Sushi Masterclass Experience at Buddha-Bar Marrakech

Testing out my sushi making skills at Buddha-Bar Marrakech.

They say it takes years of training to become a sushi master. I had only a few hours, but I was determined not to make a fool of myself. The setting? Buddha-Bar Marrakech – the city’s hottest new bar and restaurant.

My Buddha-Bar experience started here, with a delicious dinner of Asian fusion dishes. After enjoying it so much, I was invited back the following day to don an apron, and spend some time learning from the masters. It wasn’t just about sushi, I also had the chance to test out my pastry skills too!

Check out the video of my luxury weekend in Marrakech and scroll down to read all about it!

Buddha Bar Marrakech - 66

Buddha Bar Marrakech - 10

I love the buzz of a professional kitchen. Considering the high level of stress, I’m always amazed at how tidy they are. Between 4-7pm, the stark white polished kitchens of Buddha-Bar were a hive of activity, with sushi rice being prepped, ice cream being churned and pastry being baked. Piles of sliced spring onion and strips of avocado lay ready to be rolled into sushi, while across the room the deep fat fryer was crisping up some spring rolls. The air was rich with the scent of ginger, garlic and chilli, and several sous-chefs were busy on prep duty. It’s easy to lose sight of how much labour goes into creating one gourmet dish, but as I stood there, I appreciated the previous night’s meal even more.

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Moroccan Adventures: The Sahara Desert – Stargazing and Camel Treks

Sahara Desert Morocco

Ready to travel around the Sahara Desert with me?

So far on my Adventure Morocco tour I’ve haggled in the medina in Marrakech, reached the top of the world in the Atlas Mountains, explored a real life movie set, and drunk more mint tea than I can keep track of. This stop however, was the one I’d been looking forward to the most!

Check out the videos of my trip now, and scroll down to read about my adventures in Morocco.

Oh the Sahara Desert! Would it be like in films? Dunes for miles? The softest of sand? Stars illuminating the entire sky?

Leaving from Ouarzazate, we had some incredible scenery to check out. First up, the incredible red rock Moroccan canyon. It was spectacular, and worth the trek over uneven rocks to the top!

Travel Talk Adventure Morocco
The red canyon in Morocco

As we zigzagged along the mountain roads, the landscape changed from colourful rocks, to beige desert dotted with perfectly formed acacia trees.

Saying goodbye to the coach, it was time to hop in some 4x4s, perfect for navigating the dunes. As we continued, the dry, arid landscape, transformed… what was this? Palm trees as far as the eye could see! The Draa Valley Oasis sits along the Draa River (Morocco’s longest river) and is a haven of date-bearing palm trees, with a red rock backdrop (like a mini Ayres Rock!) A real life oasis…

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Travel In Lithuania

Vilnius Cathedral Square

Time to travel around Lithuania.

When I jetted off to Lithuania’s capital Vilnius to start my Scandi-Baltic Adventure with Busabout, I didn’t really know what to expect. Over 8 days I would be visiting 4 countries I’d never set foot in… along with one of my favourite places – Sweden. The whistle-stop tour was designed to provide an introduction to The Baltics and Scandinavia… but with so little time, how much would we really get to see? And with 9 other tour mates – would we all be looking for the same kind of adventure?

Check out Part 1 of the video of my Scandi-Baltic Adventure now, and scroll down to read all about the first part of my trip!

In all honesty, when I told friends I was flying to Vilnius, I was met with rather blank expressions. Is that Bulgaria? Romania? Poland? I’ve travelled a lot over the last few years, but The Baltics had remained something of a mystery to me. Not obvious holiday destinations, and not at the top of my bucket list. However, this trip has really opened my eyes to some countries I’d like to explore further, and a few I would return to in a heartbeat.

Busabout Scandi Baltic Adventure Map Our Busabout guide was bright, bubbly South African Pasqual, who was full of enthusiasm and information, and created a well-balanced tour – with time for learning, relaxing and partying.

Wanderlust Chloe Busabout Scandi Baltic Group 2015 1
Scandic-Baltic group with Busabout guide Pasqual (in red)

Over the next few blogs and videos, I’ll be revealing all about my trip, and recommending some amazing places to add to your bucket list! First stop… Lithuania…


Vilnius’s medieval old town is packed with beautiful architecture, large squares, tall spires and cobble streets. While walking along the main street, I checked out the market stalls, which sold locally-made items including woolly boots and hats, and pretty bags. I’d seen photos of Cathedral Square before, and was looking forward to seeing the tall white bell tower for myself. This is where crowds gather at Christmas and New Year, when you’ll also find an enormous Christmas tree! The bright white glowed against the blue sky.

Wanderlust Chloe Lithuania 1

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