Top Places To Visit In Saxon Switzerland National Park (Sächsische Schweiz), Germany

Bastei Bridge, Saxon Switzerland, Germany

From wandering across the Bastei Bridge, to exploring Königstein Fortress and hiking along the Elbe River, it’s time to get to know Saxon Switzerland in Germany.

First things first, until a few months ago I didn’t know anything about Sächsische Schweiz a.k.a. Saxon Switzerland. After a quick Google I muttered, ‘that doesn’t look like Germany!’ It didn’t. In my naïve little head, Germany was all about beautiful castles, pretty cities, forests and mountains. It wasn’t this…

Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Saxon Switzerland, Germany
Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Saxon Switzerland, Germany

I could see a few similarities between the region and Cappadocia in Turkey and El Valle De La Luna (the valley of the moon) in Chile, but compared to my five previous trips to Germany, this region offered something completely new.

The photos are special, but being right there and taking in the size and scale of the rocks is absolutely incredible! If you love the outdoors, this is a great region to visit – even better if you’re into hiking or climbing. In fact, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains have several hundred scalable peaks.

It’s fair to say the name is a little confusing. It actually got its name in the 18th Century when two Swiss artists visited, and thought the area was reminiscent of their home nation. Needless to say, the name stuck…!

Check out our video, then scroll down to find out all you need to know to plan your visit to the Bastei Bridge and Saxon Switzerland in Germany. 



Time to tell you about some of my favourite spots, and give you a few tips on how to make the most of your time in Saxon Switzerland, Germany.

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Florida Food Scene: Best Restaurants In Tampa, St Petersburg, Pasco County And Crystal River

Ulele, Tampa

From Tampa’s impressive food halls, to waterside dining in Port Richey, cute teahouses in Crystal River and Downtown St Pete’s buzzing foodie district, Florida’s foodie scene is certainly one to shout about! Find out the best restaurants now…

I’m back from an incredible week in sunny Florida! Along with swimming with manatees (WOWEEEEE), cruising around in a 2-seater catamaran, seeing the beaches from above in a biplane and an action-packed road trip, we found plenty of time to eat too!

And oh how we ate. From Cuban sandwiches and gourmet ice pops, to bowls of ramen, poke and the freshest seafood, I was really impressed with the food scene out there.

For a flavour of my trip, check out the video first…

And now, sit back and relax as I take you on a foodie road trip around Tampa, St Petersburg, Pasco County and Crystal River. Don’t read if you’re hungry!

Want to jump to a specific region?


Visit Tampa…. for buzzing food halls, hipster cafes, retro diners and historic eateries.

Oxford Exchange

The most photogenic restaurant I’ve been to in ages, Oxford Exchange is home to a light, airy, Instagrammable dining room, café, co-working space, book store and gift shop. After enjoying a strong coffee and a delicious slice of toast topped with smashed avocado, lemon and cayenne, I ventured out to explore the rest of the building. There’s a sunlit conservatory, with plants weaving their way up the white walls. There are areas that feel like you’re wandering the corridors and staircases of a historic university. There’s the book store and gift store where you’ll want to buy EVERYTHING (no, really!). It’s smart, yet casual, and one of my favourite finds from the entire road trip.

Oxford Exchange, Tampa
Oxford Exchange, Tampa
Oxford Exchange, Tampa
Oxford Exchange, Tampa

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The Ultimate Holiday Travel Guide To Miami, Florida

The lighthouse at South Pointe - one of Miami Beach's incredible lifeguard huts

From South Beach to the Wynwood Walls and Little Havana, this is the ultimate holiday travel guide to Miami in Florida!

I’ll admit it. I’m an addict. My vice? COLOUR. Muted tones might be the “in” thing on Instagram, but I’m happiest when surrounded by colour. Blue skies, colourful street art and vibrant plates of food. It extends to the culture of a place too. London may be famed for its grey skies, but the culture and lifestyle is anything but dull.

And the ultimate colourful place? Well, I think I might have just found it. Welcome to Miami – a place that had me smiling from start to finish. From the murals of the Wynwood Walls and the bright lifeguard huts on South Beach, to the Cuban charisma of Little Havana and the Latin soundtrack that resonated throughout, I felt like I found my sunshine-filled happy place!

Over five days I explored as much of the city as I could, checking out cool restaurants, food tours, live music, and some of the areas that come together to make up this diverse city.

Check out my video then scroll down to find out all about Miami…


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15+ Amazing Things To Do In Rochester, Kent

Views of Rochester at Sunset

The top things to do in Rochester, Kent include visiting adorable tea rooms, hipster coffee shops, cute gift stores, boutiques, smart restaurants, an ancient castle and enjoying stunning river views.

One of the things I’m enjoying most right now is exploring my home country. A few years ago I was jetting off here, there and everywhere! While I haven’t slowed down much, I’ve really appreciated opportunities to explore more of England. There’s so much in this country, but it’s SO often overlooked! I love the convenience of it. You don’t have to travel far to see some truly gorgeous places!

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5 Seville Food Experiences You Can’t Miss (+ cook it yourself at home!)

Mercado De Lonja Del Barranco, Seville

You know Seville is vibrant, historic, cultural and full of things to do… but what do you REALLY know about the Spanish city’s food scene? Find out my top Seville food experiences, and how to rustle up some top Andalusían cuisine when you return home!

I’ve been to Seville once before. I loved getting lost in the city’s skinny streets, was constantly in awe of its architecture and spent the evenings hopping from tapas bar to tapas bar, enjoying a small plate and a glass of wine at places across the city. I also remember some terrifying moments driving down the narrowest of streets, where it felt like the car was scraping the paint off the walls as we inched our way through.

So for my second trip I was excited to explore the city some more, and from trip one had leaned that a) we shouldn’t bring a car and b) we should try out even more amazing Seville food spots!

I visited armed with one of Lonely Planet’s beautiful foodie books From The Source: Spain and decided I wanted to try a few of their top picks, plus find a few of my own! As you’ll see, I was a little inspired, and attempted to recreate my Sevillan experience on home turf too.

Announced as Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel top city, come and explore the city with me in my latest video, then scroll down to find out more about the Seville food scene!

5 Top Seville Food Experiences You Can’t Miss

Mercado De Lonja Del Barranco

First in my Seville food guide is this lovely food market. I visited Mercado Lonja Del Barranco on my first trip to Seville, stumbling across it after doing zero research. It was one of my favourite spots in the city. The modern décor, with high white tables, chequerboard tiled floor, modern sunburst style lights and some of the tastiest croquettes in the city. Needless to say, it was on my hit list for this trip!

There are over 20 stands selling everything from top Spanish cheese and finest Iberico ham to gelato and great wine too. We feasted on everything from mini pots of salmorejo (cold tomato soup) to octopus and a delicious cheese platter. It’s somewhere you can eat as much or as little as you like, plus it’s a great people watching spot too.

Address: Calle Arjona, s/n, 41001 Sevilla

Seville food market - Mercado De Lonja Del Barranco
Seville food market – Mercado De Lonja Del Barranco

Salmorejo at Mercado De Lonja Del Barranco, Seville
Salmorejo at Seville food market – Mercado De Lonja Del Barranco

Tasty tapas at Mercado De Lonja Del Barranco
Tasty tapas at Seville food market – Mercado De Lonja Del Barranco

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