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The Ultimate Greece Honeymoon Itinerary

Looking for the perfect post-wedding getaway in the sunshine? From island hopping to cultural experiences, this Greece honeymoon itinerary has it all.

Whether you want to explore the stunning beaches of the Greek islands or discover the archeological marvels of the mainland, you’ll fall in love all over again on a romantic holiday in Greece!

Exploring Kardiani village in Tinos
I think Greece is a wonderful country for a romantic holiday

From the Ancient Greek UNESCO sights in Athens to the black sand beaches of Santorini to the medieval Old Town of Rhodes, there are plenty of things to see and do on a honeymoon in Greece.

Let’s face it, wedding planning is exhausting. It’s fun but wow does it take a lot of time and energy! Now that part is over, it’s time to reward yourselves with some relaxation and indulgence.

Chora, Andros
The Greek islands offer lots of gorgeous views

With beautiful boutique hotels and world-class resorts, you could be spending your honeymoon in Greece living like kings and queens! So, let’s dive in and find out more about the most romantic places in Greece.

greek honeymoon
Santorini is an amazing place to visit on your Greek honeymoon

The Ultimate Greece Honeymoon Itinerary

Instead of going through a day-by-day plan, I’m going to show you the best things to do in each Greek destination on this two-week Greece honeymoon itinerary. 

There’s no point just staying in one place when there are SO many stunning spots to visit. From island hopping around Mykonos and Santorini or diving into ancient history in Athens capital, to sipping Grecian wine and enjoying the finer things in life, these are the ideal places to visit during your honeymoon in Greece.


First up, how can we not talk about the stunning Greek island of Mykonos? If you and your loved one are looking for a lively atmosphere and a luxurious, high-end feel, then this is a great destination for your romantic holiday in Greece.

romantic holiday in greece
Exploring Mykonos on a romantic holiday in Greece

From delicious cocktails overlooking the crystal clear waters to sunset cruises to the neighbouring island of Delos, famous for its links to Greek mythology, Mykonos is an island that’s definitely all about the finer things in life. It’s one of the best Greek islands for couples for a reason!

If you’re looking for a little adrenaline boost, Mykonos is the perfect place to learn to windsurf. Spend a day trip on the golden sand at one of the many beach clubs, shredding the waves with your new spouse and making plenty of memories! 

how to get to mykonos
Mykonos is known for its whitewashed buildings and blue accents

In terms of accommodation, choose from boutique hotels, luxury hill-top resorts and Instagram-friendly honeymoon resorts. There are plenty of stunning infinity pools that go on forever!

While there are plenty of five-star, luxury honeymoon hotels all around Mykonos – and you can check out some of them here – one of my personal favourites has to be Mykonos Blanc. 

Mykonos Blanc
Mykonos Blanc

With a minimalist design, crystal clear panoramic sea views, and a reputation as one of the most highly recommended honeymoon destinations on the island, there’s a lot to love about a stay here! 


If you’re looking for luxury, iconic scenery, and a Mamma Mia feel to your Greek honeymoon itinerary, then I’d recommend spending a few days in Santorini.

You might need to start saving now as this is one of the most expensive Greek islands. It’s full of beautiful places to stay, and a bit of a volcanic wonderland.

honeymoon in greece
You’ll have lots of memorable moments on your honeymoon in Greece

Some of the biggest highlights are the vineyards and food scene. Producing some of the oldest wine in the world, a full day of wine tasting is a great addition to your to your two-week Greece honeymoon itinerary. I’d recommend looking at this tour which will also show you some of the best sights on the island.

Santorini is also a great place to start or end your honeymoon, as it has a well-connected international airport on the island itself. This can be pretty rare for Greek islands, so not having to rely on ferries from the get-go is a great way to start your honeymoon off in the right way!

Sunset in Santorini
Just wait until you see a beautiful sunset in Santorini

In terms of luxurious places to stay, there are some amazing honeymoon hotels in Santorini. One of the most popular is Astra Suites. With an infinity pool that takes in some of the best views on the island and a prime location for sunset lovers, this five-star accommodation never misses! 

Astra Suites, Santorini
Astra Suites, Santorini


Can we even talk about a Greece honeymoon itinerary without including the iconic capital city? From the ancient Acropolis to the bustling street food scene, Athens is an essential part of any Grecian adventure.

We recently spent the weekend in Athens as a couple and absolutely loved it! It’s so vibrant and while it’s famed for artefacts, it also feels very youthful and urban.

Acropolis Athens
Acropolis Athens

Of course, you have to spend at least a day or two exploring the National Archeological Museum and the Acropolis. It’s touristy but worth it. Try and check out the Acropolis at golden hour or just as the sun is setting for a remarkable and romantic view without such huge crowds.

Athens Market
I loved looking around the markets in Athens

Obviously, Athens is the ideal destination to fly in or out of at the start of your Greek honeymoon, with lots of international flight links, as well as internal flights and ferries to all of the major islands.

If you’re looking for a romantic sunset temple tour, then check out this tour of the Temple of Poseidon. Of course, as it pays tribute to the God of the Sea, this well-protected archeological marvel is located right on the cliff top with jaw-dropping views across the sea towards the islands. Bring a picnic and a glass of Grecian wine, and relax!

Outside the Roman Agora, Athens
Outside the Roman Agora, Athens

Keep that luxurious honeymoon vibe going with a stay at the Electra Palace Athens. With a rooftop restaurant and bar offering panoramic views of the Acropolis, you can beat the crowds and get the best view of this world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, every single night!

Electra Metropolis Athens
Electra Metropolis is a wonderful place for honeymooners in Athens


Whether you love history, hiking in the great outdoors, stunning beaches, or just want to kick back and relax in a gorgeous honeymoon resort, Crete is a great addition to your Greece honeymoon itinerary,

From the Minoan ruins to the Palace of Knossos, history fans will be in their element. Looking to work up a sweat while surrounded by natural beauty and wonder? Well, a day trip to the stunning Samaria Gorge is sure to scratch that adventurous itch!

Samaria Gorge, Crete
Samaria Gorge offers some of the best views in Crete

As Crete is a super popular island with local Greek tourists and travellers coming from further afield, there are plenty of romantic things to see and do, and lots of different ways to travel around this amazing island. If you’re coming from within Europe, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of low-cost airlines flying into Crete so you can save your honeymoon budget for more fun and high-end activities and stays while you’re here!

Elafonisi Beach, Crete
The beaches in Crete are stunning

Speaking of high-end stays, Crete is bursting with boutique hotels and honeymoon resorts, just like the Island Concept Luxury Boutique Hotel. With a private beach, yoga classes, paddle boarding, and sailing experiences, plus a jacuzzi or plunge pool in every room, this luxurious resort, tucked away on its own peninsula is the pinnacle of high-end honeymoon relaxation.

The Island Concept Luxury Boutique Hotel
The Island Concept Luxury Boutique Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Crete


Now, Paros might not be the most famous Greek island, but it’s definitely on its way up. With white sand beaches, amazing nightlife, and authentic Greek tavernas, it’s a wonderful honeymoon destination whether you want to relax and work on your tan or dance the night away with your new spouse. 

Paros island in greece
Paros island in greece

From the whitewashed towns of Parikia and Naoussa to the cobbled streets of the quieter, more traditional villages on the island, Paros is definitely not lacking in Greek charm and hospitality! 

Parikia honeymoon in Paros
Parikia honeymoon in Paros

This is the ideal Greek honeymoon spot for young couples who are looking for a more vibrant stay without spending a fortune on the high-end, celebrity-filled bars and clubs of Mykonos and Santorini!

Sunset in Paros, Greece
Sunset in Paros, Greece

However, that doesn’t mean that the honeymoon resorts aren’t breathtakingly luxurious. Just check out the Parocks Luxury Hotel and Spa. With seafront bungalows, infinity pools, and modern, minimalist design, it’s the ideal spot to rest and relax after your dream wedding. 

I hope this guide gives you some suggestions if you’re planning your honeymoon in Greece. It’s a country that offers so much variety, natural beauty and culture… plus oodles of romance! You’re guaranteed to have a lovely time.

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