6 London Desserts You Have To Try

From super-duper freakshakes and croissant-donut hybrids, to the latest waffle sensation and ice cream filled macaroons, London’s dessert scene is anything but boring.

I remember when going out for a mid-afternoon sweet treat was about choosing between a red velvet or a chocolate cupcake. These days it’s a whole other story. Desserts have been supersized, with enough calories to fuel a family for a month.  Freakshakes have taken the milkshake scene to new heights, literally. They’re piled high with everything from ice cream and cookies to jelly babies and donuts!

Beware… it seems no dessert is safe from cross-breeding. Croissants mixed with donuts become cronuts, there are macaroon ice cream sandwiches, and now biskies – a cookie, biscuit, cake combo!

London reigns supreme with plenty of places to sample the latest dessert trends. I’ve popped together my pick of the best, so you can eat your way around the city!

Milk Train Café (Covent Garden)

At Milk Train Cafe, soft serve ice cream comes on its very own cloud of candy floss! Pick your flavour then add your toppings before being presented the enormous sugar fix. Flavours include vanilla, black sesame, custard tart, matcha and salted caramel and toppings range from popcorn and Oreos to strawberry chips, all covered in a tasty sauce of your choice. Once you try it, you’ll see why Milk Train’s slogan is “ice cream makes you happy”.

Here’s your mid-week train ticket 🍼🚂💨✨☁🍦🍓✨✨✨✨✨🐪🐫

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REVIEW: Polpo, Notting Hill, London

With its menu of Italian small plates, excellent flavour combinations and candle-lit, relaxed ambience, Polpo is one of my favourite options for a casual dinner in London. 

I’ll admit I’ve been to Polpo a few times before, but never this branch. The Soho restaurant is in my top five when it comes to tasty food that won’t break the bank. So when I had the opportunity to review the Notting Hill branch, I couldn’t wait!

With six branches in London plus Brighton, Bristol and a new opening in Exeter soon, something is clearly working. Polpo’s creator Russell Norman’s formula is all about stripped-down interiors, flickering candles, exposed brickwork, and weathered furnishings. It’s not stiff or polished, quite the opposite in fact, and that’s what makes the experience so comfortable. Continue reading REVIEW: Polpo, Notting Hill, London

Win A Trespass Adventure Travel Bundle Worth £150

Get kitted out in all the gear you need to hike volcanoes, trek to waterfalls, or just explore the countryside near you, with an adventure travel bundle from Trespass worth £150!

Spring is finally starting to show its beautiful face, and with that comes the motivation to get fit, spend more time outdoors and go on a few adventures.

But what adventurous plans have you got? Last year I hiked a volcano in Bali, zip-lined through the Caribbean rainforest and hiked around the valley of the moon in Chile! Are you heading abroad for some chill time, but might spend a day trekking to a beautiful viewpoint? Perhaps you want to hike to a waterfall? Or perhaps you’re keen to explore some of the beautiful British countryside in the Lake District?

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Upcoming Adventures And How I’m Feeling

Hello itchy feet. Is it time for another adventure…?

It’s a while since I wrote something personal. I never know if anyone’s interested in the real stuff! You probably just want to click on a blog about Hawaii, find out why it’s awesome, and then go make a cuppa… No?

Just occasionally though, I feel like it’s therapeutic to share, plus it gives a bit of context to the adventures I write about! I’ve written a few really personal posts before. In Girl Quits Life To Travel And Lives Happily Ever After I revealed a little about the dark side of travelling for a living. The lonely times, the misunderstandings, the fears.

In Frequent Travellers And Wow Moments I lifted the lid on trying to keep up the momentum and excitement and not fall into blasé habits of ‘been there, done that’.

So first things first… what’s been going on? Well I kicked off the year with an incredible video project in Hawaii. Video production company Travelspective invited me to be in front of the camera for a feature they’re making for tour company GoBe. It’ll be a while before the video is ready but trust me, this one is worth the wait!

So many waterfalls to explore in Hawaii
So many waterfalls (so little time) in Hawaii

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