Visiting France In Summer – Best Summer Holiday Destinations

Nice beach

Visiting France in summer is always a good idea! From the French Riviera to the city of Bordeaux and Brittany’s pink granite coast, it’s time to find out France’s top summer holiday destinations.

When it comes to summer holiday destinations, France is a great option, especially if you’re based in the UK. It’s quick and easy to get to, there are stunning beaches, beautiful chateaus and picturesque landscapes, plus the food and wine is top notch too. It’s no wonder so many of us choose to visit France in summer each year.

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6 Places To Visit On The Cote D’Azur, France

Enjoying the views in Nice

From Saint Tropez to Nice, it’s time for a tour of the Côte d’Azur!

The Côte D’Azur (or French Riviera) is famed for its beautiful blues and air of sophistication. I associated it with film stars schmoozing on yachts in Cannes and glamorous ladies holidaying in Monaco. I couldn’t imagine for a second that it was a place that a) I’d be able to afford to visit or b) feel comfortable in. Yet, after my surprise trip to Nice and Monaco last year, I was pleasantly surprised!

Views of the port from Parc De La Colline Du Chateau
Views of the port from Parc De La Colline Du Chateau

We stayed at a charming hotel, moments from the pebbly beach, enjoyed warm weather and sunshine in October, and feasted on delicious Mediterranean food. I snapped photos of blue and white umbrellas in Nice, Monaco’s famous casino and wondered why I hadn’t visited sooner. And while it was on the pricey side, it was no different to London. The combination of great food, gorgeous sunshine, and a short flight time makes a holiday in the Cote D’Azur pretty appealing!

It’s certainly made me rethink the region as a whole, and along with recommending Nice and Monaco, I’ve got a few other places I’d be keen to visit.

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