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A Review Of Lovevery Play Kits: Playtime With A Purpose

It’s time to review the Lovevery Play Kits. Find out what to expect from your Lovevery subscription, the pros and cons, and whether they’re worth it.

As I write this review, I realise that while I’m a mum to an 11-and-a-half-month-old little boy, I still very much feel like a ‘new mum’. I don’t know when that feeling will leave me! Yet, I also realise that I’ve learned so much over the past year, that it’s probably unfair to tarnish myself with this word ‘new’, as that is probably making me sound inexperienced.

Lovevery toys
My Lovevery review will go into lots of detail about the play kits

Here I am, with a happy, active baby, who I’ve nurtured from those snoozy first months, when he was such a little squish ball, to this independent soul who scampers around the house like he owns the place! One of the parts I’ve loved most about becoming a mum is watching his development. From that first unconscious smile, to rolling over, crawling, giggling, babbling and now standing, it’s been amazing to watch.

playing with lovevery senser play kit
Cooper playing with the Lovevery Senser play kit

There are several items that have helped along the way. From sensory books and toys, to clothing, food and products – we’ve definitely invested in his development! There’s one brand in particular that we’ve adored throughout this important first year. Meet: Lovevery – a brand that creates toys and games that aid psychological and physical development.

mum and son playing with lovevery magic tissue box
We’ve loved playing with lots of the Lovevery toys together!

A Lovevery Review: The Lowdown

What is Lovevery and how does the subscription work?

Lovevery (pronounced “Love-every”) produce entertaining play kits for little ones from birth all the way up to when they reach 4 years old. They’re designed to encourage your child’s brain and physical development, with a range of sensory toys and games. The kits are offered on a subscription basis, although it’s easy enough to purchase them as one-off play kits or individual items if you’re unsure of the long-term commitment.

lovevery senser play kit in box
This is The Senser play kit in its box

Other than the first kit which lasts for three months, the other Lovevery play kits for the first year are designed for a 2-month period. They each have names which hint at the skills they will encourage development of. For example, the 5-6 month play kit is titled The Senser, while the 11-12 month play kit is called The Thinker.

Once your child reaches 12 months, the kits are delivered every three months.

wooden toys
I love how robust the wooden toys are

The items are made from robust and sustainably materials. In fact, this company has some excellent pledges when it comes to their future of production (more on that coming up).

What’s inside a Lovevery Play Kit?

One of my fears when I was pregnant, was that it wouldn’t be long before we had a house filled with gawdy, plastic toys. While I can’t say our playroom is plastic-free, Lovevery has definitely helped keep the tacky items at bay!

Obviously, each play kit contains a variety of different items, but as a quick overview, here’s what has been in many of the first-year boxes:

  • A minimum of two robust wooden toys, e.g. a game to put wooden balls into holes, a magic tissue box, a colourful switchboard.
  • A hardback book with pictures e.g. sign language, feelings, animals.
  • Sensory items e.g. a scarf, socks which make sounds, textured cue cards.
  • Multipurpose items that will last e.g. building blocks, stacking rings, stacking cups.
  • A play kit instruction manual explaining how to play with each of the items.

They arrive neatly packed into one wooden box, with a suggested timeline of when to introduce each toy to your little one.

lovevery explorer play kit
Lovevery ‘The Explorer’ play kit is for age 9-10 months

What do I love about the Lovevery Play Kits?

As a first-time parent, I’ve found myself wondering whether I was offering Cooper what he needed to encourage his development. With these play kits, you really feel like you’re keeping your little one on track. Each of the Montessori-style items has been researched by professionals, who understand a child’s neurological and physical needs at each age. As the brand states, they encourage ‘playtime with a purpose’.

Cooper playing with lovevery toys
Cooper has really enjoyed playing with Lovevery toys

I must mention in my review that one of my favourite items in the kits is the play guide. It offers week-by-week and toy-by-toy guidance! Inside, it suggests age-appropriate ways to play with each item, as well as additional ways to include toys from previous kits too.

lovevery play guide book
Each play kit from Lovevery comes with a play guide book
how to play with toys
The Lovevery play guide explains how to use each item

When I started seeing I could use items from previous kits, it made me realise what an amazing investment these items are. Essentially, they ‘grow’ with your kid.

I also appreciate how the kits look and feel. I mentioned my hatred of gawdy plastic toys! Well, the Lovevery toys and games are ideal if you don’t want to lose yourself under a mountain of noisy items destined for landfill! Your toy box will remain tasteful, while still being colourful and inviting for children.

Many of the larger items (e.g. the ball games) are made from sustainably harvested wood. The sturdy materials feel like they are built to last. There are some plastic items e.g. stacking cups and containers, but in general they have multiple uses as they can be used in regular play as well as at bath time.

best toys for babies
Are these the best toys for babies and child development

Another reason I have enjoyed our Lovevery subscription is the peace of mind that I don’t need to shop for toys constantly. I know that every few months, just as Cooper is mastering the previous kit, a fun new batch of items arrives at the door! It’s always a fun day – we can’t wait to dive in!

Are the Lovevery Play Kits sustainable?

As a new parent, I’ve been more conscious than ever of our impact on the planet. There are a lot of single-use items in play on a daily basis, including nappies and baby wipes. I’ve been keen to lower my environmental impact in other areas if possible.

When I read about Lovevery’s sustainability policy, I felt encouraged. This is a hard area for any children’s brand to succeed in, as toys often have short shelf lives. Here’s how Lovevery state they are sustainable:

  • Built to Last: We design our playthings so they can be reused and repurposed. We intentionally design—and thoroughly test—our products to make sure they can stand up to lots of play. They’ll be ready for your next little one or make a thoughtful pass-down gift to friends and family.
  • Lost Parts Program: We want your Lovevery Playthings to have a long life. Dog ate them? Can’t find that missing puzzle piece? Reach out to our Customer Experience Team, and we’ll do our best to make your Playthings complete again.
  • Play Essentials that Grow with Your Child: As your child grows, you’ll see them rediscover and repurpose Playthings for new, open-ended, and advanced play.
  • Timeless Development Tools: The framework for providing meaningful developmental experiences is grounded in decades of research; it isn’t just a trend. Lovevery designs its support system based on expert consensus.
lovevery sensory cards
We adore these Lovevery sensory cards

The company is also pledging that by 2025, 90% of the materials they use will be made from renewable, biobased, or recycled materials where possible. Then, by 2030, the brand would like to achieve net zero carbon in every possible part of their supply chain.

For me, the key takeaways are:

1) That the toys are sturdy and grow with your child, so you’re not getting rid of them after a few months.

2) That you can buy extra pieces if anything is lost or breaks.

Also, while we’re still loving all of our items from the early months up until the most recent box (The Thinker), there’s a very high re-sale value on the Lovevery items. If you’re partial to selling on Vinted, eBay or Facebook Marketplace, you’ll discover you can get some really great prices when you do finally want to pass on your old items. That might also help you justify the price… which I’ll chat about now.

Are the Lovevery Play Kits worth the price?

It’s easy to fall in love with this brand, but the part you might find challenging is the price. As of 2024, the cost of each of the play kits in year one is £80, and after that it goes up to £120. The best way to look at this is as a monthly cost.

The first-year kits last for two months each, so that’s £40 per month on sensory and entertaining toys for your little one. Then, from one year, they last for three months, so the monthly price stays the same. It would be easy to spend that much buying toys, books and games, but this way it is all done for you, and they’re ideal for your child’s development.

the thinker play kit
Cooper couldn’t wait to play with The Thinker play kit

If you’re unsure about buying a play kit, you could also look at individual items, such as the popular Lovevery play gym, which is designed to grow with your child from newborn to toddler.

If you’re strapped for cash then this isn’t the brand for you, but if you have some disposable income and want to put it to good use, this is a lovely brand to invest in.

5 Best Lovevery Toys For Babies  

Ok, so we’re only one year in, but I wanted to share my favourite and most-used items so far. I can’t say these are the best Lovevery toys yet, as we still have several more years of subscriptions to go, but these have been very popular with my little boy. The best thing is that all of these have on-going appeal too.

Magic Tissue Box (included in The Senser Play Kit) – This is a wooden box containing lots of brightly-coloured and patterned material squares. Each organic cotton square attaches to the next, so as your baby pulls the first tissue, a seemingly never-ending stream of tissues continues out.

lovevery magic tissue box toy
The magic tissue box has been a big hit

Ball Drop Box (included in The Inspector Play Kit) – This arrived when Cooper turned 7-months, and while he played with it from time to time, it’s taken several months to master it! Around 10 months, he learned to put the ball into the hole, and gradually his hand-eye coordination has improved more and more.

lovevery ball drop toy
The ball drop toy has taken a while to master

Silver Drinking Cup (included in The Inspector Play Kit) – Less of a toy, but this cup has been a staple at mealtimes. It’s such a lovely size for Cooper. I read that drinking from an open cup is encouraged from an early age, and this cup has been a big part of his development at meals.

‘Things I See’ Texture Cards (included in The Inspector Play Kit) – These hardback cue cards show everyday objects, animals, and signs. They contain textured elements that make for great sensory play. For example, the dog has a fluffy coat, the shoes have real shoe laces and there’s even a little mirror. We use these all the time during playtime. Hopefully they’re encouraging Cooper’s language skills with the repetition of words and images.

lovevery learning by play
Learning by playing is the best way to learn!

Clear Tube With Stacking Rings (included in The Explorer Play Kit) – We’ve loved this toy! Cooper has played it as a complete game, as well as each of the items individually. His first time ‘clapping’ was with the two rings as they’re a great size to grip. We also play games where we put items like the scarf or a ball inside the clear tube and he gets them out. There are so many options – it’s a very diverse toy.

lovevery stacking rings
These Lovevery stacking rings have been used for months

The Pros and Cons of Lovevery Play Kits

If you’re still deciding whether to purchase a play kit from Lovevery, here’s a quick rundown of my pros and cons.

Pros of Lovevery Play Kits

  • Well-made and long-lasting toys
  • Grow with the child
  • Engaging and inviting
  • Encourages independent play
  • Developmentally appropriate for the child’s age
  • Some items equate to a really reasonable price per play
  • Takes the stress away from shopping for appropriate items
  • Tastefully designed items that are as inviting for parents as they are for children
  • Great investment as can also be resold at a high price

Cons of Lovevery Play Kits

  • Could be considered expensive
  • Children can exhaust playing with the items before the next set arrives
  • Not guaranteed to super-charge your kid’s development
  • No guarantee your child will like every single item in the kit

So, to buy or not to buy, that is the question. I hope this Lovevery review helps you decide! I’ve really enjoyed the first year of playtime with a purpose, and can’t wait to see what Cooper gets to play with once he turns one next month!

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