5 Reasons To Visit Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung in Indonesia probably wasn’t on your holiday itinerary… but with 4×4 off-roading, a chance to get to know the locals, tasty food and incredible landscapes – perhaps it should be!

Bandung isn’t home to Bali’s sandy beaches. It’s not home to Yogyakarta’s famous temples. But just a few hours from Jakarta, the third biggest city in Indonesia offers a chance to get to grips with Indonesian culture, explore some dramatic landscapes while having plenty of fun! For me, it was the first big destination on the #TripOfWonders with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism… and wow did they have some adventures in store for us! Continue reading 5 Reasons To Visit Bandung, Indonesia

Best Cafes To Work From In London

In London searching for the perfect café workspace? You’ll need  Wi-Fi, power, good coffee and a relaxed, focused atmosphere. So which places would I recommend?

More and more people in London are swapping conventional office work for the digital nomad life. From freelance writers, bloggers and video producers to website whizzes, online marketers and sales gurus, there’s a whole new type of productivity that comes from not being cooped up at a desk staring into space. The same space you stared into yesterday, and the day before that. I’m not that keen on working from home. I definitely tap, tap, tap faster at my keyboard when there’s energy in the room. But no longer do you have to be member of an expensive club to work in London. Your £3 coffee will buy you the workspace you need. While there are tonnes of options across the city, here are a few of my absolute favourites!


My favourite spot for a blog day in Central London. The Soho branch is always heaving and the coffee is top notch. The drinks are also beautifully presented – served on a special wooden board with a bottle of water. There are plug sockets by almost every table and a long desk along the wall where you can plug in with no distractions. It’s a place where it feels like everyone is working hard but without the stress. They also have meeting rooms available if you’re looking for something more private.

Address: 4 Noel Street, London,W1F 8GB. Other branches in Shoreditch and Covent Garden. Continue reading Best Cafes To Work From In London

Indonesia: #TripOfWonders

My Indonesian #TripOfWonders certainly lived up to my expectations. Here’s why…

So I’m finally back in the UK after an absolutely amazing month exploring Indonesia. Not only was this my first visit to Indonesia, but it was also the first time I’d stepped foot in Asia (unless you count crossing the Bosphorus in Turkey?!)

My expectations were sky-high, particularly once I’d seen the incredible itinerary from the Ministry of Tourism plotting out what they’d named the #TripOfWonders.

Lots of stories, photos and maybe even a video or two coming soon, but just as a quickie, I wanted to reveal a few of my top moments from my adventures in Indonesia. So, in no particular order, here goes…


I could use all the clichés and flattering words in the world and it still wouldn’t do Piaynemo justice. Located in Raja Ampat, West Papua not only are the islands uber photogenic, they’re also notoriously difficult to get to… which makes the view once you’re there even more rewarding! The water was a colour I’d never seen before, and after the hot, sweaty trek to the top, I couldn’t resist but dive right into the water.

Piaynemo, Raja Ampat
Piaynemo, Raja Ampat (Photo: Macca Sherifi from A Brit and a Broad)

Meeting the locals

I often find it’s the people who make a destination feel really special. From being mobbed by over-excited school kids in Jakarta’s old town, to the huge smiles on the faces of the kids in Raja Ampat’s remote villages, and the enthusiasm of the Hong Community in Bandung – they welcomed us in different ways. You could tell life hadn’t been kind to some. It was etched on their faces. Yet it never got in the way of their hospitality.

The smiles of the kids in Arborek, Raja Ampat
The smiles of the kids in Arborek, Raja Ampat


I’ll never forget the day I enjoyed sunrise at Borobudur. I wasn’t alone. In fact I was surrounded by people,  yet it was eerily silent. From a beautifully starry night and a slither of a crescent moon, to a full amber sky with calming mist resting on the town below, it was a totally magical experience!

Sunrise at Borobudur
Sunrise at Borobudur (Photo: Macca Sherifi from A Brit and a Broad)

Gili Islands

Gili T was kooky, chilled and all in all, a lot of fun! In just 36 hours we packed in a boat party, luxury hotel stay, snorkel trip, massage, a bit of swing time and plenty of horse and cart rides (after all – that’s the only way to get around!) Island life here differed greatly to that in Raja Ampat, reminding me that Indonesia really is a land of contrasts.

Enjoying the swing at Hotel Ombak Sunset, Gili T
Enjoying the swing at Hotel Ombak Sunset, Gili T (Photo: Macca Sherifi from A Brit and a Broad)


Bali really does have it all. For adventurers there’s white water rafting, diving and hiking, while for zen bunnies there are yoga retreats, spas and beautiful sandy beaches. Plus there’s history and culture in abundance. It felt quite touristy after the other stops on my trip, but I could see why it was a holiday hotspot! While I was pretty nervy the first time I got on the back of a scooter, it was the best way to explore the island. From secret waterfalls and stunning rice paddies, to temples and cute cafes, Bali was a great place to end my time in Indonesia.

Munduk Waterfall, Northern Bali
Munduk Waterfall, Northern Bali

Mount Batur

Unlike my morning at Borobudur where I rolled out of bed, onto a bus and walked up a few steps for sunrise… I really, really earned my sunrise at Mount Batur. The hike to the top of the volcano was really tough. It was pitch black, a steep climb and really challenged me, not only physically but mentally too. It’s certainly the most rewarding sunrise I’ve ever seen!

Sunrise from Mount Batur, Bali
Sunrise from Mount Batur, Bali

Huge thanks to the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism for inviting me on the #TripOfWonders as part of their #WonderfulIndoneisa campaign. I’ll be revealing more about my magical time in Indonesia very soon, so stay tuned!

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