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35 Unique Travel Gifts: Best Gifts For Travellers

Looking for unique travel gifts? Do your friends and family love to travel? This list features the best gifts for travel lovers, with plenty of unique ideas, perfect for your favourite jetsetters!

As a frequent traveller, I often ask for very boring, practical gifts, but gradually I’ve supercharged the list-writing process. If you love to explore the world, then you deserve some fun and unique travel gifts too.

From scratch maps to document where you’ve been and jewellery to wear on your adventures, to inspirational books and cute travel accessories, there’s something for every kind of jet-setter on my list of unique travel gifts.

A few of my favourites from the Travel Print Store
A few of my favourites from the Travel Print Store

Some of my favourite options on the list are the personalised travel gifts – items you can add your own messages to, inscribe with initials or add a special phrase or image to. They make seriously thoughtful presents for anyone you’re close to.

There are lots of travel themed gifts too, including cute necklaces, chic passport holders and travel scrapbooks.  Plus, if you’re looking for gifts for people that are going travelling, there are some practical suggestions too. I’ve been on enough adventures around the world to be able to advise on some pretty useful travel gifts (yep, earplugs and sleep pillows I’m talking about you!)

Whether you’re looking for a great birthday gift for a travel lover or you’re stocking up on some practical items, it’s time for a rundown of my favourite unique travel gifts. 

Unique Travel Gifts: These Are The Best Gifts For Travellers

Travel Photography Prints

Head to the Travel Print Store and you’ll find lots of beautiful prints of colourful destinations around the world.

From prints of Bondi Beach in Australia, to the mountains of Switzerland and the picturesque English countryside, there’s bound to be a print for the traveller in your life.

Miami collection in the Travel Print Store
Miami collection in the Travel Print Store

I personally adore the Miami collection. You can buy one single print or a set of three. They’re bright and colourful and will inject some sunshine into any room!

Hotel Gift Vouchers

Did you know you can buy your loved one the best present ever… the chance to book lovely hotel stays around the world! How brilliant is that?! The vouchers from Hotelgift are valid at over 550,000+ hotels across more than 170 countries.

A Hotelgift voucher makes a great present for a travel lover

The recipient will be able to stay in some beautiful places around the world, courtesy of you. I don’t think there’s a better gift for a travel lover!

You can personalise the vouchers in just a few clicks and there are several ways to deliver the gift. You can order a physical gift card from Hotelgift for them to open up. They’ll even send these free worldwide via the post.

Alternatively, you can order an e-Gift to go directly to their inbox or download a PDF version to print at home and give to them. It’s super simple, and ideal as a last-minute gift idea too!

Paper Plane Necklace 

The paper airplane has long been an icon of travel and I just adore these unique and delicate paper plane necklaces.

paper plane necklace

With its simple design, it will go with pretty much anything, plus it’ll make you feel a little more glam when you’re travelling the world. This is a lovely sentimental gift, ideal for a female traveller.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Travel and photography go hand in hand, so add this fun coffee mug to your camera bag! My boyfriend received this as a Christmas gift last year and uses it all the time.

camera lens mug

It’s especially good considering the concerns over plastic usage and recycling these days too. Oh and it’s uncannily realistic… just don’t mix it up when you’re reaching for your wide angle!

Double Cotton Hammock

How’s this for a cool present for frequent travellers? A portable double hammock with its own stand!


There are several options in different colours and designs, and they pack up nice and small if you want to take it on a road trip. If you want to buy a fun gift for a travel couple, this is perfect.

Vintage World Map Passport Holder

This is the perfect gift for a frequent traveller who sees their passport as their most prized possession! There are lots of cute passport holders out there but I particularly like this one with its watercolour map design. 

map passport holder

Looking for more great travel purses and passport holders? Check out the 17 best travel purses around right now.

Mujumaps City Map Prints 

Stockholm Mujumaps

I absolutely love these city maps made by Mujumaps. Select your favourite city, choose your colours and they’ll send you one of these lovely prints! I’ve just ordered the London one for my new flat, and if you fancy ordering one, you can grab 10% off with my code wanderlustchloe10! 

Mini Cork Globe

Stick a pin where you fancy going next in this mini cork globe! A fun tabletop present for any travel lover. 

cork globe

READ MORE: Looking for travel gifts for little ones? Check out my guide to travel gifts for kids.

Ekster Men’s Wallet 

Forget a standard wallet, this is a super stylish SMART wallet! Ekster have developed a genius pop-up wallet. Just push a little button at the side and your cards are displayed at the top.

You won’t have to get every card out in order to find the one you need. Plus, this wallet is trackable. If you can’t find it, the solar-powered tracker will help you locate it, using an app or your preferred smart home device. 

Plus, it’s made from leather and comes in several colours. 

Ekster smart wallet
Ekster smart wallet
Ekster smart wallet
Ekster smart wallet

50 States, 5,000 Ideas

If your friends are based in the US, how about inspiring them to see a few other states. This book is the perfect guide to where to go, when to visit and why! 

50000 states

Inspirational Posters

What better way to show your travel buddy how much you care for them than with an inspirational poster for their wall? There are lots of cute designs to choose from on the Travel Print Store

Inspirational travel posters
A set of inspirational travel posters is a wonderful unique travel gift
Customisable travel poster
This stylish travel poster makes a great gift. You can personalise it with the name of a destination too.
Cute travel poster
You can customise this cute travel poster with the name of your travel buddy and the year you met them! 

One thing in particular I love about these posters is that most of them are customisable. You can add dates, names, quotes or phrases to the posters. How about customising one with the name of your travel buddy or the place where you first met? What about adding an in joke or travel quote you love? They make such thoughtful gifts! 

Osprey Transporter Flap Backpack 

Osprey are known for making high quality, long lasting backpacks. Now they’ve combined durability with style, with the Transporter Flap Backpack. It comes in grey, black, teal and red, and is deal for city trips and outdoor adventures.

I was very excited to get my hands on it as it’s SO well designed, with an internal padded laptop sleeve, lots of pockets and foam backpanel to take the strain off. It’s water-resistant too, so whether you’re trekking around Thai islands or exploring cities like London and Berlin, it’s the perfect partner for your adventures.

Using my Osprey Transporter Flap in London
Using my Osprey Transporter Flap in London
Osprey Transporter Flap Backpack 

Wonderboom 2 Portable Waterproof Speaker

I always take a portable speaker on my travels for those moments when I want to listen to music or watch a film (and not listen through my phone or laptop speakers).

This small Ultimate Ears bluetooth speaker has amazing sound quality, is waterproof (yes you can take it in the pool!) and is perfect for travellers. They come in a range of colours and if you have a few, you can connect them together to make your music extra loud!

Using my Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Speaker in Sicily
Using my Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Speaker in Sicily

Travel Experiences Around The World

Buy your loved one an awesome travel experience somewhere in the world. Tinngly have this fab Christmas travel gift which you can either order as an e-voucher or as a physical box to give someone.

From diving with sharks and the world’s tallest bungee jump to the oldest yoga retreat in India and gondola ride in Venice, once you give someone the gift, they can select an experience to match their interests. What a great idea!

Tinggly Travel Experience Gifts

Colourful luggage tags

It’s important to tag your bags incase of any mishaps. I also love having fun, colourful luggage tags so that I can spot my bags easily on the airport conveyer belt. I think it’s worth getting a selection to pop on different bags, so you don’t have to keep changing them. These fun luggage tags are hard wearing and easy to spot!

fun luggage tags

Travel Journal

Travel journals are back in fashion, with lots of people enjoying time away from screens and phones, to document their adventures using the power of language.

travel journal

A travel journal or planner is a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys a creative moment on their trips.

Set Of Packing Cubes

One of the best travel tips I’ve learned? How to pack efficiently! One of the best additions to my suitcase has been a set of packing cubes. These storage organisers allow you to group items together so you can find items easily, without disrupting your entire case.

packing cubes

I’d recommend a set of 4-6 packing cubes, including one for shoes so as to not make other items in your case dirty. I honestly think they’re one of the best packing accessories I’ve come across, and would make an amazing travel gift for any traveller. 

Chilly’s Reusable Water Bottles

I always take a water bottle on my travels so I can refill on the go. Like many, I’m trying to cut down on my plastic usage and waste, so having a stylish and fun reusable water bottle would be a great gift!

chillys bottle

Have a look at the options, no doubt you’ll find a colour or design to match the person you’re buying for!

Mini Video Projector

How cool is this as a travel gift? This small projector is perfect for taking on your travels. Connect to your phone or via a USB or HDMI cable, then sit back and relax as your video is projected onto the nearest flat surface.

mini projector

You can power it using a portable charger too, making it perfect for trips with no electricity, like camping or remote travel.

Stylish Women’s Weekend Bag

I’m looking for a fun weekend bag and came across this cute nautical holdall. If stripes aren’t your thing, I spotted lots in different patterns. It’s a bit of a bargain too! 

weekend bag

Cute And Practical Carry on Luggage

Looking for a stylish yet practical carry on luggage? I adore this case designed by travel blogger Monica from The Travel Hack. Every little detail has been thought about, from making it the largest dimensions permitted by any airlines (so you can make the most of the allowance), to having a laptop sleeve at the back and a water bottle holder on the side, and even atop section perfect for adding in an extra handbag or wash bag.

Exploring King's Cross, London

It’s perfect for frequent business travellers, or those wanting to look super stylish on their next adventures.

Microfibre Travel Towel

One of my most used travel items, microfibre towels soak up water fast and dry really quickly, making them perfect for every situation, from beach days to showers and baths.

dock and bay towel

I love this one by Dock & Dry – they make them in lots of fun patterns and colours.

And So the Adventure Begins Travel Bag

How cute is this bag? Perfect for any travel lovers, or anyone embarking on a new adventure! It could also work well for any friends getting married, having kids or changing jobs. 

adventure bag

Bamboo Cutlery Set

Most people are starting to improve their travel habits in favour of sustainability. Whether that’s stopping buying plastic bottles, flying less or investing in sustainable products, there are plenty of things we can do to make a difference.

bamboo cutlery

Cut down on using plastic cutlery and straws by using this cute bamboo travel cutlery set.

Travel Jewellery Organiser Case

I find it hard travelling with jewellery. Often my necklaces and bracelets get tangled up, so now I barely take any jewellery away with me. This travel jewellery organiser looks perfect! It’s certainly a unique travel gift, perfect for female travellers who still want to stay stylish on the go.

travel jewellery organiser

Anker Portable Charger

It’s rare I leave the house these days, without a portable charger in my bag. Charge it up with a USB, and you’ll be ready for any battery-draining situations! I use mine to charge my phone, bluetooth headphones and GoPro when I’m travelling. I love this Anker charger – always found the brand’s products to be durable, reliable and long lasting.

anker charger

Travel Scrapbook

This cute scrapbook allows you to document your travels in a memorable way. Stick in photos, mementos from your trips and embellish with writing, stickers and more. It’s a lovely way to reflect on your adventures around the world.

American Tourister Soundbox Suitcase

One of my fave luggage brands, American Tourister, has some awesome suitcases on sale right now. Not only are they super durable and great to pack, they’re also bright, fun and easy to spot as your luggage arrives on the conveyor belt! If you’re looking for colourful luggage, don’t forget to check out my Colourful Luggage Guide – the ultimate shopping guide for bright, fun luggage (great gifts too!)

At the airport with my American Tourister Soundbox Suitcase
At the airport with my American Tourister Soundbox Suitcase

Deluxe Scratch Off World Map

What a unique travel gift! One of my best friends gave me a scratch off world map last year for Christmas and it’s fab! After each trip I can’t wait to get home, grab a coin and scratch off where I’ve been.

scratch off map

The only dilemma – whether to scratch off a whole country or just the region you’ve been to. If you do it by country you’ll be gagging to get to Russia, although the scratching will take you a while…!

Scrabble Deluxe Travel Edition

Who doesn’t love a game of Scrabble? It’s always entertaining, puts your brain to work, and is a great addition to your luggage when you’re travelling.

travel scrabble

This compact edition makes a lovely gift for any frequent travellers out there. 

Travel Wallet

If you’re looking for a way to stay organised on your travels, how about buying a travel wallet. Inside, there’s space for passports, money, documents and more. Having everything together means you won’t spend hours rummaging for things when you’re on the go!

Lonely Planet’s Where To Go When

When you’re struggling for gift ideas, I’d recommend some inspiring travel books. I’m a huge lover of a coffee table book, and this one by Lonely Planet is full of inspiration, beautiful photos, and info to start planning your next adventure.

where to go when book

For every month of the year you’ll find 25 recommendations of destinations to visit.

Ultimate Worldwide Travel Adapter

I bought this for myself earlier this year and it’s made my life a lot easier when it comes to charging my gadgets abroad. The travel adapter has one standard plug port, 4 USBs and a USB-C port. I can charge 6 gadgets at once if I need to without having to pack multiple plugs and adapters.

GoPro Hero12 Camera

If you didn’t capture it, did it really happen?! Of course it did, but it’s amazing to capture your biggest adventures on a GoPro. Whether you’re bungy jumping, diving or just hanging out with friends, this new model is the most powerful and easy-to-use GoPro ever. I’ve loved having a GoPro. It’s been all over the world with me. I can’t believe how stable the footage is! You can see it in action in my ziplining video from Ras Al Khaimah.


Once you’ve got a GoPro, this is the coolest accessory to add! There are a few domes on the market, and what do they do? Allow you take a photo that captures what’s going on above and below water in one shot.

Using the GoPro and GoDome in Sicily
Using the GoPro and GoDome in Sicily

This is definitely a unique travel gift for anyone into photography!

Comfortable Ear Plugs

I can’t remember the last time I went on a trip and didn’t pack ear plugs! I’m not guaranteed to need them on every flight or at every destination, but there have been a few times when I’ve been eternally grateful for them! I really rate these ones in particular, which have blocked out screaming twin boys, a guy who liked a good phlehmy snort, a constant toilet flush (learned the hard way not to sit near the toilet…) and a German stag do.

Globe Cufflinks

Looking for a unique travel gift for the man in your life? These globe cufflinks are lovely and smart, and amazingly, they actually spin!

globe cufflinks

Watch them turn as you take in the world map in all its glory! They’re the perfect present for business travellers or for a travel lover to wear to a wedding. 

Deluxe Eye Mask

Similarly, this is another essential for me. I think this is the most comfortable eye mask around. I’ve had mine for two years and it’s great quality and fits nicely.

eye mask

Many have been scratchy or thin, so it’s worth spending a bit to get a really cosy, comfortable eye mask. Not only are they great for flights when you want a bit of shut eye, they’re also good on long bus journeys, and in lovely sunshiney destinations where you get blinded by sunlight streaming through the curtains at 6am.

J-pillow Travel Pillow

A good travel pillow is a traveller’s best friend! I take mine on all long haul flights. I’ve tried a few and this is one of favourites.

travel pillow

It might look like a funny shape but the J Pillow supports your head, chin and neck all at once. It’s won all sorts of innovation awards too, and for very good reason!

Men’s Travel Organiser

Another great travel gift for him, this men’s travel wallet is smart and surprisingly affordable.

mens wallet

It features multiple slots for different sized documents and credit cards, includes a pen and has a sturdy zip fastening. It’d make a great Christmas or birthday gift for any male travel lovers. 

Still not found what you’re looking for? Check out my guide to travel gifts for couples and my list of amazing travel gifts for kids.

Or if you’re looking for more great gift ideas for travellers, check out the 17 best travel purses around right now.

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