Quiz » 30 London Trivia Questions And Answers To Test Your Knowledge

30 London Trivia Questions And Answers To Test Your Knowledge

These London trivia questions are guaranteed to test your knowledge of one of the greatest cities on the planet!

Over the last few months I’ve developed several fun quizzes. In my friendship groups we’ve taken turns hosting quizzes, spent hours researching questions online, and gradually accrued some seriously impressive general knowledge.

These London trivia questions are a lot of fun

I love pub quizzes, but an online quiz is a great way to get a group together, especially if it’s tricky to meet up in person.

I’ve already got a really fun quiz about food, a challenging art and literature quiz, a capital cities quiz, plus a really challenging geography trivia quiz. There’s even a brand new logo qui

Prepare to be challenged!

Right now, it’s time to put your knowledge of my home city to the test. These London quiz questions cover a little bit of everything, including history, landmarks, music, entertainment and sport. Plus, it wouldn’t be a quiz without a picture round. There are 10 questions dedicated to famous landmarks.

How well do you really know London?

Do you know Buckingham Palace from Kensington Palace? What about dates famous events in history? Oh, and I hope you’ve memorised the tube map too. There are some fun quiz questions about the London Underground coming up too.

Exploring King's Cross, London
Let me know how you get on with these London trivia questions

If you think you know London inside-out then you should find these London trivia questions easy. There are 30 in total. Let  me know how many you get right!

30 London Trivia Questions

1. Who sits on top of the column in Trafalgar Square?

2. Complete this saying by Samuel Johnson. "When a man is tired of London he is tired of..."?

3. When did the last execution in the Tower of London take place?

4. By what name is the skyscraper '30 St. Mary Axe' better known?

5. Which famous sporting venue in London has the postcode SW19?

6. In what year did the Great Fire Of London take place?

7. Which punk rock band had a hit with 'London Calling'?

8. Which famous jazz club is located at 47 Frith Street?

9. Which London Underground station has the most stations on it?

10. Speakers' Corner is located in which London park?

11. What is the nearest tube station to this building?

Tower of London

12. Where in London would you go to enjoy this view?

Primrose Hill - the best view of London

13. Which famous London station is this?

Beautiful building at St Pancras, London

14. Which famous residence is this?

Kensington Palace, London

15. How many capsules are on the London Eye?

Top 10 Places To Spend Valentines Day In London In 2016

16. What is the nickname for this bridge across the River Thames?

Bridge to St Paul's London

17. This is one of the dining rooms at which posh London restaurant?

The Gallery at Sketch, London (Credit: Ed Reeve)

18. Where in London would you find this lido?

Ruislip Lido - Beach in London

19. What tube station is closest to this famous London venue?

O2 Arena, London

20. What famous industry was established here?

Fleet Street, London

21. Which football club now play at the Olympic Stadium?

22. Where was the beach volleyball held in the London 2012 Olympics?

23. Cleopatras Needle is one of the 3 ancient Egyptian obelisks. Where are the other two situated?

24. Which London street is famous for its flower market?

25. Which chef's London restaurant is called Dinner?

26. Dingwalls and Koko are venues in which area of London?

27. Which country gives London a Christmas tree every year as a thank you for Britain's support during World War II?

28. Approximately how many bus stops are there in London?

29. Where in London can you see the Rosetta Stone?

30. How long is the M25?

How did you fare with these London trivia questions?

So how did you get on with my London trivia questions? Did you get 30 out of 30, or do you need to sit and stare at that London map a little longer?

If you enjoyed this quiz, check out all my general knowledge quizzes, which cover geography, music, food, animals, art, culture and more! 

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