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17 Things To Do In Tulum At Night

From all-night full moon parties and live music sessions, to mezcal cocktails in jungle bars and fine-dining, there are lots of things to do in Tulum at night.

If you’re a long term reader of this blog, you’ll know I absolutely love Tulum! This breezy little city on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula has it all: beautiful weather, amazing beaches, superb food, ancient Mayan ruins, lush jungle, and fascinating local culture. 

Tulum beach
There are plenty of great nightlife options in Tulum

While daytimes are amazing, after dark the town transforms into a glittering playground of electric nightlife. After a day of exploring, relaxing or sunning yourself, you can venture out into the warm night air for unforgettable evenings with your friends or family.

Casa Maria Tulum
There’s an amazing food scene in Tulum – day and night!

From the rhythmic beats of beach clubs, live music and dazzling shows, to the tranquil ambience of beachside lounges, the variety of things to do in Tulum at night is as diverse as the town itself. It doesn’t matter if you are a party animal, a laid-back traveller or a couple looking for romance, Tulum’s nightlife has something for everyone.

So if you’re ready for a night out, here’s the lowdown on the best things to do in Tulum at night. 

There are lots of great things to do in Tulum Mexico
After days by the water, you’ll be ready to party at night

If you’re still planning your trip to the region, don’t miss my guides to the best brunch spots in Tulum and the top things to do in the area. I’ve also got an amazing guide showcasing all of the best hotels in Tulum. Some of them are seriously amazing!

17 Best Things To Do In Tulum At Night

Planning your trip to Tulum? Here are a few quick highlights:

Full moon parties at Papaya Playa Project

These all-night raves are a staple of Tulum’s nightlife. They blend music, dance, and a few drinks (of course) with the unique spiritual vibe of being under a sky lit by the full moon. 

Papaya Playa Project
Papaya Playa Project offers some of the best nightlife in Tulum

The full moon parties at Papaya Playa Project are legendary. World-class DJs spin up the best dance tracks on the peninsula and you can boogie yourself to a standstill between the palm trees. There are also wellness tents, yoga, storytellers, performers such as fire dancers, and a cosmic light show backdropped by the gentle waves of the moonlit ocean.  

Mia Tulum

Tulum’s Beach Zone booms with electronic music, dance clubs and beach parties. Mia Tulum is one of the more famous spots and offers an energetic atmosphere of live music, great food and dancing.

Mia Tulum
Mia Tulum is great if you’re looking for party vibes in Tulum

With a constantly evolving roster of world-class DJs, Mia Tulum is a great place to connect with like-minded fans of electronic music. You’ll find prices in the Beach Zone a bit higher than other parts of Tulum. But I can assure you, the extra cost is well worth it if you want to dance the night away! Tulum nightlife doesn’t get much better than this!

Take a Mezcal and Chocolate Tasting Tour

If you are a fan of Mexican tipples such as mezcal, Tulum has some great options for sampling the country’s most famous drinks. And if you are also a lover of chocolate (who isn’t?) you can pair this with some fabulous artisan chocolate. 

On this fun tour, you’ll sip mezcal cocktails in jungle bars and learn about how it’s produced from native agave plants. You’ll also meet locals who still hand-make mezcal using methods that pre-date the arrival of Europeans in the New World.

Sunset drinks at Azulik

Elevate your night by visiting one of Tulum’s best rooftop bars. Enjoy a tropical drink or two and watch the sun setting over the Yucatan jungle as another perfect day in this Mexican paradise comes to an end. 

Azulik is a bit of a wonderland in Tulum

Azulik is one of my favourite places to sip a sundowner. The bar is made entirely from natural materials and has no electricity which creates a wonderfully romantic and intimate ambience.  

Live music at Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar

This joint in downtown Tulum is the place to go for live music and delicious mojitos. What a combo! Slide into a booth or hang out on the dance floor and let the grooves of local and international musicians wash over you. 

The mojitos at this Tulum bar are legendary

The mojitos at Batey are put together from fresh sugar cane juiced crushed in a converted VW Beetle… how cool is that? The timber and tin roof of the bar gives it an authentic beach shack vibe and the walls are lined with memorabilia and folk art pieces. I have very happy times drinking here – I’m sure you will too!

Roar at Casa Jaguar

Unleash your wild side in this jungle dining experience. As the smoke rises up into the starlit trees, you almost feel like you’ve been transported back in time. Emphasising a rustic and seasonal approach, the kitchen at Casa Jaguar takes its cues from Mexican gastronomy, with its deep roots in the rich and diverse heritage of Mayan cooking styles

Casa Jaguar Tulum
If you’re looking for a great dinner in Tulum check out Casa Jaguar

Drawing inspiration from the regional flavours of the Yucatan Peninsula and Maya culture, the dishes reflect the restaurant’s core philosophy: straightforward and unassuming, yet refined and bursting with flavours. 

Dinner at Kin Toh

Remember those tree huts you used to build when you were a kid? Well, this tree house restaurant in the Mayan jungle takes your wildest childhood memories and makes them real. Dining here involves all of your senses. It’s a place where traditional cuisine is prepared using a combination of ancient cooking techniques and modern international flair.

Kin Toh
Kin Toh is a great fine-dining restaurant in Tulum

With hundreds of different wines to choose from, you can stretch your dinner out over several hours then retire to the bar where the bartenders will shake up some fun cocktails.

Night market shopping

Night markets are always a great way to soak up some local culture, do a bit of light shopping and, of course, enjoy a few local delicacies. Sadly, the night markets of Tulum don’t quite match the sprawling markets of Southeast Asia, but they are still great places to visit.

One thing that you are sure to find in the street markets of Tulum at night is silver. With purity approaching 99%, you can find exquisite silver jewellery here for both men and women. That could make a lovely gift for friends or family back home… or yourself!

Dinner at La Zebra Hotel

If you’ve read my guide to the best boutique and luxury hotels in Tulum, you’ll already be familiar with La Zebra! Imagine strolling hand-in-hand with your partner along a beach of pure white sand, washed by warm Caribbean waves and sheltered by groves of graceful palm trees. Then you stumble upon a table laid for two and indulge in some of Tulum’s best cuisine. Are you there yet?

La Zebra Hotel Tulum
La Zebra Hotel is right on the beach in Tulum

La Zebra’s colourful dining area has stunning views of Tulum Beach and is a favourite local hangout as well as a hotspot for tourists. The menus transition seamlessly from day to evening and showcase a rich variety of ingredients sourced from across Mexico.  

As well as a lovely place to go for a romantic dinner or a pre-party snack, the hotel’s famous Salsa Night offers a chance to learn that quintessential Latin dance. The free lessons run from 6:30-7:30 every Sunday, with a live band kicking in until 10:45 so you can strut your newly-acquired moves on the dance floor.  


Welcome to the jungle, baby! This isn’t just a restaurant. Gitano is an experience woven into the very fabric of Tulum’s jungle soul. Sleek wooden tables nestle amid the foliage to create an intimate atmosphere, blurring the lines between the jungle and the dining space. 

Gitano, Tulum
Party vibes and great food at Gitano

Flickering candlelight illuminates dishes that celebrate fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You’ll find delicious ceviches, succulent grilled meats, and vibrant vegetarian creations, all infused with the subtle flavours of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Resident DJs provide a rhythmic soundtrack throughout. When you tire of dancing, you can sink into plush seating amidst the swaying palms and let the jungle work its magic spell on you!

Stargazing on the beach

If you’re looking for free things to do in Tulum at night, you might be at a bit of a loss. However, the skies are free to all! The stars of the Yucatan are something to behold. It’s no wonder the ancient Mayans were so interested in astronomy and cosmology. I’d recommend taking a towel down, snuggling up together and looking at the starry night skies.

Dine and Dance at Rosanegra

Styling itself as “…rustic, natural and bohemian…”, this hip restaurant is a great place for a night out with a group of friends. The restaurant’s design features elements that demonstrate care and respect for nature, with furniture crafted from Parota hardwood nestled on hand-woven rugs. 

RosaNegra serves up some delicious food

Amid this minimalist elegance, you’ll dine on dishes such as tiger shrimp salad, wagyu beef and, my favourite, Caribbean monster lobster tail. But, dining at Rosanegra is only half the fun! Enjoy a few cocktails, dance up a storm on the sand, then see who makes it through to sunrise!


This pair of sleek and atmospheric bars nestled in the downtown area bring a touch of mystique to Tulum at night. With open-air spaces for alfresco partying and air-conditioned interiors that stay cool on the hottest nights, Mistico hosts a range of themed nights to get you dancing till all hours. On Wednesdays, you can experience the lively Wednesday Welcome. Then, on Thursdays you can boogie all night to dance mixes of classic tunes from the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

Fridays at Mistico Tulum brings the electrifying Jungle Party by Black Hause, a night filled with dynamic electronic music and high-energy rhythms. Phew! And if you are looking for a more sedate way to relax, you can always relax with a cocktail in one of the quiet bar spaces at Mistico.

Wild Tulum

Wild is a super cool spot that celebrates the Mexican Caribbean’s amazing vibes. It’s like a mash-up of traditional Mayan handiwork, some rustic touches, and a bit of modern, sleek style. The restaurant’s design is all about enhancing the local scenery and you get a mysterious, chilled-out feeling as soon as you step inside, especially with incense floating around. 

Wild Tulum
Enjoy this beautiful jungle aesthetic at Wild Tulum

You’ll be dining under the stars, surrounded by this urban jungle vibe, and digging into some international dishes that have a quirky Mexican spin. The menu features tons of local twists that embody super-fresh ingredients sourced from the Yucatan region. Think tasty meats, fresh seafood, and veggies straight from the soil. Add a few zingy cocktails to the mix and you might feel that you could stay lost in this jungle spot forever.

Dinner at Mina

Inspired by the flavours and textures of Latin American “El Mar” (seafood) cooking, Mina is perfect for an intimate dinner with your loved one. Perhaps you have an important question to ask; perhaps you are celebrating a milestone in your relationship. Whatever it is, with its muted lighting and dark tones, this restaurant has a wonderfully calm, soothing and romantic atmosphere. 

Prepare for seafood heaven at Mina

The culinary creations at Mina feature age-old traditional dishes sparked up with exotic international flavours and innovative techniques. And while you consider the menu (assuming you can take your eyes off each other) the mixologists at the bar will create something fun to drink too!

Tulum Pub Crawl

Perhaps this isn’t the most classy way to experience Tulum at night. But one thing is guaranteed: you’ll have a bucket-load of Fun with a capital F! This tour takes in four of the best Beach Zone venues in one go, with free welcome shots at each place.

Tulum pub crawl
This Tulum pub crawl is a great way to meet other young travellers

You’ll be escorted by a party host who will ensure that you have a safe and hassle-free night out with like-minded people from all over the world. The hosts know where the action is on any given night and how to get you and your crew into the best joints. Throw caution to the wind and say “Salud!” to the Tulum nightlife in all its glory!

Tuck Into a Street Taco

These tasty morsels are a great snack on your night out in Tulum – whether that’s before you sink a few cocktails, or as a late-night snack on the way back to your hotel. Tulum’s street tacos are simple meat, onions and cilantro snacks in a corn tortilla. Forget the cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and goo of Tex-Mex tacos: these bad boys are all about simplicity and taste. A Tulum speciality is al pastor which consists of flavoursome pork coated with a Mexican/Middle Eastern blend of spices.

Tacos in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
You can’t beat basic tacos in Mexico – so tasty!

Street taco stands pop up all over Tulum at night. If you are out and about in Tulum Pueblo, you’ll find several around the corner of Avenida Satélite and Chetemal-Cancun (near Batey Mohito and Mistico).

From jungle party adventures to romantic dinners that last until the small hours, you’re going to love experiencing Tulum at night. Your mission is to go out into the warm, starlit night and immerse yourself in the amazing experiences of this characterful Mexican destination.

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