6 Unique Things To Do In Spain

Museo Atlántico Lanzarote (Photo courtesy of Museo Atlántico Lanzarote)

From sailing around the Balaeric Islands, to hiking one of the world’s most scenic routes and a quirky festival you’ll definitely need a bath after, it’s time to reveal a few truly unique things to do in Spain!

Regular readers will know I absolutely adore Spain. I love the culture, the cuisine is top notch, the landscapes are absolutely stunning and it’s relatively inexpensive. Oh and it’s just a short flight from London. A winning combination!

While I’ve visited a lot of the key tourist spots and major cities, there’s still plenty I’d love to experience and a few are truly unique! From playing captain for the day on your very own sailing yacht, to testing your bravery on one of the world’s most epic hikes and even zip-lining out of the country, let me know what takes your fancy!

Leave Spain By Zip-Line

Head to LimiteZero in Sanlúcar de Guadiana in Spain to experience the world’s first zipline spanning two countries. The 720m zip line crossed over the River Guadiana from Spain to Portugal, and due to the countries’ different time zones, you’ll even have to put your watch back! Views are stunning, and there’s an intense adrenaline rush too – with top speeds of around 80 km per hour. Once you’re back on dry land in the Portuguese village of Alcoutim, you hop on a boat back across the river to Spain.

LimiteZero Spain - Portugal Zip-line (Photo courtesy of LimiteZero)
LimiteZero Spain – Portugal Zip-line (Photo courtesy of LimiteZero)

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18 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Sicily

The island of Stromboli in Sicily

From incredible scenery, volcanoes and sapphire blue water, to delicious cuisine and cute towns, there are plenty of reasons to visit Sicily!

I always thought Sicily sounded SO glamorous. I envisaged stylish Italians hanging around on beautiful yachts, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a fork loaded with the best Italian cuisine in the other!

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