Don’t Waste Your Money at Xel-Ha, Mexico. Check Out Yal-Ku!

Yal-Ku, Akumal, Mexico

Why you should consider visiting Yal-Ku instead of Xel-Ha in Mexico.

Every now and then I come across somewhere really special, and face a dilemma: Do I keep it to myself so it stays a hidden gem… or share it with you guys so you can enjoy it too?! With Yal Ku, I felt I needed to tell the world!

In Quintana Roo, the state which runs down the Caribbean coast of Mexico, there are a few water-themed adventure parks. Xel-Ha is one of them. It’s an aquatic park built around a large lagoon with crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkelling. It’s set in a beautiful landscape of forests and cenotes (Mexican sink holes).

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I enjoyed a day there in May 2014 – I snorkelled for a few hours, travelled down the lazy river on a rubber ring and zip-lined over the water. I had a great day… but there was one part of the park that bothered me. There were numerous opportunities to ‘swim with dolphins’, ‘hold a stingray’, and have a ‘manatee encounter’. For a park with an emphasis on ecotourism and environmental awareness, something didn’t add up. It’s not cheap either. You can expect to pay $80 + for a day pass (which includes all food and drink).

Wanderlust Chloe Xel-Ha Mexico1

So when I returned to Mexico recently I was excited to find about a beautiful natural lagoon called Yal-Ku, close to the picturesque turtle beach of Akumal.

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REVIEW: Grand Velas, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Grand Velas Hotel in the Riviera Maya is one of the most stunning, luxurious places to stay in the region.

I’ve lost track of how many people have recommended Grand Velas to me. I’m often weary of things with a lot of hype… Harry Potter – never liked it, Disneyland – not really my thing. Often expectations are not met!

When I visited Grand Velas it was straight after my stay at Grand Residences – currently the number one place to stay in the area. So how would Grand Velas shape up?

Wanderlust Chloe Grand Velas Entrance

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An Afternoon In Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Hurricane Mexico

Puerto Morelos, near Cancun in Mexico, is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. Find out all about where to go, how to get there and more!

A few days ago we took the Collectivo (Mexican type of public mini bus) from Playa Del Carmen to Puerto Morelos. 30 minutes and $20 MXN (equivalent of £1) later we arrived at the end of a 3km road leading to the beach. Rather than risking melting in the midday heat, we opted to take a taxi to the seafront.

Wanderlust Chloe Puerto Morelos Lighthouse 2
This is the kind of place you would expect to see on a postcard! It’s so picturesque and has a local charm with fisherman coming and going from the piers all day. On a sunny day, the bright, turquoise sea sparkles and contrasts beautifully against the crisp white buildings. One of the landmarks is the slanted lighthouse which was damaged by Hurricane Beulah in the 1960s. It’s strange but beautiful.

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