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Isla Holbox, Mexico Travel Guide

The perfect mix of relaxation, great weather and bohemian beauty, Isla Holbox in Mexico is the paradise island you’ve always dreamed of visiting! Find out how to get to Isla Holbox, top things to do and where to eat, plus a few tips to make the most of your travels.

Sitting on the pier on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Sitting on the pier on Isla Holbox, Mexico

With Mexico’s Caribbean coast becoming more and more cluttered with vast hotels, all-inclusive resorts and attractions, it’s getting harder and harder to find a place to really get away from it all.

All we want is sunshine, beaches, cocktails and tacos, without the crowds… is that too much to ask?

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Isla Mujeres, just a short hop from the Cancun coast, used to have that charm, but on my visit this year I discovered the island was busier than ever, with ferry loads of tourists arriving, and chilled spots replaced by hotels and restaurants.

While it was still a lovely place to visit, it had lost the ‘untouched’ appeal.

Golf buggies on Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Golf buggies on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Isla Holbox really is Mexico’s secret… or not so secret paradise!

Holbox had been on my list for years, and finally we had a few days to make the journey there. I’d seen photos of the colourful murals dotted all over the island. Images of the bright turquoise waters.

The bohemian carefree vibe was evident. The unpaved sandy streets, with golf buggies instead of cars. It looked like paradise. If I was to compare Isla Mujeres to Isla Holbox, Holbox wins 100%! 

Colourful Holbox, Mexico
Colourful Holbox, Mexico

I’m happy to say, it was just as dreamy as I’d hoped, 100% living up to the hype, and is somewhere I’d wholeheartedly recommend (even if I do fear it may lose its charm as more people venture there…)

When we were planning our trip, I had a few unanswered questions, so I wanted to pop this blog post together. Everything from how long to stay in Isla Holbox and is Isla Holbox expensive… to the best time to visit Mexico and the best attractions on the island.  Hopefully it’ll come in handy if you’re deciding whether to visit or planning a trip to the island. 

Golf buggies on Isla Holbox Mexico
Golf buggies on Isla Holbox Mexico

Oh and if you want to see a heap of beautiful pics that will probably make you want to visit Holbox, check out my post: 18 Isla Holbox Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Mexico’s Paradise.

Is It Worth Visiting Isla Holbox?

Yes, yes and yes! If you’ve already explored places like Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, then head to Holbox Island for a sleepier, less developed experience. Colour lovers will feel like they’re dreaming!

There are bright murals adorning many of the island’s walls, and even the bright colours of the ocean look like they’ve had the saturation levels cranked up.

Pier on Isla Holbox beach
Is it worth planning a trip to Holbox Island Mexico? 100% yes yes yes!

It’s touristy, but not in the way that Cancun is. Plus, food, drinks and accommodation are reasonable, so this is somewhere that works for any budget. Anything goes on Holbox.

It’s a place where it’s ok to live in flip-flops or to go for days without washing your hair. A place of no judgement, and that, in itself, is hard to find!

Sandy streets on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Sandy streets on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Pretty views on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Playa Holbox beach – the best beach in Holbox

Where Is Holbox, Mexico?

As you can see from this map, Isla Holbox is located north west of Cancun, just across the water from the port of Chiquila, on the north coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. 

It’s a long, thin island. In fact, if you’re wondering how big Holbox Island is, it’s a whopping 26 miles long, but only one mile wide! 

Many place names in the region have their origins in the Mayan language. So, what does Holbox mean? The meaning of the Black hole – which doesn’t seem remotely fitting, as this is one of the most colourful places I’ve visited!

Pier on Holbox island in Mexico
Pier on Holbox island in Mexico – hard to imaging the literal Holbox meaning is black hole

How To Get To Isla Holbox

***2021 UPDATE – I’ve written a really informative post on how to get to Holbox. Click here to find out all the latest info including travelling by bus, ferry, plane PLUS costs ***

Getting to Isla Holbox is easy once you know how! There are small flights to Isla Holbox, the best way to get there is to travel to the ferry port in Chiquila – a small town on the mainland.

How to get to Holbox from Cancun: From Cancun, it’s just two hours by car to Chiquila. Once in the town, you’ll need to find somewhere to leave your car. While none of it feels very official, there are lots of small car parks (i.e. enterprising locals letting you park in their yards/garages for a small fee).

We picked one and paid 100 MXN per day, paying at the end when we collected our car. Everything was fine, but I’d recommend you take any valuables with you, just incase.

If you’re backpacking or don’t have your own transport, check out the ADO buses (Mexico’s main coach service). From Cancun, the journey to Chiquila by bus takes around three and a half hours, and when I looked, tickets were between $180 and $300 MXN depending on dates/times. The buses from Chiquila also go to Chetumal, Bacalar, Playa Del Carmen, Valladolid and a few other places.

Incredible aerial views over Isla Holbox (taken by drone)
Incredible aerial views over Isla Holbox (taken by drone)
Incredible aerial views over Isla Holbox
Incredible aerial views over Isla Holbox (taken by drone)
Incredible aerial views over Isla Holbox
Incredible aerial views over Isla Holbox (taken by drone)
Aerial views of Isla Holbox, Mexico
Aerial views of Isla Holbox, Mexico

Catching The Isla Holbox Ferry from Chiquila

There are two ferry companies operating between Chiquila and Holbox and funnily enough they offer exactly the same service, and cost the same price. The only difference really is that one runs on the hour, and the other on the half hour, meaning you’ll never wait long for the next boat.

The journey time is around 15 minutes. We travelled on the Holbox Express to Holbox, and caught the 9 Hermanos ferry back. When we travelled in January, the ferry cost $140 MXN each way. Check out the times and more info here.

Once you reach Holbox you’ll be greeted by a row of golf buggies, ready to drive you to your accommodation. You’ll pay between 20-30 MXN (around £1) to be driven the few minutes across the island to the centre. If you don’t have much luggage, then the walk to the main square takes less than ten minutes.

Find out all the latest info in my new post: How to get to Isla Holbox

Holbox sign by the ferry port
Holbox sign by the ferry port in Holbox Town

How Long To Stay In Holbox?

How long is a piece of string? While the island is small, that doesn’t mean you can do it in a day. I’d recommend staying in Holbox for between three and five nights. That will give you a nice amount of time to relax into island life, sample some delicious food, soak up the views and enjoy a few tourist attractions in Isla Holbox. 

Best Time To Visit Isla Holbox

Similar to the Riviera Maya, best time to visit Holbox is during the dry season, between late November and February. At this time, you can expect warm, sunny weather, clear blue skies and temperatures hovering around 29 degrees Celsius. I visited Holbox in January and it was PERFECT! Beautiful blue skies, spectacular sunsets – ideal weather for sunbathing and relaxing! 

As the season progresses through March, April and May, however, temperatures rise to an average of 34 degrees Celsius, with very high humidity, making this a very sticky and uncomfortable time of year to visit.

The rainy season begins in May and continues until early November, when the Yucatan Peninsula is hit by tropical storms and higher levels of rainfall.

What To Do In Holbox – Holbox Activities and Tourist Attractions

Do nothing… no seriously!

This is a place to seriously chill out. While you could fill your days with boat trips, snorkelling, yoga and more, the best day I had on Holbox was the day I did nothing! I headed to a beach bar, feasted on tacos, drank a few mojitos and lay back and read my book. It was wonderful! 

Beach views on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Isla Holbox beaches, Mexico

Take Yourself On a Mural Tour

I’m a massive street art fan, so I fell in love with Holbox’s eclectic mix of murals. There are plenty of huge designs all around the island, from portraits to abstract works. I loved stumbling across beautiful art in the most unexpected locations.

Stage in the main square on Isla Holbox, Mexico
One of the top things to do in Isla Holbox is explore on foot. This stage in the main square is impressive
Colourful street art on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Colourful street art on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Colourful street art on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Spotting colourful street art on Isla Holbox – one of my fave Holbox activities
Colourful mural on the beach in Isla Holbox
What to do in Isla Holbox? How about checking out the colourful murals on the beach

Rent A Bike Or A Golf Buggy

Head off on your own adventure and explore the island on two or four wheels. There are plenty of places to rent from and you don’t need any previous experience.

Costs when we visited were around $20 MXN per hour for a bike and $150 MXN per hour (min of two hours) for a golf buggy. You can often haggle if there’s a group of you and you’re looking for a deal. 

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Swim With The Whale Sharks

Sadly we didn’t visit during whale shark season, but if you’re on Holbox between mid-May and mid-September, this is one activity you won’t want to miss! It’s one of the best places in the world to swim with the enormous gentle giants and one of the best things to do in Holbox. I’m dreaming about returning during the season one year so I can try it out!

I enjoyed reading this account in the LA Times of the experience. Tours cost around 2300 MXN / £90 per person.
Check the latest prices and book your tickets here

Enjoy The Holbox Sunsets

The sunsets on Holbox are absolutely magical! Head to the pier, crack open a beer and relax as the liquid gold of the sun hits the water.

Sunset from the pier on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Sunset from the pier on Isla Holbox, Mexico

Check Our The Bioluminescent Phytoplankton

We didn’t have a chance to see this, but saw plenty of posters and tours mentioning it. On evenings when the moon isn’t too bright, you can see the plankton glowing – totally magical, and something I’d love to see one day!

Laze At One Of Holbox’s Beach Bars

There are some super cute spots along the seafront with hammocks, sun loungers, beds and chairs, all serving food and drinks. Coquitos was our favourite – food was excellent and the mojitos and micheladas were refreshing and tasty.

Mojitos on the beach at Coquitos Beach Bar, Holbox
Cocktails at Coquitos Beach Bar overlooking one of the best Isla Holbox beaches

Go Wildlife Spotting

There are lagoons, mangroves and small islands close to Holbox. Head off on a tour in search of crocodiles, see the flamingos in their natural habitat, pelicans swooping for fish by the main beach, or just dip your head underwater and see what fishes you can spot!

If you’re lucky, you might spot one of the local Holbox crocodiles during your trip (sadly we didn’t, although I might have been a little scared if I had!)

There’s even Isla Pájaros (aka Bird Island) which is home to over 30 different species of bird. It really is a wildlife-lover’s paradise. I’d recommend this boat tour which will take you to all the key spots.

Birds on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Birds on Isla Holbox, Mexico

Visit Yalahau Cenote

You can reach this cenote (sinkhole) in around 30 minutes by boat. If you’ve never been to a cenote, then go! They’re unique to this part of the world and diving into the crisp blue water is an other-worldly experience! This boat tour will take you to the cenote along with some other beautiful spots. 


Where To Eat And How Much Food Costs On Isla Holbox

One of the most refreshing things about visiting Holbox is there are absolutely no chain restaurants or cafes. That means no Starbucks, Subway, McDonalds or Burger King. I fear it might not be long before one of them manages to get onto the island, but for now there’s a plethora of lovely local, independent options, from cafes and brunch spots to gelato shops, taco shacks, pizza places and fine-dining restaurants.

Cute streets on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Cute streets on Isla Holbox Mexico

How Much Is Food And Drink On Isla Holbox?

(Approx prices 2020)

Breakfast: 75 MXN
Cocktails: 90 MXN
Tacos: 70 – 100 MXN
Main Course Meal In A Restaurant: 100 – 300 MXN

Sunrise in Holbox
Sunrise on Isla de Holbox

Where To Eat On Isla Holbox 

Coquitos Beach Bar

As mentioned above, we enjoyed a great afternoon at this beach bar, located just in front of Holbox Dream Hotel. The décor was cool and they had a big menu of delicious Mexican food. The tacos and tostadas were excellent, topped with super fresh fish. There were comfy beds to relax on and the atmosphere and music was just right too.

Tostadas at Coquitos Beach Bar, Holbox
Tostadas at Coquitos Beach Bar, Holbox
El Chapulim

This fine-dining spot doesn’t have a menu. That’s how fresh the food is! Chef Erik Winckelmann cooks four main dishes each night, visits your table to describe each one in detail and then takes your order.

We enjoyed excellent (and huge!) steaks, but the seafood and lobster options sounded appetising too. When we visited mains were 350 MXN (£14 approx.) so if you’re on a budget, ask for the prices before ordering.


Head to Holbox’s main square in the evening and you’ll see several street vendors luring in customers with sugary scents. They’re making marquesitas, which are a kind of crepe that’s filled with ingredients including dulce de leche, nutella and cheese, then rolled up. They go crispy and chewy, and are to die for!

Marquesitas in the main square on Isla Holbox
One of my favourite activities in Isla Holbox – eating marquesitas in the main square!

Where To Stay On Isla Holbox, Mexico

There’s a great mix of accommodation on Isla Holbox, suitable for every budget… from luxury eco-lodges and beachfront villas to funky hostels and hammocks on the sand. I’ve popped together a helpful accommodation guide to help you decide where to stay in Isla Holbox.

Some of my favourite places to stay on the island are beautiful hotels like this one… 

Hotel Villas Flamingos, Isla Holbox
Hotel Villas Flamingos, Isla Holbox

Useful Info For Visiting Isla Holbox, Mexico


There are only a few ATMS on Holbox, and they’re unpredictable! Prepare for them all being out of service whether that’s for technical reasons, or that they’ve literally run out of cash 

For this reason it’s important to stock up on money (ideally Mexican Pesos) before arriving on Isla Holbox. We also discovered that Chiquila didn’t have a working ATM, so it was a long drive to get any money.

You can pay on credit and debit cards at plenty of places on Holbox, but there’s no guarantee that will work either. We learned the hard way! Yes, the main ATM in the square broke while my card was in it, and I’ve since had to file a claim to get the cash back as the ATM never dispensed it. 

There are also currency exchanges around the town, but the exchange rates were dreadful, so I wouldn’t recommend that if you can avoid it.

Get lots of cash out before visiting. T.H.E. E.N.D!

A few of you have asked me “is Isla Holbox expensive?” I wouldn’t say it’s pricey, especially compared to Cancun and Isla Mujeres. However, as it’s an island it has that captured market effect, where businesses can set their prices with little competition. When asked if you should visit Holbox or Isla Mujeres, I’d always pick Isla Holbox!

Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Holbox vs Isla Mujeres – I’d pick Isla Holbox!

Is Isla Holbox Safe?

I never felt the island to be dangerous. As with any travelling though, there are risks. Keep an eye on your belongings, don’t wander around in the dark on your own and trust your gut!


There was WiFi at a lot of bars and restaurants. None of it was super quick, but it was enough to upload photos, send a few emails and keep in touch with people back home.

Packing Tips

Definitely pack mosquito repellent and lots of suncream. 

If you get the chance to visit Isla Holbox, GO! It’s genuinely one of my favourite places I’ve travelled to in the last few years. It’s colourful, cheerful and has a laid back charm that is unlike anywhere else I’ve been.

Hammocks on Isla Holbox, Mexico
Hammocks on Isla Holbox, Mexico

Let me know if you have any questions about your Holbox trip or what to do on Isla Holbox and I’ll try my best to answer them!

Isla Holbox, Mexico - Travel Guides

These Isla Holbox travel guides will help you plan your dream trip to this beautiful Mexican island.

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Isla Holbox Mexico Travel Guide

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  1. These pictures really make me want to travel to Mexico one day! Isla Holbox looks absolutely amazing and it seems like there is so much to do there!

  2. I just returned from a Holbox solo trip! I stayed at the Villas HM Palapas which was STUNNING! Perfect for rest, relaxation and great food. A lot of their rooms have ocean vies and private pools for a fraction of the cost of other tourist destinations! It’s surely not a sleepy beach town anymore in the sense of a lack of people…in 5 days I only met 1 American- everyone else was on vacation from other parts of Mexico or mainly from Europe. So you really need to know the basics of Spanish (which I do not!) but I got by 🙂 The sunsets are stunning, the people are SO kind, the margarita’s are ON POINT and it’s incredibly cheap to survive there. I gave myself a budget of $100 a day USD ($2,000 MXN) and had splurged on gifts/handmade items and still came home with over $100 USD! It’s a truly great place. Perfect place to relax, recharge and eat incredible food! There are a ton of pizza, sushi spots now but I still think to stick to the true local fare at El Chapium or Casa Zapata. The Cenote is a MUST. ALSO – I counted 5 ATMS in July of 2018. Only one looked to be out of service during my stay but yes- bring lots of pesos!

    • Hi! I was looking into going to Holbox solo.
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  3. Hi there. This was a great read thanks. We are heading to Isla Holbox in October. Any recommendations on where to stay? Ideally we’d like beachfront but will be travelling on a budget.

    • Thanks Michelle! Glad you found it useful. I’ll have a think about where to stay – did you find somewhere yet? Our pad was pretty basic as we were on a budget but we passed lots of beautiful looking hotels and villas!

  4. Hi
    Great informative blog wanderlust Chloe. Whats your opinion on the weather in December. Wanted to go 15th to 29th December, but some of the comments I have had on Tripadvisor have not been very encouraging

  5. We are going January 2019. We haven’t booked a place but we are trying to stick with a budget and just relax. Does anyone have recommendations for a place to stay, I just want a private washroom.

  6. Hi there. I’m looking for a place that’s fairly safe for a single woman to travel to. I’ve travelled a fair bit but not alone. How was it to get to the bus from the airport, easy to find etc? Are there safes in the rooms? Any extra info that would be good to know I’d appreciate. Thank you.

    • Hi Wendy, I’d say it’s very safe in Holbox, so long as you have common sense (don’t wander to the beach on your own at night, or to unlit areas etc). I went by car then ferry, but I’ve taken the main buses in Mexico from Cancun and they’re very easy. Just watch your bags as there are reports of people having stuff stolen. Just keep your valuables (passport, money etc) on you and you should be ok. It’s an AMAZING place and I’d definitely recommend it.

  7. Hi there, I’ve been looking at going somewhere in March to chill and do yoga, did you find there was places to practice yoga there? Thanks

    • Hi Kirsty, Thanks for your question. I didn’t do any yoga there but The Holboxeno is really good for up to date listings. It looks like there are plenty of options so no doubt there’ll be one that suits you. Have an amazing time – I miss that island a lot!

  8. I’ve heard a lot of mentions of mosquitos on the island. Mosquitos tend to love biting me and my 5 year old so I’m a little nervous. I’m curious how your experience was? We’re going in March, the non-rainy season if that makes a difference.

  9. I had never heard of Holbox until very recently and your article has just sold me. I’m travelling to Mexico in July and we had been researching the option of Isla murejes, but now we might consider Holbox. Have you got an comparisons? We unfortunately don’t have the time for both. I am sold for tacos, tequila, sun and beach!!!!!

    • Hi Alyce, if you have time, I’d definitely pick Holbox over Isla Mujeres. It’s more of an effort to get to which means fewer tourists and a more authentic experience. It’s less built up and has more character in my opinion! Hope you can make it work out 🙂 It’s SOOO beautiful!

    • Hi Chloe! Thanks a lot for your post, your enthousiasm is contagious? we’ll go there in the very begining of august ( with 2 kids 6 and 11) we are so excited! I wonder if you had been to lagoon Yalahoa?

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    i really enjoy reading your artlicle sorry if my english is not on point :). i m planing a vacation with my 3 yrs old daughter in mexico and i really considering Holbox and i was wondering if she would enjoy it and if 9 days there would be not be tomuch for her thanks in advance for your answer and we are planing to go there from the 14 to the 22 of may. merci de ta reponse bsxxx

    • Hi Willy, Thanks so much for your email! Holbox is beautiful – you’ll love it. I think it’d be great for kids, but I worry 9 days would be too long as it’s tiny! There’s not that much to see and do. The beaches are lovely though, so if you want somewhere quiet, relaxed and lots of beach time it’d be great. Have a little think – you could always do a mix of Holbox and somewhere else nearer to Cancun. Thanks!

  11. Hi Chloe, thanks so much for your blog! It’s so so useful!

    I’m planning on visiting in July! However, a little worried as I’ve heard it’s the wet season and that the weather is very humid and wet. Just wandering when you went and how you found the weather?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Sara, Thanks for your message. We visited in January and the weather was great. I can’t be sure about July, but I’ve been to Mexico in Sept before and it was great! Sometimes a crazy downpour but they never last long!

    • Hi Anita, hope you’re well! I’m afraid I’m not based there so can’t give you an update. I heard there had been some problems and when I visited there was lots of dried seaweed on the beach.

  12. My husband and I loved Isla Holbox in April! We would love to take the kids back when the whale sharks are there . Your post is excellent!

    • Hi Jonalee, Yes I have been to Caye Caulker too and would definitely recommend Holbox more. I preferred the Mexican chilled out feel, plus the art everywhere made it quirkier! Let me know where you decide to go.

  13. Chloe – What a wonderful and informative blog. Thank you for putting this together. I will be visiting in the coming weeks. One question I had is in regards to safety on the island in general and wearing valuables such as jewelry. I’ll be staying at Casa Las Tortugas.


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