Lumiere London – A Round Up Of The Best Installations From The Light Festival

Lumiere London Kings Cross

The most exciting new festival to hit the capital – Lumiere London has attracted big crowds wanting to see London’s light festival. 

Top artists from around the world were tasked with illuminating the city’s most iconic streets and landmarks with a mix of 3D projections, interactive installations and illuminated art works.

Lumiere London Kings Cross
Light Graffiti by Floating Pictures

Lumiere London Kings Cross
Circus of Light by Ocubo

Thousands of Londoners and tourists alike braved the freezing January temperatures, in the hope that the neon glow would warm them up!

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Things To Do In Nottingham – Caves, Restaurants And More

Hand and Heart pub, Nottingham

From fascinating caves to great pubs, find out the best things to do in Nottingham.

Nottingham – land of Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest and a football team I have no interest in. Home to a university I never visited. The birthplace of HP Sauce. Yes really. 

Oh, but hang on, what’s this. Nottingham: City of Caves? How had I never heard about this before? Earlier this year I visited Cappadocia in Turkey – a land of cave hotels and ancient underground cities, but it turns out there was another underground world just a few hours away by train.

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Surprising New Year’s Resolutions… One Month Early!

Cartwheeling in Halkidiki, Greece

Get this! It’s only November, but I’ve already set a New Year’s resolution. Yes me, who never usually bothers, knowing there’s no way I’ll stick to it. Oh and guess what, a few weeks in and I’ve actually stuck to it so far.

Last year was all about big, brave adventures in Mexico, Central America and Cuba. Not only was it a break from reality, it was a big change. I went partly to tick off that old cliche and ‘find myself’… but actually what I found was far more exciting!

Pacaya Volcano
Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

This year has been all about Europe and breaks closer to home. It’s been great to explore countries I’d never stepped foot in before (Lithuania, Estonia and Turkey to name a few) and return to others for further exploration (including Greece, Spain and Morocco).

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Top Things To Do In Canterbury, Kent

Canterbury Kent At Night

Find out the top things to do, where to stay and some great options for food and drink in Canterbury in Kent, England.

I’m a big lover of travelling overseas. The thought of hopping on a flight to a foreign city for a few days gets my heart racing. I can’t wait to sample a new cuisine, experience the culture and explore the sights.

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