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The Ultimate Paros Itinerary

From wineries and food experiences, to luxury hotels and beautiful villages, this Paros itinerary will help you plan your Greek island holiday!

Are you planning to go on a Greek island holiday to Paros in Greece? Well, prepare to step into a sun-drenched dream! On this Cycladic island, you’ll see the Aegean’s waters lapping the golden sand, while feasting on culinary delights from quaint Greek restaurants. 

holiday in Paros
You can expect views like this on your holiday in Paros

If you like to pack a lot into your holidays, this itinerary will come in handy. Coming up, I’ll dish up the perfect Paros itinerary for your island adventure. Whether you are planning a relaxed 3-days in Paros, a quick stop as part of a Greek island hopping trip, or you fancy a longer trip, I’ll give you lots of options to make the most of your time. So, it’s time to pack for warm sunshine and blue sky days as we kick off the ultimate Paros itinerary.

Oh, and if you’re deciding where to stay on the island, don’t miss my guide to the best hotels in Paros.

Piso Livadi
Piso Livadi is one of the prettiest places in Paros

Key Facts About Paros

Before we dive into the itinerary, let’s set the scene a little! Paros is renowned for its natural beauty and quintessential Greek charm. The island is strategically located, serving as a central hub that connects with numerous other islands including MykonosSantorini and Naxos. This makes it a perfect starting point for island hopping. Its landscape is a picturesque blend of white-washed villages, iconic blue-domed churches, and golden beaches surrounded by the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

The history of Paros is as rich and textured as the famous Parian marble quarried from the hills beyond Parikia, the island’s capital. Did you know that marble from here was used to create the statue of Venus de Milo in the Louvre?! How amazing is that.

Inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC, Paros played a significant role in antiquity as a maritime power. It was a centre for trade, and an epicentre of art and culture. Its historical footprint includes Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman influences. These have left some impressive marks on the island’s architecture and cultural heritage.

Ready to start planning your trip to Paros?

The climate of Paros is typically Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. The Etesian winds, a defining feature of the Cyclades, bring a refreshing breeze during the hotter months.

The best time to visit Paros is in the late spring (May and June) when the weather is warm, but not too hot, and the tourist season has not yet peaked. Alternatively, plan your trip for early autumn (September and October) when the sea is still warm enough to swim in, but the crowds have thinned out.

Parikia windmill
You’ll see traditional Greek windmills in Parikia in Paros

Paros boasts an array of attractions, from the buzzing nightlife of Naousa to the tranquil beauty of the hilltop village of Lefkes. If you’re an active traveller, you’ll love windsurfing at Golden Beach or exploring the ancient marble quarries near Marathi. Interested in history? How about booking a day cruise to the islands of Antiparos, Naxos or Santorini. That will definitely give you a taste of Greek island life from on board a yacht or a traditional wooden boat.

The Ultimate Paros Itinerary

With a few key facts about Paros under your belt, I’d say you’re ready to plan your holiday in detail.

Paros Itinerary Day One: Exploring Parikia

The town of Parikia is the bustling heart of Paros. Just a minute’s walk from the ferry you’ll be greeted by the charming cobblestone streets and tiny squares of this quintessential Greek town. I recommend starting your adventure with a visit to the Panagia Ekatontapiliani, one of Greece’s oldest and most significant Byzantine churches. You can follow this with a stroll along the waterfront, which is lined with inviting restaurants and cafes.

Parikia honeymoon in Paros
Pretty streets of Parikia in Paros

As the sun sets on your first day in Paros, the waterfront area of Parikia transforms into a culinary hub. Menus feature the finest fresh ingredients, delicious Greek dishes, and some quirky modern twists too. If you’re a foodie like me, I’d recommend booking this cooking class. You’ll learn how to prepare a Greek traditional meal from start to finish. Then, you can impress your friends and family when you get home!

Parikia is such a photogenic place to visit

If you just fancy chilling in a taverna with a glass of chilled white wine, while picking at some starters of olives and grilled octopus (how dreamy does that sound?!), the seafront along Christou Konstanopoulos is the place to go. You can watch the ferries from Mykonos and Naxos come and go in the sunset and wonder about what tomorrow will bring. 

Paros itinerary visit Parikia Port
You’ll arrive at Parikia Port when you start your Paros itinerary

Paros Itinerary Day Two: Naousa and Moraitis Winery

Wake up early at your hotel and get ready for a day of exploring. The picturesque fishing village of Naousa (famous for its top dining options and nightlife) is just a short drive from Parikia. You can spend the morning wandering at random through the labyrinth of back streets and cobbled lanes. There, you’ll discover charming little shops, cafes set around tiny squares where the locals gather to gossip, and dozens of Instagrammable houses and pretty sea views.

Naousa Paros holiday itinerary
Naousa has to be on any Paros holiday itinerary

Of course, no trip to Paros is complete without indulging in some of the island’s rich food and wine culture. A visit to Moraitis Winery, just up the hill from the centre of town, will give you an insight into the island’s viticulture. Their wine-tasting tour, paired with some delectable local cheeses, is an experience I’d 100% recommend. Just be sure to book in advance.

Naousa at night
Naousa at night

Paros Itinerary Day Three: Lefkes Village and Beach Relaxation

On your third day in Paros, it’s time to venture into the island’s heart and explore Lefkes. This ancient hilltop village exudes Greek charm. It’s one of those places where it really feels like life hasn’t changed for centuries. I loved the contrast too. The tranquil ambience of the village’s whitewashed houses and narrow alleys hung with colourful flowers, is a stark difference to the hubbub of Paros’ coastal towns!

Lefkes Village Paros itinerary
Lefkes Village is a great addition to your Paros itinerary

The centrepiece of Lefkes is the Church of Agia Triada. Built in 1835, the interior is decorated with elaborate frescoes along with a ceramic depiction of the Holy Trinity adorning the entrance gate. To reach the church you walk up through the little lanes of the village past coffee shops, tavernas and little arty shops. I’d recommend making a mental note to visit some of these on the way back down!

Church of Agia Triada in Lefkes Village
Church of Agia Triada in Lefkes Village

In the afternoon, it’s time to hit the beaches. Paros has some of the best beaches in Greece including the serene Golden Beach and the lively Santa Maria. I’d recommend checking out Paralia Logaras over at Piso Livadi.

Kolymbithres beach Paros
Kolymbithres Beach is one of the best beaches in Paros

Paros Itinerary Day Four: Offshore Adventures

The peaceful seaside town of Piso Livadi will be the starting point for your offshore adventures today. From the deck of a traditional wooden boat, you’ll see the beautiful coast of Paros unfold before crossing the channel to Antiparos, the sister island of Paros. There are plenty of stops for swimming and snorkelling in the blue waters. It can be as adventurous as you want it to be too, with options to explore caves and go cliff diving. Perhaps you’ll be craving that adrenaline rush to balance all of the relaxation!

You can take a boat from Paros to Antiparos

Back in Piso Livadi, I’d suggest wandering to my favourite Parian beach (Paralia Logaras) or chill at Captain Yaanni’s on the pier and watch the sunset over a margarita. Tough choice to make, huh?!

Paralia Logaras beach on Piso Livadi
Paralia Logaras beach in Piso Livadi

Paros Itinerary Day Five: Island Exploring

Make the most of your last day on Paros with an island tour. Hiring a car on Paros is pretty straightforward and having your own set of wheels will allow you to explore at your own pace. 

Paros is dotted with hidden gems that most tourists don’t get to see. The marble quarries at Marathi produce some of the world’s best marble. The famous Vilos de Milo statue in The Louvre, for example, is carved from Parian marble. You can even take a tour of the quarries which are currently being developed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Marble quarry paros
Marble quarry in Paros

I’d also recommend stopping in the Butterfly Valley at Petaloudes. This idyllic landscape of natural springs and lush greenery is home to thousands of butterflies from June to September. You’ll also be surrounded by ancient trees and interesting ruins. The pure white Monastery of Christos of Dasos-Pounta-Aliki, close to the Butterfly Valley, is also worth a trip. 

things to do in paros Butterfly Valley Petaloudes
The famous Butterfly Valley in Paros

Back at your hotel, pour a drink and take a moment to reflect on the wonderful mix of experiences you’ve had in Paros. This lesser-visited Greek island is a very special place. As you watch the sunset over the harbours of Parikia or Noausa, I bet you’ll already be thinking about a return visit to Paros.

But your holiday isn’t over just yet. You still have one night left so go out and enjoy it. While Paros isn’t exactly a party island, there are some great spots for a drink or two. In Parikia, you could stop by Sativa Music Bar which has outdoor seating for people-watching. Bebop is a rooftop bar with lounge club vibes and chillout tunes. In Noausa, try Vavayia’s in Little Venice or Salty Cocktail Bar down in the Old Port. This place has an incredible view and your evening drink might easily turn into dinner, then more drinks… and so on! Well, you’re on holiday after all!

Naousa Harbour at night
Naousa Harbour at night

Where To Stay In Paros

If you’re looking for the perfect hotel for your trip, I’d recommend reading my guide to where to stay in Paros. Whether you’re looking for a luxury escape or family-friendly accommodation, I’ve picked out the top hotels on the island. Just to get you excited, here are a few of my favourites!

Avant Mar – Opened in the summer of 2023, this hotel is a five-minute walk from Naoussa, next to Piperi Beach. Accommodation is in chic white Cycladic-style buildings and there’s a minimalist aesthetic throughout.

Avant Mar Paros
Avant Mar is one of the best hotels in Paros

Summer Senses Luxury Resort – This gorgeous luxury resort is one of the top places to stay in Paros. There are beautiful views throughout, a lovely pool to relax by, smart bedrooms and four restaurants.

Summer Senses Luxury Resort
Summer Senses Luxury Resort is great for a chic escape on the island

Parocks Luxury Hotel & Spa – Another chic boutique hotel, with lovely views over the Paros coastline. From here you can stroll down to Ambelas Beach or explore the colourful Venetian harbour and castle at Naoussa.

Parocks Luxury Hotel & Spa
Parocks Luxury Hotel & Spa has stunning views over the coast

From the bustling streets of Parikia to the quiet lanes of the island’s inland villages you can be as busy or as relaxed as you like on Paros. I often think that Greece is a destination where life revolves around blending food, drink and enjoyment with just the right amount of activity! You don’t need to cram loads in to have a great time.

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