’ll learn more about world geography as they scratch off the places they’ve visited. If you’re more likely to travel within one country, you could look at buying one with the USA or UK on.

kid you’re buying for, I’m sure you’ll find one that is!

Inspirational Posters

What better way to show your travel loving kids how much you care for them than with an inspirational poster for the bedroom or nursery wall? There are lots of cute designs to choose from on the Travel Print Store

Inspirational travel posters
A set of inspirational travel posters is a unique travel gift for children

One thing in particular I love about these posters is that most of them are customisable. You can add dates, names, quotes or phrases to the posters.

You can customise this rainbow print with your own text
You can customise this rainbow print with your own text
How lovely is this personalised rainbow poster
How lovely is this personalised rainbow poster

How about customising one with the name of your son or daughter’s name, or your home town? They make such thoughtful gifts! 

The Travel Book – Lonely Planet Kids

I’ve always loved the Lonely Planet Kids books as they strike the right balance between being fun and educational. This book shares interesting facts and information about countries around the world, with lots of pictures and interactive games too. There’s a page dedicated to every country, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, arranged by continent.

travel book for kids
This children’s travel book will inspire them to see the world

It’s a great way to teach your kids about different destinations and cultures, and no doubt you’ll all come away with some new places you want to visit! 

Children’s Headphones

A pair of headphones is the perfect travel accessory for kids, particularly if you’ll be spending hours on a flight or in the car. Childrens headphones have a volume limiter to protect little ears.

kids headphones
Kids headphones are brilliant for flights or car journeys

Listen to nursery rhymes, stories or watch videos on the go. They come in lots of bright colours too, making them a fun accessory for kids to add to their travel bags. 

Colourful Water Bottles

I always take a water bottle on my travels so I can refill on the go. Like many, I’m trying to cut down on my plastic usage and waste, so having a stylish and fun reusable water bottle is a great gift. I really like these bottles as they’re easy to drink from, leakproof and they’re long lasting. From diggers and emojis, to sea creatures, these bottles come in a range of eye catching designs.

kids water bottle
Be sure to buy your kid a water bottle for their travels

Kids Carry on Luggage Set

What better way to encourage kids to help carry their own luggage, than by giving them their own stylish set to look after? This one is super lightweight, and comes with a hard shell cabin suitcase with easy glide wheels, plus a small backpack where they can store items they want access to on the plane or in the car.

kids luggage set
A kids luggage set is a great travel gift for kids

There are lots of cute designs for boys and girls too. I love this space-themed one in particular!

Dobble Kids Card Game

My fiancé was the one to introduce me to Dobble – one of the most popular card games in recent years.

Dobble is a fun family game for kids 4 and up

It’s a really exciting, fast-paced card game, that is fun for all the family. You place one card next to the other and have to shout out which image features on both cards. It’s harder than it looks, but very enjoyable. This kids version of the game is a little simpler, but the concept is the same. Just don’t blame me if you borrow it in the evenings to play with your other half! 

Mini Explorer Kit for Kids

My nieces and nephew have always loved outdoor adventures, so I know an explorer kit like this would be a great present for any curious little ones! This kit includes binoculars, a magnifying glass, a torch, a fan and more, so whether you’re heading on a big holiday abroad, or simply want to explore your garden in greater detail, this is a great way to do it. 

mini explorer kit
This mini explorer kit is brilliant fun

Kids Goggles

I remember that amazing fearless feeling I had as a kid just after I’d learned to swim. I spent hours underwater, exploring every detail of the swimming pool with goggles, and enjoying jumping in and splashing around.

goggles for children
Don’t forget to buy goggles for your children

Goggles are a great travel gift for kids going on holiday to warm countries where they’ll be wanting to take a dip in the sea or a pool. These ones offer really good coverage, but there are plenty more fun colours and styles to choose from.

Illuminated Globe for Kids

Buying a globe for your kids room at home is a great way for them to learn about the world. You could use it to show them where you live, or even where you’re going on holiday next. This illuminated one acts as a light too, so it’ s multipurpose! 

illuminated globe
An illuminated globe is a great travel gift for children

Binoculars For Kids

If your kid loves animals and birds, a pair of binoculars is a great gift. Magnify leaves, bugs, birds or animals and see them in 8 times as much detail. A gift like this will make your little ones even more curious about the outside world, and reduce the time they stare at screens. 

children's binoculars
Children’s binoculars will be ideal for adventures

Animal Luggage Tags

One of the cutest travel gift ideas for kids – these adorable luggage tags! Let them choose their favourite animal to accompany their luggage, and encourage them to write the address on the label too. There’s no chance of mixing up luggage at the airport once it has one of these on! 

animal luggage tags
These animal luggage tags are fun for children to use

Cute Animal Backpack

To encourage your kids to look after a few of their own toys or clothes, buy them a cute backpack as a gift. I love the quirky animal designs, but there are so many to choose from these days! 

kids backpack
There are a range of fun designs of backpacks for children

The Ultimate Travel Journal For Kids

This fun travel journal allows kids to document their holidays in a fun way. Along with writing about where they’ve been and what they did, there are some entertaining games and Q&As to fill out. They can draw pictures of foods they ate, draw pins on the map to show where they’re going and play eye-spy bingo!

travel journal for kids
This fun travel journal is great for kids

Mini Video Projector

How cool is this as a travel gift? This small projector is perfect for taking on your travels. Connect to your phone or via a USB or HDMI cable, then sit back and relax as your video is projected onto the nearest flat surface. You can power it using a portable charger too, making it perfect for trips with no electricity, like camping or remote travel.

mini projector
You could use this mini projector on trips with your kids

Airplane Activity Book

If you’re going on your first plane journey with your son or daughter, this book is a great addition to your hand baggage. Inside are lots of puzzles and games, which will keep them entertained throughout the flight. 

airplane activity book
This airplane activity book will keep children occupied during flights

Magnetic Board Game Set

I remember having a set almost identical to this one as a kid. It came on most of our family holidays and offered hours of entertainment. This magnetic board game set contains 4 different games: Chess, Ludo, Snake and Ladders and Draughts

magnetic board games
A magnetic board games set has lots of games inside

GoPro Camera

If you didn’t capture it, did it really happen?! Of course it did, but it’s amazing to capture your biggest adventures on a GoPro. This is a great option for families, and kids will love being able to splash around with this camera in the sea or a swimming pool. This model is the most powerful and easy-to-use GoPro ever. I’ve loved my GoPro which has been all over the world with me. I can’t believe how stable the footage is!

Capture travel adventures on this compact camera

Kids Travel Pillow

If you’re travelling long distances with your little ones, I’d recommend buying them a travel pillow for the journey. These days they come in a handful of really fun designs, from animals to colourful prints, so there’s bound to be something that appeals to them. This one is particularly versatile as it can be a main pillow or convert to a u-shaped travel pillow.

travel pillow for kids
A travel pillow for kids is ideal for long journeys

Fun Kids Helmet

If you’re planning any adventurous activities on your travels, whether its cycling, going on a scooter or anything else, it might be a good idea to invest in a kids helmet. There are lots of fun designs, but this is one of the silliest I’ve come across yet! They’re fully protective and kids will love wearing them. 

children's helmet
There are some really fun designs of children’s helmets

Set Of Bamboo Toothbrushes With Animal Designs

Rather than buying single-use plastic toothbrushes for your kids, why not opt for these environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrushes? These zero waste offerings come with colourful bristles and a fun animal design – perfect for encouraging your little ones to brush thoroughly! 

kids bamboo toothbrushes
These kids bamboo toothbrushes have animal designs

Kids Interactive Talking World Map

This interactive map is a great way for kids who love travel to learn more about the world. Hang on a wall or use as play mat, then touch different countries to learn more about them. It includes interactive info about flags, countries, capital cities and more. There are different modes which include quizzes and games, so they can play with friends or siblings too. 

talking map
This talking map will teach children about countries around the world

Crayola Pencil Set

Most kids love nothing better than drawing and colouring, so a compact set with a range of colours is a great travel gift. They can use it in the back of the car, on the plane, in restaurants at meal times or could draw some pictures to remember their holiday. 

Welly boots

Depending on where you’re going on vacation, I’d recommend a pair of rain boots for little feet. Let your kids run around, splash in puddles, wade in small streams and more, without the danger of ruining their everyday shoes or trainers. They come in a range of colours, designs and sizes, so there will be something to suit their personality! I love these dinosaur themed wellies which also light up! Something my son will love when he’s a bit older!

welly boots for kids
How about these welly boots for kids that like adventures

5-Compartment Kids Lunch Box

Often when you travel it’s better to pack food for your kids in advance, so they have things they like as and when they want (at no huge expense to you!) I’d recommend a fun lunch box like this bento-style one. It has lots of compartments so you can organise a meal into different sections. Plus, it looks stylish too – travel loving kids will love it! 

kids bento box lunchbox
This bento box lunchbox is great for travelling with

The Animal Book: A Visual Encyclopedia of Life on Earth

This children’s reference book features over 1,500 species of animals and plants. It includes a range of organisms from microscopic life to fish, birds, reptiles and mammals. There are some incredible pictures too, which no doubt will make your kids want to travel the world and see the animals in their natural habitats in the future

the animal book
Teach kids about animals from different countries with this engaging book

I hope you’ve found this post useful and it helps you find the perfect travel gift for your kid! Let me know what you end up buying!

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25+ Travel Gifts For Kids

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