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5 Reasons Why A Cruise Is A Great Way To Travel The World

From convenience and fun entertainment, to luxurious facilities, great food and the ever-changing scenery, here’s why cruises are a great way to travel.

Have you ever been on a cruise before? Or, perhaps you’re considering a cruise holiday for the first time? These types of trips are appealing for so many reasons.

Let’s face it, you can’t create a more convenient way to get around than travelling on board your own floating hotel! The destinations change around you, but you have the comfort and ease of your belongings being with you every step of the way.

relaxing on a cruise
Cruising is a relaxing way to see the world

Plus, you’ll be treated to amazing food, great entertainment and an amazing range of destinations along the way. It’s no wonder cruising is so popular these days with people of all ages.

There are cruises to most parts of the planet, which allow travellers to experience diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities all in one trip. Are you still deciding whether a cruise holiday is right for you? Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider a holiday like this!

5 Reasons Why a Cruise Is A Great Way To Travel The World

Cruising is Affordable

You might think of cruising as a world of huge chandeliers and fine-dining restaurants. But, this style of holiday can be a surprisingly affordable and cost-effective way to travel, especially when you take advantage of cruise deals. There are lots of great offers available with MSC Cruises, so you should find a deal that fits your budget.

Plus, it’s worth booking both your cruise and excursions directly through the MSC Cruises website, as you’ll often find bundled packages that offer additional savings.

I always think it’s reassuring to know everything is paid for in advance as you’ll know exactly how much you have left for day to day expenses when you’re exploring each destination. You know, gelato money!

MSC cruises
MSC Cruises often have great deals

Enjoy the convenience and comfort

We all know how stressful travel can be! Researching and booking all the different elements, finding restaurants for each day, and figuring out transport to get around. This hassle can sometimes take away from the joy of getting away.

With a cruise holiday, most of the travel planning and logistics are taken care of. You won’t need to arrange hotels each night or plan how to get from A to B. It’s all taken care of by your beautiful ship!

champagne cruise
You’ll be sipping champagne on your cruise before you know it

Another of my favourite things about cruising is that you don’t have to constantly pack and repack. Your stateroom is a comfortable place to relax, unwind and sleep. You can unpack at the start of your trip and enjoy the ever-changing scenery from your window or balcony.

Knowing that your accommodation, meals and travel is all taken care of will allow you to relax and enjoy their holiday from the moment you step on board.

Explore varied destinations

I think one of the biggest draws with a cruise is the fact you get to visit multiple destinations on one trip. You could pick an itinerary based on beautiful destinations, cultural interests or even food (I often travel to make my stomach happy!!)

Whether you’re interested in the historical richness of the Mediterranean, the exotic allure of the Caribbean, or the stunning beauty of Northern Europe, MSC Cruises has something to offer.

norwegian fjords
Imagine exploring the Norwegian Fjords on a cruise

I love the way you could be exploring Sicily one day, then soaking up the sun on a Greek island the next. There are cruises around the Norwegian fjords, trips that take you from Florida to the Caribbean and even wildlife encounters down-under. The ever-changing scenery is a huge part of the magic of a cruise holiday!

Exploring Kardiani village in Tinos
You could explore beautiful Greek islands on your cruise

Book amazing Excursions

So, you’ve docked at a port… what next? Well, it’s time to leave your luxurious floating home and explore your new destination. MSC Cruises offer lots of excursions that can be booked directly through their website. I always love seeing the variety of options. They really do cover everything, from local culture and history, to art, entertainment and food. These activities are easy to book, and all the logistics are taken care of.

If you’re interested in gastronomy (like me!) you could book a food tour or a wine-tasting trip. Culture lovers will adore trips to galleries and museums. Adventure lovers could hop on two wheels and see the destination from a bike. There really is something for everyone!

Wine tasting in Tain-l'Hermitage
There are often wine tasting tours you can book through your cruise

Enjoy the luxury and entertainment

While the constantly changing destinations are a big draw, the experience on board your ship is likely to be a major highlight of your holiday too. You could relax in your luxurious suite, feast your way through the huge range of dining options, or take a seat and enjoy some live music.

Personally, I think there’s nothing better than enjoying the ship’s spa. You could book a massage with a guaranteed sea view, soak in a bubbly Jacuzzi or sip champagne from your lounger. How dreamy does that sound?

cruise holiday
Cruises are very relaxing

Alternatively, you could visit the shops on board or enjoy a delicious cocktail in one of the bars. It’s your holiday, so you can do exactly what you fancy!

Make new friends

One of the most unique aspects of cruising is the sense of community that develops among passengers. You’ll see the same people each day, so across a week or two, you could build long-lasting friendships. My friend’s parents have actually done this – arranging meet ups when they got home and still visiting one another years later! It’s lovely that such a pure friendship blossomed on their cruise holiday.

Whether you’re sharing stories over dinner with fellow travellers, bonding during on shore excursions, or dancing the night away, there are plenty of chances to make new friends.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing the many benefits of cruising. With their diverse itineraries, luxurious ships, and great excursions, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time! If you’re planning your first cruise holiday, let me know how it goes. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I have.

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