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7 Amazing Day Trips From Positano

From looking glam in Sorrento and Capri to exploring the wonders of Pompeii and Naples, these are the best day trips from Positano.

Bella Positano! This cliffside village on Italy’s Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy. With its pastel-coloured houses cascading down to the sea, and bougainvillaea-draped streets, Positano is one of my favourite places to visit in Italy. No doubt, it’ll be yours soon too!

Positano day trips
Coming up are some of my favourite Positano day trips

As enchanting as Positano is, the surrounding area is also filled with amazing places to visit. You can immerse yourself in the luxurious lifestyle on the island of Capri, take a boat tour along the coast, or get lost in the back streets of Naples. If history is your thing, Pompeii and Ravello are just down the road from Positano too.

If you need any other help planning your time in Italy, don’t miss my guide to where to stay in Positano. I’ve shared my favourite hotel options, from budget-friendly apartments to the most luxurious hotels.

Positano features alongside Capri and Sorrento, on my ultimate Italy honeymoon itinerary as well as my suggested route for a southern Italian road trip.

Positano is a beautiful place to stay
Positano is a beautiful place to base yourself on the Amalfi Coast

Right, ready to hear about the best day trips from Positano? Let’s do this!

7 Best Day Trips From Positano

Escape to Capri for the Day

Number one on my list of the best day trips from Positano is a visit to Capri, the jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This beautiful island, just a short boat tour from Positano, is a place where the grandeur of nature meets the luxury of exclusive resorts, world-class food and chic boutiques.

Capri is a popular day trip from Positano
Capri is a popular day trip from Positano

Can you imagine taking a luxury day trip from Positano to Capri? You could stroll arm in arm with your partner as you pop by the island’s upmarket stores, where the air is full of the scent of designer perfumes and the rustle of silk beckons you to spend wildly! How about an afternoon sipping limoncello in the sun-drenched Piazzetta as you watch the world go by? Or you could spend your day sampling gourmet cuisine at one of the island’s superb cliffside restaurants. 

If food and shopping aren’t quite your thing, the famous Blue Grotto is one of Italy’s most amazing places to visit. You’ll get to relax in a wooden boat as your skipper sings Neapolitan songs, while navigating through a tiny stone portal into a sparkling cavern lit by a natural glow of blue light! How magical does that sound? It’s one of the most stunning places in Italy – you simply have to see it with your own eyes!

Blue Grotto Capri
Definitely visit the Blue Grotto in Capri if you get the chance

Visit the Towns of Amalfi and Ravello

Just a biscotti’s throw from Positano is Amalfi, the town that gives this part of Italy its name. This historic town is dominated by the magnificent Duomo di Amalfi which is decorated with beautiful Moorish arches and medieval frescoes. I’d recommend wandering through the maze of narrow streets surrounding the cathedral, discovering tiny cobbled squares and little cafes where you can stop for a quick espresso.

Amalfi Old Town
Amalfi Old Town is so pretty

Perched above Amalfi, the village of Ravello is even more beautiful. The gardens of Villa Rufolo and Villa Camborne almost seem like they are built in the sky. You have the Mediterranean spread out below, framed by the colourful swirls and rows of statues in the gardens. These towns are perfect day trips from Positano if you feel like a break from the sea (as if!). You’ll find yourself taking endless photos too!

View from Villa Rufolo in Ravello
You’ll enjoy views like this from Villa Rufolo in Ravello


This beautiful town is an easy day trip from Positano and if you love lemons (like me), in Sorrento you will be in yellow, citrusy heaven! World famous for its lemon groves, Sorrento has a historic centre packed with ancient churches and lively piazzas.

Day trip from Positano to Sorrento
How about a day trip from Positano to Sorrento

Sorrento is such a picturesque and charming place to wander around. It has the feel of a town that moves at a different pace.

You can wander down to the Marina Grande and set off on boat tours along the coast or just idle away an afternoon or evening watching the fishing boats come and go. But best of all, Sorrento is the place to try limoncello. In fact, I’d recommend booking this tour where you’ll get to look around a 150-year-old Limoncello factory. You’ll learn how the famous Italian beverage is made, and of course, sample some too!

Lemon garden in Sorrento
There are beautiful lemon gardens in Sorrento

If you’re partial to a tipple or two, I’d also recommend stopping for a glass in one of the cafes around Piazza Tasso.

Pompeii and Herculaneum

Everyone knows the story about Pompeii: the city that was buried by ash from Vesuvius. But it’s not until you visit Pompeii and Herculaneum that you truly feel what happened.

Pompeii is one of the most popular day trips from Positano

This ancient city, along with its less famous but just as haunting neighbour Herculaneum, has history and tragedy etched into its stones and streets.

There are some tours you can book which will provide transport from Positano, but they often work out quite pricey. You’ll be able to source your own transport once you’re there. Then I’d recommend booking an entrance ticket with guided tour. You’ll be accompanied by an archaeologist with in-depth knowledge of the events that led to so many people being buried alive by the ash that rained down from Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. It’s very moving to see the remains of people and their everyday lives as you walk through their homes, forever frozen in stone.   

Herculaneum is another historical site nearby

Ischia Island

Have you ever relaxed in a warming thermal spring? It’s a lovely experience where nature meets relaxation. Perhaps you’d like to go on a luxury day trip from Positano to an exclusive spa where all your cares are massaged and soaked away. Well, if you take a trip to Ischia Island, out beyond glitzy Capri, this is possible!

Ischia Island
Ischia Island is one of the prettiest spots near the Amalfi Coast

The island’s thermal waters have been used for centuries to alleviate aches and pains and to soothe tense muscles. The island has over 30 luxurious spa resorts to choose from, along with free public hot springs and thermal swimming pools.  

This rugged island is also famed for its vineyards. In fact, one of the best things to do in Ischia is go on a wine-tasting tour. You’ll get to sample four local wines, from delicious crisp whites that are ideal on warm sunny days, to full-bodied reds which partner well with rich, Italian cuisine.

Ischia vineyards
Ischia’s vineyards are worth checking out

Alternatively, you can be independent and explore the island at your own pace. At low tide you can walk out to the commanding Aragonese Castle, perched on a tiny rocky islet at the end of a causeway. Follow the tunnel to a lift, and you’ll be transported up to the castle’s ramparts where there’s a two-kilometre walking trail, which will take you around all of the castle’s highlights.  


Many have a love / hate relationship with Naples. Personally, I love it for a short time. The city is an exciting mix of Italian elegance and Mediterranean cultures… with the world’s best pizzas thrown in!

visiting Naples from Positano
How about visiting Naples from Positano?

Naples is rich in history, so I’d recommend visiting at least one museum or art gallery. My favourite is the Archaeological Museum of Naples which has amazing collections of bronzes, frescoes and Egyptian artefacts.

For a really fascinating day trip from Positano, I’d recommend exploring Naples’ extensive underground caverns which date back 2,400 years. They include incredible Roman aqueducts as well as a museum of old cars. 

And did I mention pizza? Neopolitan pizza is simply the best! Traditionally, the pizzas from Naples are known for their simplicity. Forget the toppings, a classic Napoli pizza is topped with fresh tomatoes, mozzerella and basil, on a simple, yet flavoursome, wheat dough.

If you’re looking for a really fun activity in Naples, how about trying your hand at making one of these Napolitanen delights? This pizza-making class will turn you into a pizza pro! And yes, you get to eat what you create! What could be better?

Explore the Amalfi Coast

One of my favourite day trips from Positano is to explore the pretty villages and coastal paths of the Amalfi Coast. You can begin your adventure in Atrani, just a short walk (or catch a local bus) up the coast from Positano. The narrow lanes of the village are full of cute little cafes and shops and most of them lead down to a tiny shingle beach.

Atrani is a small village on the Amalfi Coast

From the old-world charm of Atrani, you carry on to Cetara. The air of this authentic fishing village is full of the scent of anchovies and the sharp tang of lemons. With a foodie reputation, it’s a great spot to stop for lunch.

Cetara is a beautiful hidden gem on the Amalfi Coast

Further up the coast is Erchie, another secluded village with a little pebbly beach and a colourful collection of fishing boats. You can while away the afternoon here getting to know the locals over coffee and limoncello before making your way back to Positano.

Some of the Amalfi Coast is busy with tourists, but if you visit some of these smaller villages, you’ll get a real flavour of authentic Italian life..

With so many day trips from Positano to choose from, you might have trouble deciding how to spend your time. The solution is easy though… just stay a little longer in this magical part of Italy and embrace the leisurely pace of life on the Amalfi Coast. After all, just like fine wine, limoncello and superb pizza, some places are meant to be savoured, not rushed.

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